POZ Track-By-Track: Wolves At The Gate - Back To School

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 18, 2013

Wolves At The Gate are releasing a covers EP on September 30th called Back To School. PropertyOfZack is happy to be posting a Track-By-Track today with frontman Steve Cobucci for the EP. Check out why the band covered each song below after the jump.

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Deadbolt - Thrice
We chose this song because it was significant in many different ways to us personally in the band. Deadbolt was the first song I heard from Thrice and it was unlike anything I has ever heard before. It pushed the boundaries of what I wanted to hear in music and caused me to think than most music I had been listening to. The first time I heard it I put it on repeat for the rest of that day and week probably. I bought the record as soon as I could get to the record store and had the cash for it. This song along with the record sparked my interest in playing/writing music in a much more serious way. As for the lyrical content of the song, it also had a very similar effect on me. The lyrics were written in a very honest and truthful way to depict a man’s struggle with sin. My favorite line from this song is “And you! My true love! You call from the hilltop. You call through the streets, ‘Darling don’t you know, the water is poison.” How the song builds both lyrically and musically to this point is truly beautiful as it depicts a relationship between God and His sons and daughters. He cries out to us to depart from our sinful ways, to not live in opposition to Him. God calls out to those who are His and calls them sons, daughters, darling. I always loved how Dustin (Kensrue) used similar language from Song of Songs in the Bible to convey God’s relationship with His people. 

Sleepwalking - Blindside
I can recall the time and place when I first heard this song. In 2001 I was in Virginia visiting my brother at college. He was heavily involved with the radio station at school and he sent me home with a cd of the radio show that he hosted and on his show he played Sleepwalking. His radio show was about 2-3hrs and I listened to it on the 7hr drive back to New Jersey. It was towards the very end of his show and then he put on this track called Sleepwalking by Blindside that totally caught me off guard. This was the first Blindside song I had ever heard. There was so much energy, it was really heavy but it also was quite accessible to most music listeners. I have always loved Christian Lindskog’s voice, he has this certain quality about his vocals that is unrivaled in my opinion. His vocals have such a natural flow to them that whether he is singing or screaming it all is very musical, melodic, and distinct. I also loved this song and band because they were a four-piece that wrote such interesting music. Within a four-piece there is very little room to hide and each member of that band played their instrument well and purposefully. When I got deeper into the song and read the lyrics I really loved the content of it. This song really speaks to the notion that as believers we should be seeking and pursuing a the kingdom of God and not the kingdom of man. He recognizes the reality of the fact that this life is but a vapor, we walk in this flesh for only a moment until we experience true life how God intended it. For us to dwell with Him in new bodies that no longer live in opposition to Him. My favorite part of the song is towards the end where he says, “One day this world will see me at the horizon. One day from a distant light. And just before I stand to face my love, I’ll turn around. And with a smile I’ll say my goodbyes. Just one last goodbye. Goodbye.” What a beautiful picture to have in our hearts and minds that one day, for those of us who have trusted on the Jesus’ work of salvation on the cross dying for our sins, that we will face the one we love. That we will finally get to see the Savior, the God of the universe, who gave His life for us so that we may not have to die. 

Understanding In A Car Crash - Thursday
This song was chosen because Thursday is one of the bands that sparked my friendship with our bassist Ben Summers. When we met in college there weren’t many people who listened to what we called “good music” and one of the first conversations we had we talked about Thursday and then the next time we hung out we just watched live videos of them as well as their documentary. On top of those things, being from Northern New Jersey it was hard to be into underground music and not know about Thursday. Having grown up nearby guys in that band I also had a l of “hometown hero” attachment to them as well. This is such a well written song as it has a pretty standard structure while at the same time it has a growing linear feel to it. The musicianship in this song was so inspiring on every level. The first thing that stuck out to me naturally was the guitar work. For the vast majority of the song, both guitarists played something completely different while playing parts that blended so well together. Geoff Rickly, Thursday’s singer had such an awesome voice completely original to him and was an even better lyricist. I had always appreciated his honesty in his lyrics. Many times lyricists are praised for being honest, but rarely do we ever see someone who wrote with a more selfless form of honesty. The content of this song is also something that is applicable to the a similar instance that a number of us have experienced in the band which is losing someone in a car crash. It is a tragic event that is extremely difficult to deal with and is also quite jarring when it is someone close to you that dies young. 

Planning A Prison Break - The Receiving End of Sirens 
The Receiving End of Sirens was one of those bands that was truly appreciated in a way that they deserved until they broke up. This was another band that was a common ground for Ben (Summers - bass) and I when we became friends. I will never forget buying their record at the record store in town, unwrapping it in the store, just driving and listening to it from front to back. Everything about this song and record is incredibly creative. Having three different singers in the band opened up a variety of options vocally. I remember the first time I saw them live at a club in New Jersey called Obsessions. They were the headliners with The Sleeping and Scary Kids Scaring Kids as support, some solid support if you ask me. When I had first listened to the record I didn’t realize that they had three different singers as all of their vocals blended so well together. So as they started playing their set I was blown away at the ability of all three singers. Not only have three vocalists, singing great melodies, but also being solid singers as well. Their music is so complex so I thought this would be a perfect song to simplify as an acoustic song. The lyrical content of this song had always been so interesting to me as the story’s metaphor was about a guy trying to quit drinking alcohol. The lyrics were written in such a way that apart from doing some research you might not ever figure that out on your own. As a metaphor I had always thought that this song was written so well and about a topic that I agree with as alcohol abuse is something that sadly is praised in this culture.

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