PropertyOfZack Exclusive Stream : : Death In The Park

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 15, 2011


Andy Jackson has been a busy man lately with a mini-Hot Rod Circuit reunion as well as producing bands, but PropertyOfZack could not be more excited to be exclusively bringing you something Jackson has been working on of his own: A brand new Death In The Park demo. The track is not completely finished, but it certainly sounds close to it. Death In The Park has plans to release a brand new album at some point in the near future. Stream the brand new track, “Dangerous,” below by clicking “Read More”!

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    I used to have a little girl crush on Andy Jackson. I love me some Hot Rod Circuit, still.
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    my frand @penisbutt69 is in a band, a good one too! I need to go see a show soon…….
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    PLEASE go check them out. i am in love with DITP. so talented.
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