Modern Baseball Announce Split With The Hundred Ace Woods

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 14, 2013

Our friends in Modern Baseball will be releasing a split with The Hundred Acre Woods on July 15th via Lame-O Records. MoBo’s side of the split features one new song and one acoustic song from Sports. Pre-order the split on vinyl here and check out the artwork and track listing below!

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Modern Baseball
1. (240)
2. Re-Do
The Hundred Acre Woods
1. All I Love
2. Left Of The Hill
Variants: 200 Translucent Purple, 200 Opaque Green, 100 Clear
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    YAY YAY YAY Today we announced a split with our bbs in The Hundred Acre Woods!!! CHECK IT OUT AT LAME-O’s NEW...
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    I like the sound of this
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    This is gonna be really good. May pick this up. Only 5 dollars, probably worth it, especially for Re-Do acoustic.
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