3OH!3 // Omens

Aficionado // Aficionado

All Get Out // The Season

American Gospel // Tall Tales Vol. 1

The American Scene // By Way Of Introduction

The American Scene/Daybreaker // Split

Automatic Loveletter // The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On

Ballyhoo! // Pineapple Grenade

Barely Blind // Wilder Child Of A Thousand Suns

Bayonet // Bayonet

The Bigger Lights // Battle Hymn

Bonaventure // Come Hell Or High Water

The Braces // Two Years

Break Blossom // Last Night Of Your Life

Brian Marquis // Beneath The Cover Is Earth

Captain We’re Sinking // The Future Is Cancelled

The Cinema // My Blood Is Full Of Airplanes

Citadel // Citadel

Citizen // Young States

The Company We Keep // 7”

Create Avoid // Pastime 7”

Currents // Currents

Cut Teeth // Televandalism

Dave Melillo // Thinking Of You

Departures // Teenage Haze

Direct Hit! // Domesplitter

Divided By Friday // Prove It

Dropkick Murphys // Sealed And Signed In Blood

Echo Base // Keep Your Expectations

Edelweiss // Pre-Columbians

Flatfoot 56 // Toil

The Fleeting Ends // Our Eyes Are Peeled

For The Foxes // The Revolution

The Forecast // Everybody Left

Foreign Tongues // Foreign Tongues

Freshman 15 // Here’s To Feeling Good
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The Front Bottoms // The Front Bottoms

Handguns | Forever Came Calling // Split

Heroes For Hire // No Apologies

Holiday Parade // False Alarms

The Hotel Year // ..It Never Goes Out

Gameday Regulars // …But It’s Hell In The Hallway

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves // Making Moves

The Groundbreaking Ceremony // Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do

Half Hearted Hero // Whatever

I Call Fives // I Call Fives

I Call Fives // Someone That’s Not You

I Call Fives // Split

JT Woodruff // Heavy, Heavy, Heavy, Heavy Heart

June Divided // Backbone

Junior Battles // Idle Ages

K Será // The Cantos: ii

K Será // Collisions And Near Misses

Last Call // Stay On The Outside

Light Years // I Won’t Hold This Against You

Light Years // Just Between Us

Little Bombs // Little Bombs

Little Indians // An Album From The Little Indians

A Lot Like Birds // Stay On The Outside

The Maine // Forever Halloween

The Maine // Pioneer

Mansions // Dig Up The Dead

MC Lars // Lars Attacks!

Misser // Distancing EP

My Fictions // Always Trapped

My Iron Lung // Grief

Nightmare Of You/Nightmares For A Week // Nightmares Split

Nightmares For A Week // Civillian War

NGHBRS // Mixtape

Nocturnal Me // Two Faced

On My Honor //I Never Deserve The Things I Need

On My Honor // Nature & Nurture

On The Fifty // Fast Hands, Bad Timing

Pentimento // Pentimento

Pentimento // Wrecked

Pinsky // Losing Touch

Random Holiday // Space To Grow

Romance On A Rocketship // Creatures Of The Night

Runner Runner // Runner Runner

Safe To Say // Split

Sainthood Reps // Monoculture

Samiam // Trips

Senses Fail // Follow Your Bliss

Senses Fail // Renacer

Select Start // The New Atlantic

Sharks // No Gods

The Skies Revolt // Making Moves

Sleepy Turtles // Summer, Hither EP

So Many Ways // So Many Ways

Socratic // Socratic

State Champs // Overslept

Stickup Kid // Nothing About Me EP

Such Gold // Split

Tancred // String & Twine

The World Is A Beautiful Place // Whenever, If Ever

Thieves // Achiever

This Century // “Indigo Girl”
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This Is Hell // The Enforcer

This Love // At War

Tigers On Trains // Foundry

Troubled Coast // I’ve Been Thinking About Leaving You

Upon This Dawning // To Keep Us Safe

Via Coma // Figures

With The Punches // It’s Not The End Of The World

With The Punches // Seams & Stitches

Within The Ruins // Elite

The Word Alive // Life Cycles

You Blew It! // Grow Up, Dude

You, Me & Everyone We Know // I Wish More People Gave A Shit