PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Daybreaker (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 18, 2011


From Dan Rose: 

Hey now.  Welcome to the first edition of the Daybreaker road blog.  My name is Dan and I sing and play guitar in the band, but the blog may get contributions from other members along the way.

On Friday, June 10, Ryan (bass), Taylor (merch bro), and I piled into our big red van, left Cape Cod, and headed to Boston to pick up Jeff (guitar) for the first show of our tour with Aficionado and Mansions.  After some stressful traffic-related incidents, we were finally ready to be en route to our destination for the night, Albany, NY.

We arrived in Albany just as the show was about to begin (yes, we are THAT band) to some friendly and familiar faces, namely our drummer John Ross and our friends from Albany, Zach and Chris from the band California (, for fans of Texas Is The Reason and Seaweed).  We loaded into the venue and quickly got to work meeting everyone we’d be on tour with for the next couple of weeks, which immediately proved more difficult than I had originally imagined. 

For the luddites reading this blog (I am aware of the contradiction, welcome to the Internet, weirdos), Aficionado is a seven-piece band from Albany, NY.  SEVEN people.  7.  We can hardly coordinate the schedules of our band, and we’re a four piece, so I really can’t imagine what would happen if we threw three more people into the mix.  Regardless, it was apparent as soon as they started playing that having seven members only works to their advantage, as they were one of the tightest, most original bands I’ve heard in a long time.  Every press release I’ve seen about them has compared them to At The Drive-In, The Hold Steady, and Cursive, and I guess I can kind of see the comparisons, but to say that they sound like any of those bands would be selling short the band’s originality.  They also brought along their friend Mike Tash, who is proving to be one of the most legitimate dudes this side of the Mississippi.  He’s doing a few songs from his acoustic project Orphan Eyes every night before Aficionado, and it is just as legit.

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