Warped Tour Announces Next Eleven Bands

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 12, 2014


The fourteenth set of bands for the 2014 Vans Warped Tour have been announced via Fuse. You can check out the lineup so far below after the jump and be sure to reblog the post with your thoughts so far!

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POZ Playlist: Hostage Calm, Lionize

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 8, 2012

Streetlight Manifesto's fall tour is kicking off, and the band is taking both our friends in Hostage Calm and Lionize out on the road. We’re excited to have both openers back for a new PropertyOfZack Playlist to support the tour. Check out the Playlists below while listening to the songs on Spotify and reading everyone’s thoughts!

Generation X - Kiss Me Deadly

This is a tune. Billy Idol’s band before he was a solo artist. Stoked on how unforgivingly ballad-y it is. Also, this IS the song that plays as the credits roll on SLC Punk… just saying.
The Weirdos - Solitary Confinement
Received this song on a mix CD from an Uncle’s Brother when I was really young. Just realized that I uploaded that mix and here’s the mediafire. If memory serves the rip gets a little shitty and crackly at some points… anyway, It was a legendary mix that introduced me to alot of great 80’s hardcore and post punk. This is probably, in my opinion, the best punk song ever, I’m an exaggerator though, so it’s hard to say.
Dag Nasty - Values Here
This shit is undeniable. Dischord records - 1986. Got to hear some cool stories about the D.C. scene from J. Robbins while recording. I feel like this record/band really sets the tone for melodic youth crew: GB, Turning Point, etc. in a way that Minor Threat/Bad Brains/Boston bands didn’t. I wasn’t there, I just like to nerd out about shit like that.
Baby Grand - Fireworks 
These dudes are long time friends. The dude who sings back-up vox on this song is Greg Moran who sings on the Hostage Calm song Victory Lap and sang on and co-wrote Woke Up Next To A Body. Connecticut has some really cool stuff going on, and really good bands putting out cool records. I really wanted to put their new song UNA on the playlist but it’s not on Spotify. But here’s the link so fuck it. 
The Replacements - Favorite Thing
I just got into this band really recently, not sure what happened. The record this is on, Let It Be, is really good. The writing is really cool and the guitar interplay feels really human and live. The production is perfectly shitty on this record and the subsequent record Tim.
The Jam - Ghosts
The first time I heard this song was on a CD that Ted Leo released called “Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead”. It’s all solo Ted with an electric guitar; he does his own songs and a bunch of covers. That introduced me to the Jam, who are a brilliant band with a really rich catalogue. I love bands that have a lot of great albums that lend themselves to observing their progression. A decent Wikipedia.
Hot Snakes - Plenty for All
I really don’t listen to enough contemporary music, and I feel old about it. This record, Audit in Progress, came out in 2004. In my opinion, one of the coolest punk records of the Oughts. Another thing that makes me feel older, saying ‘Oughts’. Southern California, let’s go, there’s room for us all.
T.S.O.L. - Soft Focus
I think punk mythology is cool. This band’s prior EP’s are a little more conventionally punk. Apparently they were real violent and would stage dive with spurs on their boots or something. They added a keyboard player and picked up a kind of goth rock vibe. Cool with me. I wasn’t there, I just like to nerd out about shit like that.
Circle Jerks – Back Against The Wall
This, Group Sex, is probably my favorite west coast 80’s hardcore LP. The footage of Circle Jerks in The Decline of Western Civilization has a really awesome performance of this song. Also, this song opens with a riff from the T.S.O.L. song I just listed. I feel like this song speaks to a theme of hardcore/punk/youth culture that still resonates.
The Clash - The Card Cheat
Mick Jones “going for it”. I can’t remember the first time I heard this album, but it’s my favorite ever.
Guided by Voices - Game of Pricks (Tigerbomb version)
A defunct band, Snowing, played this song at a defunCT band, My Heart To Joy’s, last show. This band, Guided by Voices, has a radically large catalogue and, according to Jay Carney, the current White House Press Secretary, they are “The greatest band of the modern era.” More here.
Moss Icon - I’m Back Sleeping, or Fucking, or Something
This song is real. Listening to this band makes me relatively uncomfortable in an exciting way. This band recently reunited, but nevermind all that and just let this song fuck you over.

O.V. Wright - A Nickel and A Nail

This southern-fried soul pioneer wrote and recorded some of the hardest hitting, funky and gut-wrenching soul music of his era. A true innovator O.V. went on to right songs covered by Otis Redding and Al Green. With one of the tightest recorded backing bands ever, this is an album that will introduce you to real soul music and leave you bitter that you’ll never sound this good.
Thelonious Monk – Monk’s Blues
This is a seriously thoughtful album from one of Jazz’s most innovative and inspiring writers and players. From start to finish it’s filled with songs of a band actually listening to each other and playing off the energy that this enigmatic band leader provides. No one really sounds like Monk. If you don’t know Jazz music - this is like diving into the deep end of the pool – with cement floaties on.
Little Roy – Battle For Seattle
Jamaican-Rooted, British Reggae staple Little Roy has made great roots albums for years, but in 2012 he set himself apart from following the trend of Reggae-Band-Covering-Rock-Classic trend by immersing himself in the Kurt Cobain songs via Nirvana. The band puts an a really refreshing spin on the punk-rock sound of the band and really let’s Kurt Cobain’s songwriting be heard without any other abrasive noise to compete with it. This is one of the better recorded reggae albums of the last 10 years.
John Coltrane – Live at the Village Vangaurd
We actually have the four cd box set of all the recordings from these shows. Musical virtuosity aside, these recordings are like a window into the practice room of five of the best players who ever lived. The core Coletrane quintet from that era (1962) features Elvin Jones on Drums, Jimmy Garrison on bass, McCoy Tyner on piano, and Coletrane himself on soprano and tenor sax. The quintet is joined by a number of guests, notably Eric Dolphy on alto sax and bass clarinet. We hear absurdly long improvisations from each member of the group in a variety of accompaniment settings, a 12 minute cut of Coletrane blowing over just bass and drums on “Chasin the Trane”, and “India” featuring sitar and tampura. Each player seems to be simply trying to play the unheard and the unknown. The unplayed. Coletrane can, in a moment, appear to be practicing scales (he is), then seem to be weeping into the horn. Sometimes he appears to simply not make any sense at all. All this beauty and confusion provides perfect foder for a long drive.

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Streetlight Manifesto, Hostage Calm Announce Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 22, 2012

Streetlight Manifesto, Hostage Calm, Lionize, and The Chicharones will be touring this fall. Check out the dates and support routing below by clicking “Read More.”

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Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster Announce Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 5, 2012

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster and Lionize will be touring together in January and February. Check out the dates below by clicking “Read More”.

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Larry And His Flask/Lionize Cancel Remaining Shows

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 18, 2011

Larry And His Flask and Lionize kicked off a fall co-headlining tour at the end of September, but the bands have now cancelled the remaining dates. You can read a message from Jesse Marshall of Larry And His Flask below by clicking “Read More”.

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PropertyOfZack Warped Blog : : Lionize (Update II)

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 4, 2011


From Henry Upton:

Oh, hi! It’s Lionize again. Today, we take you on a perilous journey.  An expedition that will take us from the slip n’ slide to that chick puking in her purse over there.  Criss-crossing all the grandeur that is the Warped Tour, come along with us as we set out to discover the mysterious merchandiser  in his natural habitat…..(Hands and feet inside the golf cart. No flash photography. No refunds.)

-The first thing one may notice is the merchandiser might seem unfriendly or aggressive. That’s because they are!  Ironically though, this is due to crippling loneliness.  FEEL FREE TO SPEAK TO THE MERCH PEOPLE. Typically, they are very nice. Atypically, they are 300 pound rodeo clowns.
- You will notice the concertgoers interacting with the wild merchandiser.  The merchandiser proudly displays his wares via tents and signs. This, along with yelling through a bullhorn, and powerful gesticulation is the hallmark of the merchandiser mating dance.  Not all will be receptive. The percentage of concert goers left unimpressed move on, sure to watch their backs for CDs “that just flew out of my hand.”
-Don’t be fooled, kids. Most merchandisers are NOT members of the band. Though, come to think of it, I’ve never seen them in the same room together….
- The merchandiser’s only and therefore favorite song? “Everyday I’m hustlin’’ by Rick Ross.
- The older, more seasoned merchandiser will have his tent facing east so as to avoid the harsh sun. Do NOT attempt to enter the shade of a merchandiser’s tent. They will defend themselves with vigor. And PVC pipe.

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PropertyOfZack Warped Blog : : Lionize

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 9, 2011


Lionize are one of the smaller bands on Warped Tour this year, but they’re definitely being talked about quite a bit, so we thought it’d be a great idea to have them do a Warped Blog for PropertyOfZack. We’ll be getting updates from the band every week, so check back and read up!

Now that we’ve had  a second  to breathe, let’s try and figure out what the hell just happened. Encapsulating the first week of the Vans Warped Tour is decidedly daunting given  the volume of bizarre, bemusing oddities  that  surrounded all of us.  So, here are 15 highlights, lessons learned, and the otherwise funky:
1.Water is valuable.  People will shank you for some around here.
2. Sleep is essential. Also,  improbable.
3. Why do so many people come dressed as animals?
4. Pelicans don’t walk. They stroll, baby.
5. Everyone is incredibly friendly. Just like summer camp, but with fewer visible erections.
6. All the bands are psyched to collaborate and spend a lot of time catching each others sets. The way  it’s supposed to be.
7. Do you have any socks?
8. People watching at Walmart is especially good at 3AM.
9. I should have brought a bike. Or a moped, or a scooter, or a skateboard,  or a rickshaw…
10. I also want a bocce ball set, a grill, some more chairs, a blender…
11. I was hope to avoid the obvious, but it’s been really, really hot….Enrique Iglesias hot.
12. Jesus,  Green Man, and some guy that looks like a deranged convict with a gasmask have all been  spotted at the Warped Tour.
13.Where’s the nearest bathroom?
14. The late night BBQs are incredibly clutch. The Aggrolites rocked the lot in San Antonio and everyone saw a small glimmer of the true nature of the universe. Or I was in the fetal positon under some old folded up tents. Whatevs.
15. Every band on the AP/ Tilly stage is as cool as a pelican’s walk.

   The Aggs get down and there is much imbibing.

PropertyOfZack Interview : : Lionize

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 17, 2011


PropertyOfZack is thrilled to finally be posting our new interview with Lionize. The band recently toured with Streetlight Manifesto and A Loss For Words and PropertyOfZack was lucky enough to talk to Nathan about the tour, their new record, Destruction Manual, and Warped Tour, among other things. Read up and enjoy!

For the record, could you state your name and role in Lionize?
Nathan, Guitar/Vocals.
The band recently finished up a tour with Streetlight Manifesto and A Loss For Words. How did those dates go and how did fans receive you?
The tour was one of the best tours we’ve ever done. The streetlight fans are really incredible. They have an energy like none else. They are young but very smart.
What was your set like on the show?
We change our set list every single night. Each member takes a turn writing a set list, and we tend to improvise something new every night. It keeps it from getting stale and I think that when it keeps you on your toes that translates to the crowd.  
You guys started the tour just days after your new album, Destruction Manual, was released. How has the reception been to the record so far?
The reception to the record has been really incredible. We never expected people to review the album so positively, so we’re really happy that people dig it. We are very proud of this one.
It was produced by J. Robbins. How did working with him come about and how was the experience?
J.Robbins has produced some of the best sounding records in the last few years.  Clutch’s Robot Hive Exodus and Strange Cousins from the West are a couple examples of how records should sound. Live, warm. They’re perfect recording quality and his ideas in production are fantastic. He’s really a song arranging genius. We asked him to do the record with us and he did. I think Jean Paul Gaster of Clutch put us in touch, we sent some demos and J. was all about. It was by far the easiest and most productive experience we’ve ever had in the studio.

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