PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Maker (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 23, 2011


Maker is currently doing a short run of tour dates in support of their brand new release, Mirrors, which just came out on 6131 Records. Eric Soucy from the band has been kind enough to volunteer his time to keep us updated from the road with a brand new Road Blog. Enjoy!

From Eric Soucy:

Friday was our first day of tour and it started off with a lot of problems. Half of our merch wasn’t in, our van didn’t pass inspection, and we had a 6 hr drive to the kave in Bucksport, Maine. The drive was long but fun we listened to a bunch of bands, went through a box and a half of Dutch masters, and talked shit to each other the whole way. We almost ran out of gas pulling into Bucksport, which is a pretty nice town. The show was awesome as soon we pulled up and there was a bunch of cars and kids. There was a porcupine in a tree and Kathy gave us free pizza. The show was awesome The Tired and True killed it and kids were excited to see us. We then drove 4 hrs to Lowell, MA after the show. It was a long night.

We woke up in Lowell and just kicked it at our friends Pete and Liam’s apartment, and almost saw a motorcycle cop get taken out by a truck. We went to the show early to hang out with Such Gold only to find out they had to cancel the show because the Such Bus broke down in CT. The show had way to many bands on it. There were some awesome bands that played though The Tired and True, Storm The Bay, State Champs, and The Fake Boys all had awesome sets. Wish Hammer Bros played instead, but that’s just me. The show was fun. We went home to Springfield after the show.

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