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by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 29, 2011


The Movielife are a band that will forever have their own impression on this part of the music scene, and they will be reuniting for at least one day this weekend. Evan Baken, the drummer for The Movielife, was kind enough to do a great interview with PropertyOfZack to talk about the band. Evan and I discussed what finally got the band to reunite, general excitement for the show, the possibility of playing more shows, and more! Read up and enjoy!

It’s been eight years since The Movielife have played a show, and you’re two days away from changing that. How have the past few months since the announcement went live been for you in terms of general excitement?
It’s been good. We haven’t really been hanging out all that much up until this point, so it’s been good to hang out and spend time with the guys to get caught up on our lives and all that crap, and you know, to play, which is what we used to do all the time. It was relatively easy once we got together to do all that. That was good. No hiccups.
Fans obviously have been begging for a reunion since the day you broke up, but did it surprise you how overwhelmingly positive the feedback was?
At this point, yeah cause it’s been so long. I understand when like there are certain things that happen and people get reminded of us. We had an AP article come out a few years ago, and I figured well that makes sense that people are asking about it because we just had something released. After that we’ve basically gone completely off of the radar and have not done anything. It’s pretty surprising.
Vinnie and Brandon have been doing their solo tour throughout different regions in America playing Movielife songs. Do you have any idea of how those shows have been going for them?
I think they’ve been going well. From what they say about them, they’re having a good time, kids are coming out, kids are asking about Bamboozle. I think that if the people weren’t so responsive to them and to the idea of us playing that we wouldn’t do it. For the lack of a better word, there’s a demand there. It’s pretty cool that that’s still there. When they do those shows on their own, there’s still response. I guess people could look at it like, “Well I just saw Brandon and Vinnie do this, why would I go to this other show.” But we’re not getting that. It’s like, “It’s so awesome that you’re doing this this way and that you’re doing the full band in a couple ways.”
When exactly did the five of you pull the trigger on the decision?
I don’t remember. End of the year, maybe December. No, they made the announcement in December. It must have been November. I got a text one day from Vinnie, out of the blue, and he said, “You want to do this finally?” It’s something that every now and then we’ve talked about, loosely. When we did this AP thing it came up again. Every now and then we’ll get any offer from somebody. You put it on everyone’s radar and this was one of those things at this point of time that it seemed to make the most sense.
It has been anything but a secret that Vinnie has been pushing for a reunion for at least three years. Where did you stand on the idea a few years back?
You mean if I was always pro doing it? Unfortunately for me, I only play the drums. Can’t do that by myself. Doing it with just Vinnie and I wouldn’t be the same thing. Always was open to it.
Can you shed any light why there were hesitations from the band to push forward a few years ago?
I don’t know, I don’t want to speak for everybody else, but I think that life just gets in the way of things. Sometimes you just have too much going on. A few years ago I was married and had a daughter; I didn’t have time to devote between work, and school, and her to keep doing these things. That’s from my point of view. You get older so you’re getting married and have other obligations or financial commitments and you don’t have the time or ability to do it. I think it’s just a matter of the place that everybody’s at now compared to where we were before. At one point I was living in LA for three years, so it was almost impossible tog et together because you’d have to fly out. It just all depends on what everyone’s point in time is and what everyone’s doing in terms of a career and family. Now everyone’s in a good spot where it made sense.
Vinnie has performed songs by The Movielife at Bamboozle a few times in years prior to 2011 with Set Your Goals. Was that a move that you were okay with?
Yeah, people do whatever they want to do. I certainly don’t want to control somebody else’s life. If they have the ability to do this stuff that we were apart of, that’s cool. I certainly don’t want to stop anyone from doing that. It would’ve been cool to have done it, but now we’re doing it now. I think to some degree there’s time to do a lot of stuff. We can still play after eight years, so if we didn’t do it back then, we’re doing it now. I always felt that there was some time we’d do it anyway. You can’t control what other people do outside of the band, sort of like how I wanted to do XYZ in my life and I don’t want anyone saying I can’t. Those guys play that stuff now. If people had a problem with it we wouldn’t be doing this show. I’m certainly fine with it at any point.
How was it playing those songs again for the first time, besides being completely rusty at it?
It was awesome. Obviously the more we practiced, the better we’ve gotten. There are certain things that you forget that you played originally. It’s fun to play them again. It’s fun to figure out the little things that you did originally to make it cool. And it’s also fun to try something a little bit different this time. The whole thing as a whole has just been fun. It’ll be fun to play for people again. Some of us, like myself, haven’t really done that in years.
Should we expect a kind of “greatest hits” set list for Saturday?
Well, I wouldn’t tell anyone to expect to hear new songs because everyone dislikes that. All we have are greatest hits, so expect the hits.
POZ: What are some of the songs that you’re looking forward to playing?
Evan: Well I don’t want to give that away. We’re playing stuff from each album, so I look forward to playing all of those tunes.
Most of the rest of the band went on to form different projects, but you moved into the industry side of things. Can you fill fans in on what exactly you do now?
For a while I was doing managing; I was working mostly with the band Avenged Sevenfold. So when I started with those guys they were on 1 and I worked with them on that record and then City Of Evil. After that I moved back to New York and right now I’m in business management. It’s basically all the finances and accounting for bands. The place I work at now handles super big people like old school legendary people. When I did management I was one of only two people, now I’m in a company of two hundred and fifty people. It’s totally different, but it’s still sort of based on music stuff. All of our clients are entertainers whether they’re musicians, or actors, or models and stuff. Still kind of in there. I handle a lot of touring stuff, but on a much bigger level.
Vinnie has said that there’s a possibility of you guys doing one massive Long Island show as well to give your fans in your hometown a little gift. Is that still in the works?
I would say that based upon how positive this has been, and we’ll see how it goes on the one show, we’re open to anything. There’s nothing set and nothing specific, but if this goes well, and so far it has, I wouldn’t say it’s a definite, but probably more of a possibility than not a possibility.
Has there been even minimal chatter of possibly playing a few more dates besides that?
I mean, who knows. It all depends upon how it goes and then basically what everyone else is doing schedule and work wise. There are so many more things to consider now. Before we were in the band, and the band was the band. That’s what we did. Now the band doesn’t have priority over everything, our lives do. If everything aligns right like they did for this, then there’s a larger possibility to do more stuff. If it goes well, I wouldn’t rule it out.
The Movielife’s This Time Next Year has also just been released on vinyl for a ten-year anniversary celebration. Was that done to coincide with Bamboozle?
No, that was completely coincidental [Laughs]. That was just totally one of those random things.
Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else that you’d like to add?
Just reiterate to anyone that reads this to let them know how much we appreciate them to give us the ability to do this again. Hopefully it’s a good show and people have fun. 

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