POZ Behind The Booth: Peace’d Out - The Concept Behind The Band (Part I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 15, 2013


PropertyOfZack is happy to be teaming up with Peace’d Out (Vinnie Caruana + Steve Choi) for a Behind The Booth series on the concept of the band and their music. The first video in the series is live now, and we’ll be posting the second and third on Wednesday and Friday, respectively. Check out the band’s first EP here and the first BTB segment as well as a quote from Choi below by clicking “Read More!”

We conducted these interviews to test our human-suits and adjust our speaking voices for english. My suit was malfunctioning and my mustache switch was stuck in the on position, and my eyes were stuck blue which we understand is not acceptable for an Asian human so sunglasses were worn. Everyone else’s suits were functioning fine. English is a ridiculous language.

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