POZ Exclusive: I Can See Mountains Statement On Vinyl Issue + Panic Records

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 10, 2013


I Can See Mountains released Life On A Houseboat a month ago, but pre-orders for the vinyl version of the album are missing in action. Panic Records was committed to put out the release, but the owner of the label has not communicated with the band at all since the release of the album.

It should be noted that this is not the first, second, or third time Panic Records has broken a promise or deal made to a band. Pentimento were most recently victims of a Panic Records dispute. We have a statement from I Can See Mountains on the issue that can be read below. 

First off, we’d really like to thank everyone who has supported Life on a Houseboat and our band so far. We really never thought that people would be even half as interested. With that being said, we had the understanding the LOAH was being “officially” released on July 2nd and that all pre order packages would be sent out at least in at least a reasonable timetable of that date. 

Without any communication or dialogue with Panic we really don’t have any idea of the status of the pre orders, or status of the record itself. We are truly sorry to anyone who went out of their way to spend their hard earned money on our record. We are doing everything we can to get this all figured out and underway. Seriously, thank you so much for supporting our record. Until then, listen to Algernon Cadwallader. Hopefully someday Modern Baseball will want to tour with us.

We are in no way trying to bash Panic Records…………………….

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