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by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 4, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to chat with James, Andrew, and Sam from Sharks a few weeks ago at Warped Tour, and it turned into a great interview. James, Andrew, Sam, and I discussed the band’s entrance into the US in 2011 with Chuck Ragan and Social D, working with Brian McTernan in the upcoming future, and a release timeline for the album. Read up and enjoy!

Sharks are currently out on Warped Tour, but 2011 has really been the band’s entrance into the US with tours with Chuck Ragan and Social D and Mockingbird Wish Me Luck. How were both of those tours?
Andrew: Everything has been so great, more than we could ever imagine really. The opportunities we’ve been getting have been mind-blowing. Our tour with Social D was the first time we had ever come to America. To even be in America is such an achievement for us, and that tour was a huge deal.
POZ: Were having those two tours in a row the greatest welcome you guys could ask for?
James: Oh yeah, I think we’ve been really lucky with the amount of exposure we’ve gotten and the different markets we’ve been exposed to too.

We’ll talk more about your future touring later on, but you guys are pretty much here three-quarters of the year for 2011. Is that difficult for the band at all? Or are you putting everything you have into this right now?
James: Sometimes, but not really.
Andrew: When you’re on tour and this far away from home you kind of just have to accept that you’re doing this.
Sam: We’re from England, and this is what we’ve always wanted to do.
Andrew: We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Do you think Rise Records has really opened up the door for the band?
Sam: Big time.
Andrew: Rise has been amazing to us. We couldn’t ask for anything more from those guys. They’ve been so supportive of everything we’ve been doing, and if it wasn’t for those guys we wouldn’t be able to do everything that we do.

Rise Records obviously gets a lot of bad notoriety for many of the bands they have, many of which are also on Warped Tour this year. Whether you are fans of the music the label has or not, do you definitely think they were the right choice?
James: If anything it wasn’t our fans, it was the Rise fans. Our fans were sweet about it.
Sam: It’s given us great opportunities. And they’ve signed a lot of great bands.
Andrew: A lot of respect to Rise for being able to branch out.
Sam: It’s a big risk on us.
Andrew: It’s a difficult thing for a label to do that are established with one sort of music.
James: They’re on form right now too. You can tell why they’re doing so well with the bands they have out here right now.

Rise released The Joys Of Living this past April. The album was a combination of the band’s prior releases, but it was really Sharks’s first US release. How have new listeners been responding to you guys?
Sam: I think so.
Andrew: These are obviously old songs, but playing them out here to a new audience makes them feel fresh again, so it’s cool.
How has Warped been to you guys so far?
James: We’ve been really lucky and we’ve had great crowds. It’s been really good.

It was announced that your bassist left the band a few weeks ago. Have fans been pretty supportive?
James: For the most part, yeah.
POZ: Do you guys plan on bringing in a permanent replacement, or just will keep a touring member for the future?
Andrew: We got a temporary person for the AP Tour.
Sam: It’s going to be cool. We’ve got some time off after this tour and we’re really gonna think about it. We don’t want to do this again.

It was announced that you’ll be recording your new album with Brian McTernan in September. Are all the songs done?
Andrew: Sixteen of them are. We’ve got sixteen, but we’ll be doing two weeks of pre-production so I have a feeling that a lot of those songs are really going to come to life and change quite a bit.

How would you compare the new material to your older releases?
James: It’s definitely a progression.
Andrew: There’s a lot more thought behind the songs. We had more time to write them. People will be surprised, but in a good way.
James: We had from the end of the Gaslight tour to the start of the tour in April to write, so we had a long time.
Andrew: We didn’t want this to be a batch of singles. We wanted a classic record.

How excited are you to record with McTernan?
Sam: Fucking stoked. I’m a bit nervous though. Chuck Ragan told me he’s notoriously hard on drummers.
POZ: Is it also just a plus that he’s doing so much great work with all of these other bands right now that are doing well too?
James: I’m just stoked based upon this phone call we had together. He nailed everything on the head that we wanted to do about the record, and when you look at what he’s done as well. No worries at all.

When are you guys finishing up in the studio?
Sam: We finish October 10th and then we go to the AP Tour on October 11th.

When do you guys hope to release the record?
Andrew: It’s going to be next year for sure. Early or spring-time next year.

Is the AP Tour the best way to top off the year?
Sam: I didn’t realize what a big thing it was, but now we’re really pleased. It’s like an NME Tour in the UK. It’s pretty big. We’re really excited. There’s a great lineup as well.

Will you be touring after that, or taking some time off?
Andrew: We haven’t got anything planned, but more than likely once the record comes back.
Sam: We’ll be back in the early-New Year.
James: We’ve got a lot to catch up on with a new bass player and a new record.

While the band plays to more of a classic punk sound, you are definitely going to be thrown into the new pop-punk scene. Is that something you guys are okay with?
James: Yeah, I really like that idea.
Andrew: We’re really luck to get these opportunities. Whether or not we can hold our own with a band like Social D is up to the people who are seeing us, but we’re just grateful to get those chances. 

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