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by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 27, 2011


Davy And The Gods are a new band that feature both Tommy Simms and Ryan Metcalf from Automatic Loveletter. The band is currently finishing up their debut album in the studio with Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit, ex-Terrible Things, Death In The Park). Ryan was kind enough to write-up a detailed journey into the beginning of the band and their time in the studio. Read up on the whole thing below!

From Ryan Metcalf:

I’m sitting outside on Andy Jackson’s (engineer/producer/badass) porch in Irondale, Alabama. In my hands is the Kurt Vonnegut Novel Galapagos, which was given to me by Shane Schuch (bass/guitar/vocals). In the studio, Spencer Bradham (keys/synth) is tracking some stylophone on a song. Drake Sweet (guitars/vocals) is in the backyard collecting wood for the fire pit. Tommy Simms (vocals/guitar) slides open the glass door and asks, “Hey can you write a blog?” I respond in a succinct fashion, saying the two letters I normally use following 90% of Tommy’s requests:


The story so far is this: Start a band, have two rehearsals, play first show opening for Tim Kasher (Cursive/The Good Life), write a ton of songs, record at the dopest studio in Florida, play a couple more shows, record a bunch of songs with Andy Jackson. Not bad for five months of being a band. 

That first Davy show was intense. We had just gotten off an Automatic Loveletter tour, and me Shane and Tommy locked ourselves in Clear Track studio’s “B” room to write some songs and see what we could come up with. Four songs into demoing Tommy gets an email asking us to open up for Tim Kasher… in FOUR DAYS. At that point, we hadn’t even played together as a band. We looked at each other, said “Uh, I guess we should practice.” We each claimed our respective instruments and got to work figuring out how to play the demos live. Somehow we pulled it off, and it kinda set a theme for the entirety of the bands existence thus far. That is, finding out we have a ton of crap to do in what feels like five minutes. 

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