PropertyOfZack Interview : : Never Shout Never

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 15, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to sit down with Chris, Caleb, and Taylor from Never Shout Never a few weeks ago for a great interview. Chris, Caleb, Taylor, and I discussed the band’s new album, how the writing process for the band has changed, plans to do three albums a year, and a whole bunch more. Read up and enjoy!

Never Shout Never is playing a secret show today in New York City. Should we expect some new songs in the set?
Chris: We’re playing pretty much the whole new album. We’ve been practicing all acoustic, and expect six or eight new ones. I love playing the songs acoustic because it helps us to learn them raw before we learn them full band.

You haven’t done a ton of touring this year, which we can assume is because of the new album. How long did the recording process take?
Chris: It took about a month and a half. We did about a month of recording and two weeks of mixing. We pretty much did everything ourselves. It all took two months tops probably.

The identity of Never Shout Never has sort of shifted within the past year. This is the first album where the name is not just a moniker for Christofer Drew, but actually for a full band. How did that change the writing process?
Chris: It made it a lot more fun and a lot more dynamic. We all have something to add to the music now. We all have our own style of writing and it comes together in a really beautiful mesh. This is definitely by far my favorite record, and I feel like this is the beginning for us. This is the first record that we’re truly proud of and that we’ll be showing kids.

There were all sorts of rumors that you’d be changing the stage name to Christofer Drew And The Shout last year. Was this the alternative? 
Chris: We went with the flow. I have a big mouth and I like spreading rumors to freak people out [Laughs].  

Has it been better than expected in terms of changing the process of how things work?
Chris: I feel like I’ve gone through a rebirth as a musician. I’m excited for this record, but I’m even more excited for the next record. This one’s not even released yet and we’re already writing for it. Caleb’s written a bunch of songs for it and I’m writing some too.
Caleb: It’s good when you’re excited for the next record you’re going to do before the record you just did comes out.
Taylor: It’s only going up from here.
Chris: I know, I truly believe it.
Caleb: It was the first time we ever did a record that when we were done felt like we just got started. We were ready to go again.

Do you think everything will come together even better in the future as you have more time together?
Chris: Absolutely. We also self-produced this record, which is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while, but never had a chance since I signed with Warner. Finally they gave us the opportunity and we did this record for like $10,000. Last two records total were probably about $200,000 each. I think it’s amazing that this one sounds way better and is honestly just a lot better.
Caleb: We have the exact record that we wanted to make.
Chris: This is our Dark Side Of The Moon. It’s us transcending into something. Pink Floyd started out making pop music and then they turned into this insane band that did whatever the fuck they wanted to. This record we’re going to go for more classics. Just pump out the classics [Laughs].

We’ve seen a preview of Time Travel and some new songs live, but can you tell us more about what we should expect?
Chris: The other stuff was a little more singer-songwriter, and I always tried to keep it stripped down. We just kept going on this one. I’d write an acoustic song then I’d program a bunch of shit on my laptop because I got back into sequencing, so I programmed like ten to thirty synth tracks of crazy, intense psychedelic stuff. We’d upload those and put some acoustic and electric guitars on everything. There were probably from a hundred to a hundred and fifty tracks on each song.
Taylor: It was unbelievable.
Caleb: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are songs on this album that have only been heard in outer space. I promise. There’s some crazy stuff, man.

Was it intense to do that in the studio?
Chris: It was amazing. Then we got to go back home every night.

Do have nerves about your fans latching on to the changes?
Chris: No, not at all. It doesn’t matter what they think about it. We want them to like it, but we can’t change who we are for anyone. I won’t even change who I am for my mom, let alone someone I don’t even know.

This is your third release in under two years. Did you want to get this record out now to show off where Never Shout Never is going?
Chris: Yeah. Hopefully this record does well because we want to invest in a studio for ourselves in our hometown. We’d like to record whenever we have free time and we’d like to just keep busting stuff out. We could do three records a year. It’s not difficult to do with Warner. This is the record for us to see if they’ll trust us or not to keep it completely in our hands. This is our chance to show them that we can self-produce and do what we want how we want to do it. If it does well that’s great, and if it doesn’t they’ll probably want us working with certain people. We’re not into that though, so hopefully this record does great. We’d like to bust out three different records a year.

Were you happy with the reception to Harmony?
Chris: Sort of. It was a fun record to make, but we only half two weeks to make it. It was a very fun record. Butch was a great guy to work with. Harmony was okay; it’s not my favorite album ever. I don’t listen to it. I would never listen to it. I would listen to this new album though.

Time Travel is only eight tracks. Are there more that aren’t being released yet?
Before we hit our groove we were going for a folk-rock sort of sound and we ditched like five of those songs.
Caleb: We also had one really insane tech-metal new age song.
Chris: It was almost metal.
Taylor: We recorded the song and went home. On our way home none of us said it, but we were all thinking that we hated it.
Chris: The lyrics were so insane. It was bad.
Caleb: I got in the car and Chris was like, “I’m not doing that song.”
Taylor: It was Tetris-like.

Should we hear another track sometime soon?
Chris: Probably. We’re going to try to do some lyric videos and release one a month before, and another one two weeks before the record. We want to do three music videos. I feel one for “Robot” would be really cool. Honestly, we’re just having fun. We really don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. We’re best friends that have known each other forever and we finally got this band to a place that we feel comfortable and we’re ready to take over the world.

You’re going on a South American tour at the end of the month. How stoked are you?
Chris: I guess the following on the Internet that we built down there is pretty sweet, so I’m excited to see how it goes. All I know is that half of my Twitter replies are in a different language. It’s tropical down there too, so it’s going to be a cool place to hang out. I want to jump off some waterfalls and play with some monkeys.

The plan is just to tour and then write and record when you’re home?
Caleb: Every time we’re home we’re going to make music.
Chris: I think we’ve reached a point as friends of completely understanding each other, and I think that’s something that is super rare as a band. I think that’s something that’s going to help us. From here on out we’re going to have such positive attitudes. I want the whole world to meet the band and I want us to be equal portions of this band.

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