Friday Discussion: Punk Goes…We’d Actually Like

by Zack Zarrillo - May 3, 2013


You’re kind of tired of Punk Goes Pop 1-27 every year aren’t you? Well, we are too. If we look back a little deeper in the past, the series of releases from Fearless Records used to be a little less predictable and a lot better quality wise. We thought it would be fun to do a new PropertyOfZack Friday Discussion on Punk Goes..We’d Actually Like with many different routes the series could, and hopefully will, take in the future. Check out our Discussion below and feel free to reblog with some of your suggestions as well!


Punk Goes Disney
I mean, come the fuck on. How has this not happened yet? We know what All Time Low is picking — Aladdin. Disney songs are built with insanely catchy melodies and they’re either super inspirational or extremely sad. So between the posi pop-punk bands and the sad emo acts (sup, Evan Weiss?), the Disney catalog is ripe for the picking. I want to see The Wonder Years cover that Phil Collins song from Tarzan. I want to see Polar Bear Club or The Menzingers offer their take on an Elton John song from The Lion King. Can I get Hayley Williams and Paramore doing a Little Mermaid jawn? This is the greatest idea I’ve ever come up with in my 22 years on this planet. PS: Fearless Records, for real, I’m officially calling dibs on this idea and would like royalties if (read: when) you cash in on it. - Thomas Nassiff


Punk Goes Acoustic 3
Acoustic songs tend to have an easier time making their way into our hearts than their big brother: full band songs. They’re slow, they’re airy, they’re lead by lyrics, not rhythm. The first time I ever heard Taking Back Sunday was on Punk Goes Acoustic with their acoustic rendition of “Cute Without The E,” and I fell in love in a way I could never have today if I heard Taking Back Sunday cover Katy Perry’s latest of 10 Billboard hits.

Punk Goes Acoustic Volumes 1 and 2 gave fans the chance to hear some of their favorite songs in a great and emotional new way, and also helped fans to find other artists they had never heard of before. A Punk Goes Acoustic 3 would most likely be easier financially for Fearless Records, and it’s something we all want. Lets do this instead of Metalcore Goes Pop 12. - Zack Zarrillo


Punk Goes Punk
Look, we all know it’s become a running joke at this point: none of the bands that contribute to the Punk Goes… series come within a neutron bomb’s blast radius of anything that might reasonably be called “punk.” And it’s not like those bands are lacking in self awareness — most would sooner label themselves “pop” or “metal” than safety-pin the “punk” decal to the leather jacket they don’t even own. So why not have them take a crack at some real punk classics?

Just think about what Punk Goes Punk could be! Woe, Is Me covering Screeching Weasel (because who can be reasonably expected to keep all those members straight?) Forever The Sickest Kids covering Bad Brains (can you “Pay To Cum” with fake Rolex watches, or is that a cash-only transaction?) Escape The Fate covering TSOL (shitty hair metal phases: not just for washed up 80’s punk icons!); Falling In Reverse covering The Sex Pistols (bet they really kill this one!); Jonny Craig covering Minor Threat (…you don’t actually need me to explain this, do you?); Blood On The Dance Floor covering GG Allin (OK, this one’s just here because I want to see Dahvie Vanity covered in his own feces.)

Tell me you wouldn’t drop a few clams for that. Sure, it’s the kind of silly lark you’d only listen to once and then shelve forever. But let’s be honest, that’s still one more time that you listened to the last few Punk Goes… albums, isn’t it? - Jesse Richman


This has been happening for all of time but never “officially.” Throwing $10,000 to Breathe Carolina to cover “Angels We Have Heard on High” might seem stupid (because it is) — especially since no one’s doing that track better than Relient K already did — so let’s make sure to choose these bands carefully. Like Moths To Flames? Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!? Sorry dudes, sit this one out. We need to enlist poppy bands or soulful crooners to whisper sweet Christmas nothings into my iPod headphones.

So I want Nate Ruess and fun. tackling “Jingle Bells.” I want Brian Fallon and The Gaslight Anthem (or Horrible Crowes, dude, whatever, I’m just a slave4u) showing me their chops on “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” (while I weep softly, gently, alone in the background). I want Patrick Stump and Fall Out Boy doing “Santa Claus Is Comi-” …Nevermind. Just let me get a reprise of “Yule Shoot Yr Eye Out.” - Thomas Nassiff


Punk Goes One Hit Wonders
Cover songs and one-hit wonders already fall under the same kitschy-but-we-love-them umbrella, so Punk Goes… could totally take the initiative to fuse two of music fans’ biggest guilty pleasures together. We’ve bitched and moaned about Punk Goes for a few collections now, but you know you still jam Hit the Lights’ cover of “Hey Jealousy” and Yellowcard’s “Everywhere” now and again. Why? Because they’re bands we love tackling songs we love to do karaoke to, and there’s no shortage of sing-along-ability in the one-hit wonders songbook.

Not to mention that there’s some seriously versatility from some of those flash-in-the-pan hits. Streetlight Manifesto could ska the hell out of Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen,” a la a scruffier Save Ferris. Enter Shikari could stomp their way through a scorching, synth-heavy rendition of The Vapors’ “Turning Japanese.” Maybe Man Overboard could facelift 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up?” and Hostage Calm could get silly for “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)?” The possibilities are endless.

Purists won’t protest covers of one-hit wonders, because bands like Chumbawamba (Polar Bear Club, please do “Tubthumping?”) and Taco (I could see Fireworks puttin’ on the Ritz) aren’t exactly held as sacred. A lot of one-hitters haven’t aged particularly gracefully, so maybe a little punk (or hardcore, or pop rock, or whatever) could breath some new life into them. Let’s make it happen. - Erik van Rheenen


Punk Goes The Beatles
I don’t expect that this one’s ever going to happen. For starters, good luck using that name. But you have to admit that Punk Goes Beatles opens the door to all kinds of fascinating possibilities. With as many covers as scene bands seem to churn out, you would think that the most popular pop band of all time would be a frequent go-to. And yet, off the top of my head, the only Beatles covers that come to mind are Thrice’s takes on “Helter Skelter” and “Eleanor Rigby,” and The Maine’s recent cover of “With A Little Help From My Friends.”

What makes it even stranger is that the Beatles have the most diverse catalog of recognizable hits of any band in the pop canon, and it isn’t close. They began playing scruffy garage rock, and then evolved into psychedelic studio rats. Arguably, they invented the power ballad, and heavy metal too. They wrote beautiful love songs that still resonate fifty years later, and silly novelty songs, and raging blues-rockers, and lullabies, and noisy sound-collage experiments. They were teen idols making unabashedly cutesy pop, and they were hippie adventurers expanding their sound and their minds, and they were unapproachable recluses making serious music for serious people. There’s no band in the scene today that couldn’t find a Beatles song to fit their mojo.

How great would a boisterous take by pretty boys The Downtown Fiction on “I Saw Her Standing There” be? Christofer Drew has been off on a psychedelic trip these last few years — how fun would it be to hear him take a crack at “Tomorrow Never Knows,” or “Within You Without You”? Go Radio have a penchant for grandiose balladry — why not turn Jason Lancaster loose on “Hey Jude,” or even “A Day In The Life?” Of Mice & Men could positively dismantle a track like “Don’t Let Me Down” or “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”

The possibilities are endless. What band wouldn’t want to be a part of this? - Jesse Richman


Theme song covers might officially be Less Than Jake’s turf — the TV/EP felt like eleven and a half minutes straight of channel surfing — but the Floridian ska punkers left a gold mine of jingles left to cover. Relient K has a penchant for covering “The Office” theme song live, and it would take what, two minutes in the studio to bang out a cover? Sticking with NBC sitcoms for a hot second, Against Me! could give the saccharine “Community” theme a punk rock edge.

But the real moneymaker here is nostalgia. Let’s bring back some of the warm and fuzzy feelings from some classic 80s cartoon themes. Real Friends tackle the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Motion City Soundtrack calls Ducktales. New Found Glory and Alvin and the Chipmunks are a match made in heaven. We sure as hell don’t need punk bands covering more of today’s pop tunes, but a blast from the past would be a more than welcome addition to the Punk Goes… family. - Erik van Rheenen


Punk Goes Country
What constitutes a good cover (to me) is a song that is better than, or can at least almost compete with, the original. This is nearly impossible to achieve. When “punk” bands take great songs and attempt to make them their own, it doesn’t sit well with me most of the time. For example, as cool as I think Pierce The Veil are, their cover of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” just hurts my soul a little bit. The same can be said of many of the Punk Goes… series covers.

This is exactly why I would want to hear a Punk Goes Country album. I’m not a country hater like the rest of the world seems to be, but I’m definitely neutral to the genre at best. This is a genre that I don’t think anyone could really ruin. There are some pretty fun country jams that are coming out lately, but I think that I, along with a ton of other people, would like these songs even more if they weren’t country. I can hear Man Overboard playing Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl” in my head as though it’s already been done. How about an Of Mice & Men cover of “Red Solo Cup”? I think that I’d be a lot more likely to “proceed the party” if Austin Carlile was screaming at me to. Most country songs are so absurd to begin with, that I think some Punk Goes… covers could only improve upon most of them. - Alyssa McKinley

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