PropertyOfZack Contributor Blog : : Jorge Acosta

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 8, 2011


PropertyOfZack is thrilled to welcome Jorge Acosta as a new Contributor for the site! Coming from the background of being a former tour manager, owning a clothing line Stereo Bear, and most recently focusing on artist development and managing (currently Set It Off), Jorge has a diverse outlook on today’s music industry. He’s always down to take on a new project, as long as it involves helping someone in the industry out, from assisting Pat Brown in setting up his new online webstore, for his new project Good Problems, to writing a blog for us here at PropertyOfZack. Be sure to stay in touch with him via Twitter!

In his first blog, Jorge discusses how fans look at bands who “sell out” and how “selling out” can be more beneficial to a band than many might think. Read up on it below! 

The definition of “Selling Out” refers to the perception that someone is compromising his or her integrity, morality, or principles in exchange for money or “success” (however defined). These days, people absolutely love to throw the term out at even the slightest possible sight of their favorite artist moving away from their original image, what is their “old school” way of being - the reason they start music in the first place. The honest truth is that, although an artist may have originally started their venture to rebel or get a message across, these people also take part in a simple part of a human’s cycle of life: Maturing.
Yes, it’s an amazing experience to see for example, Brand New, play basement shows with fifty to sixty people crammed in the bottom floor of a house, rockin’ the neighborhood while Mom and Dad are upstairs arguing over what the answer to tonight’s “Final Jeopardy” question is. These are memories you cannot compare to, like seeing them headlining a sold out show at House of Blues, this is true. But is a basement show with the same fifty to sixty people going to pay the bills? Is it going to help you purchase a home, start saving for retirement or give you the ability to give your family the life they deserve? Probably not. Believe me, Music is a huge part of my life, and I often think of the days of those small shows where I’d be front and center, screaming into the mic when it was put over the crowd. I think how special a band was to me when I was one of the lucky few who knew of them - then BOOM! My favorite song on their new album now just became a Top 40 hit. How did this make you feel? Now start thinking what this meant to the band.

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