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by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 23, 2010


PropertyOfZack sat down with Justin and Jessica of The Morning Of in their van right outside the venue where they would later grace the stage on the Reach For The Sun Tour. Even though the van was a circus with members of the band running in and out we managed to discuss reaction to their brand new album, future touring plans, and plans to release a new album by fall 2011. Read up!

For the record, could you state your names and roles in The Morning Of?
Jessica: I am Jessica and I sing in The Morning Of.
Justin: I am Justin, I sing in The Morning Of.

The Morning Of have been on the whole Reach For The Sun Tour. How’s it been?
Justin: So far it’s been really good. There were some slow, slow times in the Northwest, but other than that everything’s been really amazing so far. Really, really good shows.

Obviously when you’re a support band the fans are more likely to be there for the headliner, but is it always a fun challenge to try to win over new fans?
Justin: Yeah, it’s actually co-headlining, so it’s been pretty cool. It’s been fun. We’ve played a lot of places that we haven’t really played in a while, so that’s probably the best part about it.

The Way I Fell In was released on May 4th. Now that the album has been out over three months how would you say the reception has been?
Jessica: I think the reception has been really amazing. Everyone that has come out to this tour has been all singing along to the new songs so I think that’s a good sign.
Justin: Pretty much.

Can you tell us about your favorite song on the record?
Justin: My favorite song on the new record is probably “Heaven Or Hell”. It just means the most to me, I guess.
Jessica: I think it’s the same for me.

The World As We Know It debuted big on a few charts, but how would you compare the reaction between the two albums?
Justin: This record actually charted much higher than The World As We Know It, almost ten full spots higher. It’s been pretty good. Most of the people who’ve come out have said that they like the new record better, which is a good sign. I haven’t really met anybody who’s said that they liked the old record better than it. It’s been great. We definitely like the new record better.
Jessica: I like it better.

Were you guys more comfortable in the studio this time?
Jessica: Oh yeah, definitely.
Justin: Absolutely, 100%. We’d never really worked with a producer before, so it was nice to have one who has a vision for songs and stuff.
Jessica: And we got to live in California for a month.
Justin: Yeah, we’ve just been friends longer too. When we did the first record we didn’t really know each other for that long.

How was it working with producer Jim Wirt? He has quite an impressive portfolio.
Jessica: When I first met him I think I was like sweating and shaking. We just all wanted to impress him and just show him what we had. It was amazing working with him.
Justin: Yeah, it was great. Definitely the number one experience of my time in the band so far.

Is being in the studio versus touring definitely a nice change?
Justin: Yeah, they’re both amazing experiences, but for completely different reasons. Touring is entirely different than recording a record, but I don’t think I like one more than the other. I think I like them both equally for separate reasons.

The Morning Of have nothing else on the books. Should we expect some new tour dates to be surfacing soon?
Justin: Yeah, you’ll see some stuff coming around in December. I think that’s the next time we’re gonna go out.
POZ: Will that be a headliner”
Justin: I’m pretty sure that it’s gonna be headlining. I think so, it should be good.

Is Europe a possibility any time soon?
Justin: Hopefully. It’s not really up to us. If it was up to us we’d go over there right now. It kind of just depends if somebody wants to bring us out over there or our label wants to give us the cash to go over there because it’s expensive.
Jessica: It’s a dream of ours.
Justin: It’s on our list.

Will you guys be relaxing until December?
Justin: Yeah, pretty much. I think we’re gonna try to write another record in between now and then. Try to write some songs. That’s pretty much our only goal at the moment.

Obviously not in the near, near future, but would you guys like to be in the studio sometime in 2011?
Justin: Yeah, hopefully. I would like to be in the studio by early 2011, hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed.

So a release is something on your mind for late next year?
Justin: Yeah, if everything goes according to plan I’d like to have a record out by late summer or early fall.

Might there be any b-sides or anything that’ll be released off of this record?
Justin: I think we are going to release some b-sides to iTunes eventually within the next couple months. There’s four or five songs that didn’t make The Way I Fell In that we’ll probably release as an EP.

Thanks so much for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add?
Justin: Nope. Thanks for your time, sorry for all the interruptions. Sorry for the annoying band members, but thanks!

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