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by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 22, 2011


The news that Andy Jackson had left Terrible Things shocked many, and PropertyOfZack was lucky enough to be able to talk to Josh Eppard from the band yesterday to clear some things up. Josh and I discussed the events that lead up to Jackson’s departure, what side was in charge of making the decision, how they will continue on with him, and more. Please read up on it to get a better sense of the situation, however unfortunate it may be. 

Last night Andy Jackson announced to the world that he was no longer a member of Terrible Things. When did Andy inform you and Fred of his decision?
Well, it was me that informed him that he would no longer be in the band. There are a lot of things when you’re in a band, and he lives pretty far away. I don’t really care how people take it. Andy didn’t quit the band; it just kind of happened. I know that that seems like a very kind of convenient thing to say, but he was really far away. We toured as much as we possibly could. We toured pretty non-stop. There was a good seven month block there where we were only home for collectively two or three weeks. It just got to the point where we didn’t know how it was going to work when people lived so far from each other. I don’t know how much I’m permitted to say. Terrible Things is a band. I don’t want to say the wrong things. When you have a record label that is helping to cover those costs things are a lot easier. Terrible Things has been met with a lot of adversity lately in the way that we don’t know if we’re going to be with Universal anymore. Well, I know we’re not going to be. We’re basically dropped from Universal. We’re going to continue on. I just called Andy and had a heart to heart and we just kind of both figured that it didn’t make sense. He’s got other things going on. I realize there are a lot of vague things in there. I don’t want to say anything to upset anybody. Andy didn’t quit the band, and in the same sense he wasn’t fired. It just really had to stop, if that makes any sense.

Terrible Things dropped off of the Streetlight Manifesto tour in its early stages without giving a sound explanation. Can we assume that the events that occurred on that tour are what led to this decision?
Yes and no. You’re talking about a band on the last leg of a whole year of touring. It was rough, man. It was rough to be out there. I feel like we as a band wanted to get home and reassess. Without divulging too much information about Andy’s personal life, he had some things going on that were making it hard for us to be a band on the road. In a lot of ways, some of the Universal things that were troubling us as a band like, the label sucks and they’re not on top of anything in any way. It made it hard to be out there. I think the plan at that time wasn’t to go home and part ways with anybody, the plan at that time was to go home, kind of lick our wounds, and kind of figure out what we wanted this band to be. I think the trouble of Terrible Things started at the beginning. We put this thing together. It was basically Fred’s idea. Andy is a songwriter and I’m a songwriter. There was a record already in place and we believed in it and we gave it our best shot; we really did. It just didn’t happen in the way that Universal thought it would happen and that became really apparent to us on that Streetlight tour. Not to mention, it just wasn’t a good tour for that band. The people didn’t like it and it just got to the point that we were up on the stage and we’d been doing it for a long time and the kids weren’t digging it. It didn’t make sense to be away from home for a month and a half when it wasn’t doing anything for the band. We wanted to go home and reassess what the band should be about. In that way, I think that we’re all more into where Terrible Things is going, where Terrible Things has been. That doesn’t really have much to do with or without Andy. I love Andy. I know Fred loves Andy. I know we’re all still going to be friends. I think where the band needs to go is a direction that doesn’t really involve him.

What does this mean for Terrible Things? You have a spot booked on Warped Tour and Soundwave Revolution.
Terrible Things is still doing everything that was booked like Warped Tour and the Australia thing. We’ll see what other kind of things come up. Obviously I’m really busy with Weerd Science. Just like Terrible Things normally would though. Terrible Things is going to operate maybe even more. Maybe we’ll be even more busy now. The Andy thing, I don’t know man, it just didn’t feel like it was going to work anymore. We don’t have two grand to fly him up and fly him back and then cancel a show when he’s fighting with his girlfriend and then fly him home when he needs to go be with her and then fly him back to rehearsals, which he’ll only come to a couple of them. It just didn’t work anymore. Terrible Things is going to operate as a band just like we normally would. We’re going to go after this thing as a three piece and go after this thing as hard as we can.

I think the last large question that fans have is what you’re going to do in terms of the live show?
That’s a good question, Zack. I’m not really sure. I’ll say this; we’ve played a couple shows as a three piece already. I just don’t want to be mean because I love Andy, man. Andy is my brother. I think I liked it better as a three piece. Obviously we can’t play Andy’s songs, the two songs that he sang on the record. I think that that’s why Terrible Things is more excited about where it’s going. Picture if you were in Terrible Things and you were there at rehearsal and we were working and evolving as a band, but there was one dude that wasn’t there and he’s never there and he never wanted to be there. Andy could have come up for rehearsals, but he chose not to. As the band evolved you took two steps forward and then had to take two back to show him everything and be like, “This is what we’ve been away from our homes working on pouring sweat into.” That’s why I’m into it as a three piece. As far as what we’re going to do in terms of the live show: I think we’re clearly not going to play his two songs. I wrote the melody and the chorus to “Not Alone.” We couldn’t play those songs though. I think there are going to be a couple things where we’ll be like, “Oh man, Andy used to sing that part, what are we going to do.” Andy’s a great singer and a great songwriter. It’s a real shame we couldn’t make this thing work. We all wanted it to work. It just couldn’t work. We’re going to have to figure it out. I’m not really sure. Terrible Things rehearsals start in a couple days. I have a Weerd Science show then we rehearse and we will address these things. I’m not sure. I just know the times that we did play as a three piece were smoking and really happening. It’s not that I don’t like the Terrible Things record; I think it’s good, but I don’t think it’s great. I don’t think it’s a great record. I think that I joined a band that was already making a record, they already had the producer. I was just excited to be in a band again. I had my head on straight and I wanted to re-approach my career as a musician and a drummer. We made this record that I think is really good, but I think that we can do something great. I think the band is evolving. I spend more time thinking about what new songs we’re going to write than how we’re going to approach a song that Andy once sang on. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to sing it. I don’t know what the hell’s going to happen, but it’ll be interesting to say the least.

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