POZ GCW Perspective: Trailin’ T. Mills

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 24, 2013


PropertyOfZack is excited to be continuing our GameChanger World Perspective series for games that will be this spring and summer. We have a new feature today with T. Mills for his game Trailin’ Travis. We have both commentary from T. Mills himself on the game, so check out info on GameChanger World and Skate And Surf Festival and the full Perspective below!

Travis Mills is no stranger to being a gamer. On tour, he’s a big fan of Triple-A titles like NBA 2K13, Left 4 Dead, and Call of Duty. “We play a lot of Zombies,” Mills laughs. He doesn’t game as much when he’s at the house, but Travis Mills is one well-versed gamer.

But with Trailin’ Travis — a Temple Run and Subway Surfer hybrid — set to launch on the GameChanger World mobile platform, Mills can’t wait to make the switch from being the gamer to the “gamee.”

“I guess that’s what I’d call myself now, right?” he says. “It just feels crazy. It didn’t hit until I played the game.”

Mills, the gamer, and Mills, the gamee are almost indistinguishable: both boast his signature Vans kicks, hoodie, jeans, and even sport a neck tattoo that John D’Esposito says, “delayed the game like, a month.” The only real difference? One’s on your iPhone screen. 

Trailin’ Travis plays like a Temple Run clone — there are still plenty of obstacles to duck and dodge— but all with a signature T. Mills twist. For one, Mills’ avatar sprints through his hometown of Riverside. And, well, “You can fly in the game if you eat a weed brownie,” Mills says. “We got a demo version, and wrote down notes of what we liked and what we didn’t like. There was a hands-on approach for everything.”

After helping develop Trailin’ Travis, Mills’ next step towards becoming a full-fledged gamee is actually getting good at his own game. He boasts some impressive Temple Run numbers, but got beat by a few fans at February’s GameChanger World launch.

“I got beat by like two people, but I’m just convinced they were really that good,” he laughs. “But there were a bunch of fans huddled around an iPad, and it was just so much fun.”

Mills has big plans for his game, hoping to open up a bunch of new locales and characters for the game. “We’ve just scratched the surface,” he said. His video game goals are lofty — he thinks having a game on Xbox would be a big leap, and he points to Jay-Z’s curated soundtrack for NBA 2K13 as how hip-hop and gaming cultures have coalesced — but Mills is still a rapper first, dropping a new album this year and playing both days of Skate and Surf Festival in May.

D’Esposito gave Mills his big break with the chance to play Bamboozle at the ripe young age of 20, and when D’Esposito approached Mills with a game demo over the summer, Mills was intrigued from the get-go. 

“He showed the demo of the game on the bus when I was on tour, and I was in for it,” he says. “They obviously saw something in me, and my fan base and my music, and are really pioneering the music and video game thing.”

Spoken like a true gamee. 

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