The Weeds (ex-Transit, Late Nite Wars) Stream Demo EP

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 1, 2012

The Weeds (ex-Transit, Late Nite Wars, Sleepsick) have released their first demo EP. The band has a set of dates planned for the East Coast coming soon as they continue to write and record for their debut full-length record. Stream the demo below by clicking “Read More.”

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Joe Lacy (ex-Transit) Starts New Band The Weeds 

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Joe Lacy (ex-Transit) Starts New Band The Weeds

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 19, 2012

Joe Lacy (Sleepsick, ex-Transit) has started a new band called The Weeds. Check out videos of the band performing four new songs below by clicking “Read More.”

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PropertyOfZack Exclusive : : Joe Lacy (ex-Transit) Joining Second To Last

by Zack Zarrillo - May 31, 2012


PropertyOfZack has learned that Joe Lacy (Sleepsick, ex-Transit) will be joining Second To Last halfway through the band’s summer tour. Lacy will be a permanent member of the band while continuing to work on Sleepsick. Second To Last will be writing and recording a new album following their summer tour as well with Lacy. Check out a few questions that had Lacy answer following the news and get excited for the future!

You’ve spent the past year or so working on Sleepsick, but you’re now joining Second To Last. How did that come up and was it a difficult decision to make?
Over the past month, me and Tyson from Second To Last have been talking about me touring with them. Originally I was going to play bass for them, but found out they were having similar difficulties that members of my band were having with their parents about being on the road and them worrying we weren’t going to have places to stay etc. One of my favorite parts of being on the road is meeting kids at the shows and talking about everything we have in common and then eventually making friendships whether its the promoter or local bands or just kids at the show and then end up staying with them and watching movies in their basements or partying or just getting a good nights rest. But I guess parents just don’t get that so Sleepsick will be playing shows on the Second To Last tour but probably just acoustic at first but hopefully I can teach Kris the songs on drums and Tyson on bass and jam the songs full band with them. It was only difficult for me till I found a way to work Sleepsick into it as well because that’s my true passion and I write everything but with Second To Last that’s also what they need but to write the songs with Kris and help with the vocals.

What does this mean for Sleepsick? Will you be putting the project to rest, or could you collaborate with Second To Last in terms of splits in the future?
Second To Last plan on doing a split at the end of tour with Sleepsick, kind of like a tour split for a tour we have to come. But you can expect Sleepsick on every Second To Last tour. I have over twelve songs written for a Sleepsick full length, and actually have a new project with my girlfriend called The Weeds with influence from Grown Ups, Balance & Composure and Tegan and Sara. We have about seven songs written for that and I have two songs and tons of riffs already for Second To Last. I’m always writing so this will not affect any of my other projects, if anything it will only help promote The Slug, The Weeds, Sleepsick, and

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Sleepsick (ex-Transit) Release Another New Demo

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 30, 2012

Sleepsick (ft. Joseph Lacy, ex-Transit) have released a demo of a new song called “Don’t Talk.” The band is planning to release an EP via Man Overboard’s Lost Tape Collective sometime soon. Stream the demo below by clicking “Read More.”

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Sleepsick (ex-Transit) Release New Demo

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 24, 2012

Sleepsick (ft. Joseph Lacy, ex-Transit) have released a demo of a new song called “Attention.” The band is planning to release an EP via Man Overboard’s Lost Tape Collective sometime soon. Stream the demo below by clicking “Read More.”

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Sleepsick To Release Debut Via Lost Tape Collective

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 3, 2011

Sleepsick (Joe Lacy of Transit’s new project) has announced that they will be releasing their debut record via Lost Tape Collective, a label run by Justin Collier of Man Overboard. It looks like Lacy will be recording the debut with Nik Bruzzese of Man Overboard at Small Hill Studio as well. Read an update from Sleepsick below by clicking “Read More”.

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New Song: ”Nineteen (Acoustic)” // Sleepsick

New Song: ”Attention (Acoustic)” // Sleepsick

New Song: ”Drag Me Home (Acoustic)” // Sleepsick

PropertyOfZack Interview : : Joe Lacy (Sleepsick, ex-Transit)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 2, 2011


PropertyOfZack had the chance to catch up with Joe Lacy just a few weeks ago, and the interview turned out great. For those who don’t know, Joe used to be a member of Transit and recently left the band and will be continuing on with his new project called Sleepsick. Joe and I discussed the differences between Transit and Sleepsick, the band’s plans for releasing new music and touring, and much more. Read up and enjoy!

The information regarding your departure from Transit was found out about a month or so ago. Was the decision made long before that?
I honestly can’t really say right now, but from what I know, it was just something that needed to happen and there were differences between me and other members of the band. That’s all I really want to say about that, to be honest.

You started Sleepsick, but was that created while you were in Transit, or after you left?
The original idea for Sleepsick was to have it be a side-project from Transit with me and my buddies. My friend Mike in Chicago knew I had a few songs already so he told me he wanted to record one of my songs, but I had no lyrics on me, and I had forgotten some of the lyrics, and he came up to me and told me he wanted to know if I wanted to do it. I didn’t have the lyrics on me, but I got a notebook and a pen and rewrote the lyrics and Sleepsick was the name I was thinking of for a long time and I decided to name it Sleepsick right there. It was kind of like an impulse. I wanted to name my band Sleepsick and record a song and put it online. The net day I watched the video and I was singing out of key, but I just wanted to do a video and I was only there for one night. I did the best I could with him, but that’s where the name came from.

How has the writing been different from when you wrote with Transit?
When we were writing with Transit before it would usually be Tim that had a set song that he had written on his own and he’d show it to me and Daniel and we’d translate it to each other. I’d write my parts over it and then Tim would add his parts and there would be parts he wanted me to play and I would make them my own. We’d show it to PJ on bass and then Joe B would have lyrics and he’d see if they’d work or not depending on how the song was. Joe was very picky about the lyrics. Recently I’ve been writing a lot on guitar and I had like three notebooks filled with songs that I’ve written over the past and I tore them apart and used lines that I liked and made songs through that. I used my favorite parts of these songs and I put them onto paper and went from there. The thing with Transit is that I never had the option to pick what the song titles were going to be. The only thing that we ever had to do with that was picking the CD name. Sometimes he would have a song title and would pick, but now I feel free to just write the way I want to. I’m going to mention smoking weed, and cigarettes, and drinking and I’m going to talk about hating people. There’s a lot of stuff in my life; I lost my dad when I was eight years old and I’ve been coping with it from then until I was fourteen. In middle school and going into high school I got over it. I dealt with that a lot when I was younger; he killed himself in my house and it was a traumatic event in my life and that’s always been my reason for playing music and expressing myself. With Sleepsick I put anything I want down on paper and name the songs anything I want and I can make the shirt designs and whatever. I always had so many ideas with Transit that got shot down because they’d be controversial and we weren’t a controversial band. I want Sleepsick to be something that is going to be not Odd Future crazy, but for emo music, I was Sleepsick to be the Odd Future of emo. I like how they’re doing what they want.

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