PropertyOfZack Warped Blog : : The Sheds (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 3, 2011


The Sheds are ska-punk band from California whose members range from 15 to 19 and were even on No Sleep Records for a brief amount of time. The band is currently out on the first-third of the 2011 Warped Tour and we thought it would be great to have them do a Warped Blog for PropertyOfZack. Morgan Miller, the youngest in the band, will be keeping us updated from the road, so make sure to check back!

From Morgan Miller:

What’s up, it’s Morgan from The Sheds here! I’m currently sitting at our tent in Pomona, CA, listening to Attack Attack and trying not to mosh. I’ll try to recap our Warped Tour dates from the beginning as best I can!
6/24- Dallas, TX
Our first show on the Warped Tour  and one of the most grueling days I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. We started the morning by getting food from catering and eating at the tent while Chris, our TM, was too busy dropping canned water on his toes and losing toenails. During the day I ended up watching Less Than Jake (my all time favorite band) and The Wonder Years (some of our best friends). Both bands absolutely killed it as usual. We got a 7:45 timeslot and ended up playing at the same time as part of Against Me and A Day To Remember. Regardless of who we were playing at the same time as, we played pretty well and had tons of fun! After, we drove through the night towards our next date. 
6/25- Houston, TX
Our Houston date ended up being in a huge dirt field and ultimately the grossest day I’ve ever experienced. Early in the morning, we met up with our friend (and Wonder Years merch dude) Marc and set up our tents next to each other. The dust situation in Houston was absolutely unbearable. All of our merch and our tent ended up getting covered in dust. Our set time was at around 6:15 I think. There was a good amount of people watching and the set was a lot of fun until about halfway through when a thick paste of dust, sunscreen, and sweat started to form on my glasses and I couldn’t see a thing. A layer of dust and sweat ended up growing on my guitar as well, which sucked. Other than that, it was an alright day. We ended up driving through the night again to the next venue.
6/26- San Antonio, TX
Coming off of our dusty day in Houston, we were hoping for anything better from San Antonio. We set our tent next to The Wonder Years again and ended up taping a square on the ground in front of our tents as a designated “Pit Zone”. More of the Pit Zone can be seen in our first tour video (which can be found on our Facebook). Our singer, Mac, blew out his voice the night before, so we expected our set to be a little rough. Our time was in the afternoon at around 2:30 I think and ended up being our worst set so far. Mac’s voice was going out, I broke a string, and the set as a whole was just kind of off. The rest of the day made up for the set though! The night of San Antonio marked the first big BBQ of the tour, where two great friends of ours, Larry and His Flask and The Aggrolites played acoustic to basically the whole tour. We bailed pretty early because we had a 12 hour drive to Las Cruces, NM. We had two days to do it, but wanted to get it out of the way so we could relax and hang in NM. 
6/27- Off Day in Las Cruces, NM
We got our huge drive out of the way overnight and arrived in Las Cruces at around 10 AM. I ended up taking a long nap and eating a whole pizza right after waking up. So that was fun. The rest of the day was very low key and not much else happened.
6/28- Off Day/Bowling Tournament in Las Cruces, NM
This day was something we had all been waiting for because we’d get to bowl with some awesome friends and just hang out in general. Early on the day we drove to the Wonder Years’ bus and played a game of Ultimate Werewolf (a game way too complex for me to explain) with them and had tons of fun. After that, we headed into the bowling alley for the 4th annual TJ Martell Foundation Bowling Tournament! Inside, I ended up bowling with Kevin Lyman on a lane in between The Wonder Years and Less Than Jake (imagine how happy I was) and with another great friend we met on this tour, Moving Mountains’ merch dude, Mike. We bailed out at around 12:30 and went back to sleep before heading back to the daily, sweaty, grind. 
6/29- Las Cruces, NM
On the morning of the NM show, we set up our tent right in between Moving Mountains and The Wonder Years. The whole day was slow in general. A few kids came out specifically for us and were singing along, which made me the happiest dude ever. After Cruces, we had to leave super early in order to make our long 12 hour drive to Vegas for the next morning.

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