PropertyOfZack Review : : Man Overboard

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 22, 2011


Man Overboard not only released one of the best pop-punk releases of 2010 with Real Talk but also moved up to the frontlines of their own trademarked “Defend Pop Punk” movement. After finishing a year of relentless touring, the band went into the studio with the producer of Real Talk, Jesse Cannon, to record a short 7”.
Zac Eisenstein has said that The Absolute Worst was intended to be more light-hearted than Real Talk but just because he stayed true to his word doesn’t mean that the two-track 7” is a throwaway. “The Absolute Worst” starts out with blistering guitars and welcomes Mike Hrycenko, the band’s new drummer, who shows in a matter of seconds how the line-up switch doesn’t affect the band whatsoever. Quick and simple, the 2:30 song ends before you know it but is filled with excellent riffs, hooks, and great vocals between Eisenstein and Nik Bruzzese.
“I Saw Behemoth And It Ruled” was originally released as an acoustic track on Man Overboard’s Noise From Upstairs, and the full-band version makes the acoustic all but forgettable. Perfect production from Cannon makes the overall sound of the song much more clear than on the acoustic version and the electric guitars, bass, and drums help Bruzzese and Eisenstein’s vocals flourish.
The Absolute Worst is a perfect way to welcome Man Overboard to the Rise Records family and showcase that the band will not be switching over to the label’s more dominant genres. Simple, fast, and catchy pop-punk is what Man Overboard does best.

*This review was composed by Zack Zarrillo and edited by Emily Coch