POZ Exclusive: Big Footprints Announce New Project, Give Details On Comp, Post Acoustic LP

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 8, 2013


PropertyOfZack teamed up with Big Footprints and Lame-O Records to release The BIG Comp in April. It went so, so well, and we’re stoked to be releasing data from the compilation and to also announce a bunch of more great initiatives from Big Footprints. Details on The BIG Comp, four 4-way splits, and an acoustic album can all be found below!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

So before I go on to explain how well our first project, The BIG Comp, went- I thought I would share with you guys what we have coming up next!

This summer we will be doing a series of digital 4-Way splits to raise money for The Boys & Girls Clubs Of America. Each band will supply one song, which can be acoustic, a demo, or a live version of a previously released song (though some bands might break the rules and give new tracks…damn them!). Each split will be up for $1.99 or more on the Big Footprints Bandcamp, and in September we will donate 80% of the money received from donations to The Boys And Girls Club, while the other 20% will be used to fund our next project in the fall, which we are very excited about.

To kick off our new project we have a group of bands that I love very much. This Wednesday, June 12thJune’s Split will be up on the Big Footprints Bandcamp, so make sure you check it out. To keep updated with all of the stuff that Big Footprints has going on make sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr and to check out our Facebook! We will be doing a lot of cool things these next 4 months so stay updated! 


June 4-Way Split Track Listing
You Blew It! - Medal Of Honor (acoustic)
Nai Harvest- Washy (acoustic) 
Marietta – You’ve Got The Map Backwards, Matt (acoustic)
Dikembe – Untitled (How Demos Feel)
*Art Lew Currie of Nai Harvest)

Now, I must say thank you. The BIG Comp was a huge—like massive—success. With over 313 downloads we were able to achieve (after Bandcamp fees) close to $1,500 in donations! Along with the compilation, we also held a Philly house show. It wasn’t your normal house show, that’s for sure. The BIG Show, with 15 bands, included Philly acts like: Modern Baseball, Secret Plot…, Radiator Hospital, Marietta, Steady Hands and so many more. After all was said and done The BIG Show raised over $600! That’s close to $2,100 in total donations! I don’t think I can use enough exclamation points, guys. $250 of the $2,094 was donated to Red Cross and OneFund—after the tragic bombing that occurred in during the Boston Marathon on April 15th. The remaining $1,844 was donated to The Nature Conservancy.

So as I said, I must say thank you. Thank you to: all 75 bands who gave us a track, to all the record labels involved, to all the music blogs that helped to promote the comp, to anyone who promoted the comp at all—through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and whatever else, and of course, thank you to everyone who bought the comp—you made this happen. A very special thank you to Lame-O Records and PropertyOfZack for, well, everything.

To show our appreciation, today we have put up some goodies from The BIG Show. The first is The BIG Slideshow, a huge collection of photos taken at The BIG Show. All photos were taken by the wonderful Allison Newbold and can be found at her website. The second is an Acoustic Album, which is available at theBig Footprints Bandcamp, recorded upstairs during the show, that includes 9 Philly acts doing stripped down versions of some of their most popular songs (and some unreleased songs). Both are free! 

So again, thank you to everyone. I cannot express how happy I am about how well the first project went, and how excited we are for the new project. Make sure to check out the free goodies from The BIG Show, and to check out the new split next Wednesday!!



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