POZ Playlist: Our Favorite Songs Of 2013 (So Far)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 8, 2013

We’re wrapping up our Midway Discussion posts on PropertyOfZack this week, and our staff put together a new Playlist of Our Favorite Songs Of 2013 (So Far). Check out our Team Playlist and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts! 

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Alkaline Trio - I Wanna Be A Warhol
"I Wanna Be A Warhol" was the first song of 2013 that grabbed me and make me say, "Fuck, this is rad." I’ve never been an Alkaline Trio fan, but not for lack of trying. My friend introduced me to a song in 6th grade called "Dethbed," and I thought I’d fall in love for the band, but I didn’t. So, I was very pleasantly surprised when I heard "I Wanna Be A Warhol." The chorus is my favorite of the year, and the song as a whole is just fantastic. My Shame Is True is the first Alkaline Trio record I really enjoy, and boy do I enjoy it. - Zack Zarrillo
letlive. - 27 Club
All production woes aside, The Blackest Beautiful  is one of the biggest and best records of the year, and “27 Club” is an absolute banger. It’s fast, aggressive, and packs that trademark letlive. punch that will keep you coming back for more. It may be the last song on the album, but it’s certainly near the top of the pecking order. - Brandon Allin (@TheRealBrandonA)
The Wonder Years - Passing Through a Screen Door 
Talk about feels. Listening to the words and imagining the emptiness and anxiety Soupy still feels about his life after TWY’s raging success is enough to make anyone question their existential progress. Reminiscent of the melancholy “I’m not sad anymore” emotion, Screen Door makes me question if we will always be looking for an escape, even when doing what we love. But of course, you can’t help getting pumped by the driving force of the song in true TWY fashion. - Mandy Trombley (@itsmandalina)
You, Me & Everyone We Know - Better Men
You, Me & Everyone We Know has a history fit for a VH1 Behind the Music special, but Ben Liebsch’s journey sure has produced some great music. His latest effort,  I Wish More People Gave a Shit, takes the focus away from Liebsch’s personal struggles and focuses more on the struggles of society. The most important and thought-provoking of the four songs, “Better Men,” focuses on the continual issue of rape culture, as Liebsch calls into question what more can be done from the men of the world to help prevent the rape of women. The song’s biting lyrics and catchy chorus will resonate with any listener, whether they’re an old fan or someone listening to see what all the hype is about. And with such a delicate subject at hand, there may not be a more thought-provoking song to come out all year. - Donald Wagenblast (@MyLifeIsDon)
Cartel - Uninspired
"I’m a bit overwhelmed / some may call it uninspired / but what is there left to do / when someone’s so young and admired?" These are the lines Will Pugh opens with in "Uninspired," the first single off Cartel’s most recent album. "Uninspired" tackles the last few years of the band’s career and how they’ve been feeling stuck. It’s vulnerable, passionate, and lays bare all the doubt and difficulties Cartel has dealt with since the success of Chroma. Cartel has always been one of the unsung heroes of the scene and it’s a shame, because Collider is probably one of the best albums to come out so far this year. - Becky Kovach (@beckystrz) 
Ciara- Body Party
I just want to move like Ciara. Her body is a wonderland. And this song is my ultimate jam. - Sydney Gore (@sydegee)
Streetlight Manifesto – With Any Sort Of Certainty
I still believe that 3:57 – 5:38 of this song is the greatest recorded moment of the band’s entire career and if you don’t find yourself singing along to the line “Oh my God, I will hold my tongue and I’ll breathe easily, if anyone can say with any sort of certainty that there is something to believe!” then you may not be human.  I’m not going to say anything else, because the song speaks for itself. – Zac Lomas (@Infidelegate)
The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Mattress
While “Skeleton” and its sly refrain of “…And I got soooo stoned” have a certain spot in my heart, “Twin Size Mattress” is the centerpiece of Talon of The Hawk, and possibly of The Front Bottoms’ career so far. I’m not sure why I love this song as much as I do — all I know is I hope the boys in the band keep writing songs in this vein. God damn. - Erik van Rheenen
Justin Timberlake - Pusher Love Girl
Do I even need to explain myself for this one? His entire album was an epic love story to Jessica Biel that made oh so many girls jealous. - Deanna Chapman (@deechapman21)
The Front Bottoms - Au Revoir 
This song is a perfect start to the newest album from this duo. It’s reminiscent of the type of tit-for-tat fight I’m sure everyone has had with their significant other, and it’s catchy, snarky, and funny. You can’t help but really get stoked when the “rock and roll” part kicks in. It’s different from anything on the previous self-titled album and really kicks off the amazing new album the right way. - Brittany Oblak (@brittanyoblak) 
Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix 
Anticipation is a funny thing; in the run-up to a hyped up album, the chatter often seems all-consuming, and yet once that record actually arrives, we’re on to the next one before we can even digest it. It’s been less than six months since Fall Out Boy’s surprise return from hiatus damn near broke the internet, and yet Save Rock And Roll already feels a bit like last year’s news. That’s a damn shame, because it’s unquestionably one of the year’s most listenable albums. Fall Out Boy discs always have great openers, and ”The Phoenix” is the best one yet, a bombastic Patrick Stump tour de force with an adrenalized chorus bolstered by an unrelenting backbeat dizzy with churning strings. It’s the perfect reintroduction to the greatness FOB are capable of, yet like nothing we’ve heard from them before. Anticipation is fun, but may we never fail to appreciate what we’ve got. - Jesse Richman (@jrichmanesq)

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