Friday Discussion: Warped Tour Survival Guide

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 14, 2013


The 2013 Vans Warped Tour kicks off tomorrow in Auburn, WA, and PropertyOfZack will be well representing the festival this year. Warped can get a little hot, mildly sweaty, and overwhelmingly fun, to say the least. We put together a new PropertyOfZack Friday Discussion feature on our Warped Tour Survival Guide for the year. Read up, and feel free to reblog with your tips as well!

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The Night Before:
-Put a sealed bottle of water in the freezer. You’ll need it.
-Get a good night’s sleep. Seriously, Warped Tour will drain you in a hurry if you stay up all night before.
-Drink plenty of water. Making sure to hydrate the night before will keep you from dehydrating early in the pit.
-Get a drawstring bag together with a jacket, sunglasses, a Sharpie, and sunscreen.
-Budget. Figure out how much you’re willing to part with on merch before you blow all your hard-earned cash right when you get there
-Print out a POZ Crib Sheet and make a checklist of your can’t-misses.
-Charge your phone. You’ll want it to be good to go all day.

Before You Leave:
-That water bottle you put in the freezer? Don’t forget to grab it on your way out. Also, make sure you’ve got your ticket, your ID and other essentials. You don’t want to get halfway to your venue and have to turn around.
-Eat something for breakfast. You’ll get exhausted in the heat on an empty stomach.
-Put on some comfortable shoes. Nothing’s worse than walking around all day in painful kicks.
-Bring sunglasses and a hat. Unless it’s one of the rare rainy days of tour, it’s going to be hot and sunny.
-Leave early! Traffic gets congested quickly once you get close to certain venues, so plan ahead and don’t miss your favorite band while waiting to find a parking spot.

Right When You Get There:
-Remember where you parked. Don’t be that guy pounding the car alarm button in the lot once Warped is over.
-Make a plan. Find the inflatable set times (or better yet, invest in a paper copy for a buck — it’s worth it) and figure out exactly who you want to see and when. But keep an open mind to check out new bands, too.
-Figure out the map. If this is your first rodeo, you’ll want to make sure you know where each stage is so you don’t stand for ten minutes at the Tilly’s stage wondering where the heck The Wonder Years are.
-Scope out the first aid and hydration stations. With any luck, you won’t need the former, but the free water refills will be a godsend as the day goes on.
-Find the shade tents, too. Odds are you’ll want to take a break at some point.
-Check to see who’s doing signings and at what tents. Chances are good that at least one of your favorite bands will be doing a meet and greet during the day.
-If you’re with a group, and you’re going to split off and catch different sets, pick a place and time to meet back up. Someone’s phone is going to die, and having a rendezvous point will come in handy when you’re caught incommunicado.

During The Day:
-Stay hydrated and fed. You won’t want to get out of the pit, but remember to grab lunch and keep refilling your water bottle. Your body will thank you.
-Take a break or two. Sure, you’re there for nonstop music, but being on your feet the whole entire time will be killer on your legs. Find a comfortable place to sit for a few minutes and soak up the atmosphere.
-Stick to your budget — don’t go on a wild shopping spree if you don’t plan on one.
-See a few bands you’ve never heard of — the old Warped adage is a good one to follow.
-Don’t be an asshole in the pit, and never, ever drop a crowd surfer.
-If you’re going to crowd surf, hand your valuables over to a friend. You don’t want your phone flying out of your pocket when you’re airborne.
-Make friends. When you’re in the pit shouting along with The Story So Far, odds are that the guy or gal next to you is as big a fan as you are. Warped Tour is all about community, after all.

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