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by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 17, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to interview Dan and Jeff from Daybreaker about a month ago while the band was on tour with Mansions and Aficionado. Dan, Jeff, and I discussed touring, reception to their new EP, future writing, and more. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Daybreaker?
Dan: My name is Dan Rose, and I sing and play guitar.
Jeff: My name is Jeff, and I play guitar

The band is currently out on tour with Mansions and Aficionado. How have the first dates been?
Dan: Good, we’ve only had two so far because a couple got cancelled. The two shows so far have been real cool though. We played in Albany at a coffee house and then we played in Danbury, and that was awesome too.

You guys are supporting your debut release of The Northbound Trains. How has the reception to the EP been in the past few months?
Jeff: We haven’t played a lot on it.
Dan: We had a record release weekend with A Loss For Words, but these are really our first shows since April. We get good reactions at the shows; we just need to play more.

There has been a lot of praise, but also criticism for you guys having similar sounds to The Gaslight Anthem. Do you mind that chatter, or has it helped out the band to a degree?
Jeff: I think the EP was a product of everybody putting in their influences and seeing what happened. The more we play the more we will progress into our own sound.
POZ: Is it cool to at least be getting checked out because of the comparison?
Dan: I’ll take any goddamned comparison. At least we’re not being compared to bands we don’t like.

How was the writing process for this EP?
Dan: It was so long ago. We wrote these songs in July or August of 2009. We recorded the EP three times because it got deleted from the hard drive not once, but twice. It was originally supposed to be three songs, then it went to four, and now it’s at seven. Maybe if it was one more time it would’ve been a great LP.
POZ: Did that ruin things for you guys at points?
Dan: It was rough to work through at the time, but I guess now that it’s June 2011 I’m glad it happened. It sounds better and we got better at playing our sounds. The songs got fine tuned while we were recording. You always go back after a recording and wish you could change something, so it gave us the opportunity to do that twice.

When exactly did discussions between Pure Noise and Daybreaker kick-off?
Dan: That was probably in December of 2010. Our booking agent plays guitar for This Time Next Year and we had been talking to a few different labels. Then eventually out of nowhere Brad recommended Jake at Pure Noise. He just wanted us to talk to him and Jake had just put out the Transit and Man Overboard split so Pure Noise was getting exposure. We talked to him and he was on board with what we were doing. He laid out his plans for us and it was super professional without being not personable. I think he’s been doing a great job.

Daybreaker’s sound doesn’t exactly match up to a lot of the other bands that Pure Noise has on the roster. Is that weird for you guys, or is it fine to be different in your mind in that sense?
Dan: It’s been great, and I think we’re going to be doing some shows in August with The American Scene. I’ve never met Handguns either, but they seem like totally legitimate dudes. The Story So Far are blowing up right now too. It’s good for them, Jake, and us. It’s cool to be involved with something like that.

I know you haven’t played off of the EP much, but have the songs gone over well live?
Dan: Almost every night there are people who haven’t heard of us and it’s cool to be seeing people who actually enjoy it.

After these dates with Mansions you have a few more with Aficionado, but nothing after that.
Dan: Yeah, I’m actually going to be doing merch for Streetlight Manifesto for a couple weeks this summer and then I’ll be back.

When can we expect more dates to be announced?
Dan: We’re planning on going out for a long time starting in September

It’s been a long time since the actual songs on the EP were written, so have you guys been working on new songs?
Dan: I think we’re going to be doing some splits before the year’s over. We’re going to be working towards a full-length as well that we’re all pretty stoked to be writing.

How has the writing progressed since the EP?
Jeff: We had the first song that we all wrote together that wasn’t just people bringing songs in. Everybody is starting to have more input and it’s much more of a team effort.
Dan: I think the songs will not sound like any one specific thing now because of everyone’s input. I think we’re going to progress. We’re going to put out records and play shows.

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