POZ Special: The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 14, 2013


Jesse Cannon, the man behind Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios (Man Overboard, The Menzingers, Transit, Lifetime) and Musformation, is back with a new Industry feature in our ongoing series. In this week’s feature, Jesse tackles Twitter Music, Piki, autio-rip from Amazon, Vdio, and more. Check it all out below!

The most exciting news of the week (since there was no Notorious BIG hologram at Coachella) is that Twitter’s acquisition of Internet music buzz chart, We Are Hunted, will be coming into fruition this week in the form of Twitter Music. The service will act as a way of seeing the music that is currently being talked about on Twitter. While The Hype Machine already does a chart of what is popular on Twitter, the true potential to see what the world is actually talking about how never come into full fruition. Hopefully, we will see it in the form of this new service.

The disgusting pigs from presidential-loser Mitt Romney’s former company Bain Capital who manage Guitar Center have cut the wages of employees at the company and there is a petition now demanding that they be paid better. Signing this petition helps the thousands of musicians you love who have cut their teeth working at the store before going full time in their musical endeavor. Sign up here.

The folks from Turntable.FM have launched a new service called Piki, which allows you to have a Pandora style recommendation based radio channel, that is curated by what your friends listen to. The service seems like a great way to know what is going on around your circle of friends and is surely a lot more interesting than the filtered pictures of their pets and food.

The US Courts ruled this week that the resale of a MP3 is officially illegal. In fact so illegal that a service like ReDigi can’t even exist anymore. While armchair music business philosophers love to say this resale is the same as reselling CDs and that these laws are ridiculous. The recent government case against open information activist Aaron Swartz illustrated that stealing digital files is nothing like stealing physical goods. Well, whether you agree with it or not, it is now the law of the land.

Amazon is now offering their Auto-rip service for vinyl releases. This means if you buy vinyl through Amazon you can now easily get a free MP3 download of your music, instead of trying to navigate the clunky interface many download cards offer. Thanks for the great technology—a few years too late—when all of us have the music we buy on vinyl available to us on Spotify and Rdio.

Speaking of Rdio for some reason this amazing service seems to have made a huge misstep and devoted their time to a streaming video service which is shockingly calling itself Vdio. The service offers streaming rentals of the latest movies and TV shows. A questioning move when it seems we have plenty of services that already offer this to us in a much more convenient way.

The group Ghost Beach used a free billboard they received in Times Square to start a debate about piracy instead of promoting their music (this action gave them far more publicity than a traditional advertisement on this billboard would). The ad points to a piracy debate site called Artists vs. Artists, which then links to choice whether you are for piracy or against it. This leads you to a Twitter hashtag where the points of each side get debated.

It has long been one of those not-so-secret-secrets that the best way to get a good show is to trade with another band. The new service, We Want Shows enables bands to do just that. While they are just getting started their interface looks like a promising way to get your band better shows.

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