POZ Video Premiere: Veara - “Next Stop…Everywhere”

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 22, 2014


Veara are honoring their hometown venue called Sector 7G that recently closed down in a new music video for ”Next Stop…Everywhere.” PropertyOfZack is stoked to be premiering that video today. Watch the music video and read details on the venue below after the jump!

Back in February of this year, we had took on one of the biggest responsibilities of our bands career: to headline and close out the last show of our only all ages venue in Augusta, Sector 7G. Most people may read that and see it as an over exaggeration. “It’s just another venue. They all come and go. What’s the big deal?” Sector was a place that molded and shaped a large majority of the youth in the Augusta Music scene. We’ve met most of our friends there. We’ve seen countless, legendary shows from local and touring bands. We’ve had some of the best times in our lives at Sector.
Since this was going to be the last show at Sector, we wanted to do something special to help remember it. So along with the help of friend, Stephen Levy, we decided to film a music video. Not just a music video, but a memoir to the place that helped our band grow and explode into the Augusta Music scene.
We wanted to do something fun and high energy, so “Next Stop… Everywhere” seemed like a perfect fit, musically and lyrically. This video is a dedication to all the great times we’ve had there. It’s a representation of how many good times we’ve shared with our closest friends and total strangers at Sector. It’s about celebrating life and not mourning over death. It’s about moving on and taking the legacy with you.
This one is for Augusta. Long Live Sector 7G.
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    I’m aware of differences between myself and my former bandmates, but it’s been far long enough to say I’m beyond proud...
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