PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Thieves And Villains (Final Days)

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 2, 2010


It saddens me to say that Thieves And Villains have finished up their current tour with Just Surrender so their Road Blog has to end as well. PropertyOfZack could not be more honored to have hosted the band in our new features; they did a great job! The last update from the band is below, so be sure to enjoy it!

From Thieves And Villains:

Day Fifteen - October 29 - Bronx NY @ The Point
We woke up in Jersey around noonish, quickly scarfed down some food at a local Quick Check (mmm) and were off to the BX for load in! While the weather yesterday was quite pleasant, it was back to the freezing cold temperatures we’ve been used to (whew). While loading in, we all quickly realized something….the entire area surrounding the venue seemed to be covered in dog sh*t hahah. This made for a bit of a more skillful load in and once that was done we took a trip over to a local liquor store with our good friends Abir & Topher. A bottle of Jameson and 36 Coors Lights were purchased….plus the Just Surrender guys somehow came across Kazoo’s. This led to a pretty intense freestyle session with one talented Bronx MC, Sergio on the beatbox, and our friend Jackie on freestyle jazz kazoo…it was hot. With The Punches killed it as always and we had quite a fun set as well, yet Joe’s drum rug kept moving which led for some sliding drums (probably his least favorite thing). Either way, all was well and a good time was had. We saw a raccoon outside and had a really good discussion about the best items on the growing cheaper by the day Taco Bell menu…how could it have NOT been a good time? Hamden CT tomorrow…where dreams are made.

Day Sixteen - October 30 - Hamden CT @ The Space
We stayed in NY the previous night, so we didn’t have too long of a drive over to CT this morning. That allowed us enough time to pick up some donuts for everyone on the tour (aw we’re like moms!) and after that we were on our way. The drive was really scenic and the fall colors looked so damn good. It was a really peaceful ride until we came across what looked to be a bad motorcycle accident…bummer, but such is life on the road. And it seems we weren’t the only ones to encounter some trouble that day, as the Just Surrender guys got caught in a bit of a fender bender on the way there. Thankfully they were all alright and their vehicle didn’t really suffer any damage. After loading in, some of us took a trip over to a Guitar Center because Joe needed to trade in a cymbal. Big thanks to the staff at this particular GC for really hooking Joe up and treating him like Tommy Lee when he walked in haha. After that little excursion, we all just hung out and had some drinks with the JS/WTP and two crazy hoes that were dressed up like devils. Everyone had really great sets and the crowd was beyond cool. While onstage Sergio may have admitted a little bit too much about his schooldays with Snooki, but no one seemed to mind. Load out seemed to happen super quickly this night and before we knew it we were off to a house party in CT to hang and spend the night. After a quick stop for some always delicious Taco Bell, Chris P (guitar) and Joe were destroying bros in beer pong before they knew what hit em. Sergio and Chris C passed out upon arriving at the party but Joe and Chris P were up most of the night til they realized they weren’t wearing enough American Eagle or Ed Hardy to get any of the girls at this party. Eventually, they passed out as well and got in their nice 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Last day of the tour tomorrow in Cambridge MA at The Middle East…..lets see if this scrappy group of underdogs can finally take home the championship.

Day Seventeen - October 31 - Cambridge MA @ The Middle East
So due to it being Halloween, todays show is being held early…..real early. Like, doors at 1pm early. And this meant that we were up and on the road by 9am in order to make our 11 o clockish load in. I can’t really say that we remember much of this drive because god were we all sleep deprived. After crunching our morning numbers (a daily and nightly routine…because after all this is a business mann) and taking care of some other tasks on the drive, we arrived at The Middle East. The show was already pre-sold out and when we arrived at the venue it was quite a sight to see everyone standing in line in their halloween costumes. After a REALLY hectic load in with one of the bitchiest venue women we’ve ever ever encountered, we all just hung around and checked out the local openers/halloween costumes. Sergio debated pouring a PBR on the girl dressed as Ke$ha (cause that would have been the cherry on top) and we all really enjoyed one girls Little Mermaid costume (she REALLY looked like Ariel). With The Punches killed it..duh…and I have to say we had maybe our funnest set of the tour. BIG APOLOGIES TO THE GIRL THAT GOT HIT WITH SERGIO’S GUITAR BTW…nuff said. After that we all scampered off to prepare for our Halloween prank on Just Surrender (who were all dressed up as greasers btw). It was their merch guy Brodie’s birthday (so they say), so they called him up onstage to say a few words. Once onstage, Brodie welcomed us up and we proceeded to ICE every member of Just Surrender. Incase you’re not familiar with the ancient art of icing, it’s what happens when one BRO presents another BRO with a Smirnoff Ice. Once “ICED” said bro must then get down on one knee and chug the entire disgusting beverage….youtube it. Anyways, it was pretty classic to see their entire band, already drunk and dressed like The Outsiders, down on one knee chugging this horrifically crappy drink. They killed it as always and the night was just really fun overall. The insanely bitchy woman at the venue spent our entire load out screaming and yelling about us bringing Smirnoff’s in but WHO THE FUCK CARES. After some tearful goodbyes and much hugging we all parted ways. We’ll be doing some holiday shows in December with Just Surrender and I’m sure we’ll be seeing With The Punches soon so all was well. We came, we drank, we blazed, we rocked, we CONQUERED. Glad to have you all along for this one…til next time…you stay classy San Diego.

PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Thieves And Villains (Days Thirteen-Fourteen)

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 30, 2010


From Thieves And Villains

Day Thirteen - October 27 - Freehold NJ @ Freehold VFW
After spending the past two off days home in NY writing like crazy and handling passport wackiness we were off to Freehold NJ by 1pm. Upon stepping outside we realized that we must be in the midst of an Indian Summer because it was legitimetly hot as hell out. To celebrate this burst of warm weather, we threw on one of our fave 2010 summer albums, Wavves’ “King of The Beach” and headed to the venue in good spirits. Thankfully, by the time we arrived for load in the weather decided to flip the script and become nice and rainy (whoo!). After getting quite soaked we all headed in different directions til our set. Some of us worked on songs and some of us drank like fish with the Just Surrender guys…aka the usual! We decided that “Four Loko” would be the official sponsor of our set that night and had quite a good discussion about the soon-to-be illegal beverage onstage. The set was a lot of fun as usual and everyone seemed to have a great time. Afterwards we just kinda hung around and BSed with the Just Surrender/With The Punches guys until we left for Brooklyn. We had a 9am meeting with our manager there the next morning and we knew waking up was NOT gonna be easy so we figured itd be best to head there that night. After food stops at both Wawa AND McDonalds we were filled with goodness and on our way. We got into the city at a really early 12:30am and crashed at our good friend Jayme Gonz’s apartment. Sergio and Joe put on the 50 Cent classic “Get Rich or Die Trying” in order to remind us why we’re here and everyone eventually drifted to sleep. Angels & Kings in Manhattan tomorrow….we will make you our own.

Day Fourteen - October 28 - New York NY @ Angels & Kings
We woke around 7ish to get ourselves together for a 9am breakfast meeting with our manager, RJ, and man were we out of it. After dragging ourselves a few blocks down the street to Brookyln Label (amazing food btw) we chowed down and handled some bu$iness. After that we headed over to RJ’s office and chilled for a bit before he had to catch a flight to Florida. From there we drove over to Manhattan, parked (got some tickets of course), and headed off on foot to find a Staples. Every Thursday we fax in our tour soundscans to our label, so that was the point of this little mission. Thankfully our labels fax machine was extra busy so it took a good half hour to finally get it to them. After that we headed over to 48th street to visit the music shops and do a little shopping. All of this walking around killed time until load in at Angels & Kings. The whole tour was playing acoustic and thus loading in was quite a breeze. Since the show was at bar and no one really had much responsibility, it quickly turned into one huge party. There were drinks everywhere and a lot of interesting people to boot. We hung out with one especially cool ex gang member from the 70’s and smoked J’s with him outside while he told us stories about NYC in the old days. Everyone cleared out of there around 3am for some food and god knows where they all ended up. We headed to crash in Jersey and brought Jessie and Cam from With The Punches along. Bronx NY tomorrow…can’t fu*k with the BX.

PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Thieves And Villains (Days Ten-Twelve)

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 28, 2010

From Thieves And Villains: 

Day Ten - October 24th - South Hackensack NJ @ School of Rock
We all woke up at 10am and were just about to head out the door when Joe (drums) remembered that he’s a pretty boy and needed a shower. After making us wait an extra 20 minutes we were off on our way to Jersey. We arrived at the venue for load in at 2:30pm sharp to find a very tired Anthony LaSala (promoter of the show) setting up and expressing how much he wanted to stay in bed that day haha. After the normal load in/merch setup/soundcheck we all went our various ways to make some phonecalls and whatnot. Sergio met up with Zack from this very website (oh boy!) and did a quick interview. After that, people began showing up around 5/6pm and we realized that Just Surrender has a lot of friends in this area when more and more of them arrived with alcohol and intentions to hang. This night was kind of a blur for all parties involved but some key moments were: Joe getting put inside a trashcan - Our entire merch setup being hidden on us thanks to one large prankster - Sergio getting tackled by a girl - Our crazy drunken set - andddd sergio cursing off NJ for being so jaded while onstage….it was fun. Also, someone brought us brownies….sadly there was nothing “extra to em” but you can’t win all the time, now can you? God, this night was a shit show hahah…the next 2 days are off but this circus continues on Wed in Freehold NJ.

10/25 and 10/26 - OFF DAYS (we spent these working on new music and getting new passports…fun huh?)

PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Thieves And Villains (Day Nine)

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 24, 2010


From Thieves And Villains: 

Day Nine - October 23 - Binghamton NY @ American Legion 1254
Everyone (ESPECIALLY our drummer Joe) woke up in an absolute confused stupor this morning thanks to Just Surrender and their super livers. We were off and headed for Binghamton NY by 11am after picking up Sergio from our friends apartment. He came back bearing gifts of Cliff Bars and Trail Mix so the day started on a pretty good note. We arrived at the venue for load in at around 3:30pm and did our usual routine of carrying/rolling in really heavy stuff and setting up merch. After that we all pretty much hung around and checked out some of the local openers. One of the bands, White Picket Fence, was extraaa awesome and you should check em out if you can. We went on before With The Punches tonight and had a super intense/sweaty set with a bunch of kids singing along….a LOT of fun. Both WTP and Just Surrender also went on to kill it, but the best part of the night was the girl fight that errupted in the middle of the floor a little after we played (YES). Once the show was over, everyone kinda hung around and continued mocking the hell out of Just Surrender’s merch guy Brodie for being one of the worlds most sleavy womanizers (a fave pastime of the tour) while loading out. After that, we went to Denny’s with the With The Punches guys and their awesome friend Terrance who we were crashing with that night. After filling up on grease and having a lengthy discussion about the Australian Cane Frog we went back to his apartment. And oh look, it just happened to be 4:20 for some of us when we arrived! (wink,wink). After that slight trip to cloud nine we caught up on last weeks episode of “Eastbound and Down” and attempted to sleep over Sergio’s freight train like snoring. NJ tomorrow….keep us in your prayers.

PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Thieves And Villains (Days Five-Eight)

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 23, 2010


From Thieves And Villains: 

10/19 - 10/20 - OFF DAYS

Day 7 - October 21 - Patchogue LI @ Club Karma
So we spent the past two off days back home in NY working on various tasks and trying to heal our weaking immune systems (damn cold weather!). We left for the show at 11am and had a typical traffic filled drive to long island. We arrived right on time at 3pm sharp for load in (along with With The Punches) and took care of that pretty quickly. We spent the time before doors changing guitar strings, eating some catering, and listening to sergio complain about how sick he is and how much his throat hurts. The Just Surrender guys arrived a bit late due to having to turn around after their drummer Steve forgot his phone at home. When they showed up, they were somehow all already hammered drunk….I dunno how they do it, but god its awesome.
We ended up hangin with everyone and our good friend Jess Cross til we went on around 8:30. The set went over great and kids were into it but we def felt a lack of energy due to Sergio’s sickness…oh well, at least he wasn’t so drunk that he could barely stand like Jay from Just Surrender haha. They played a great haggard set after us and we all hung around while merch was bought, hugs were given, and pics were taken. Then as we were starting to load out, the club began to fill with insanely hot girls decked out in slutty halloween costumes….YES. Turns out they were having a costume party after the show  til the wee hours of the morning. We chatted it up with some hunnies and then made our way to spend the night at our drummer Joe’s place in NJ. After eating and watching some “Man vs Food,” we all passed out. Vineland NJ….we shall rock you tomorrow.

Day Eight - October 22 - Vineland NJ @ Hangar 84
So after what should have been an amazing sleep, we were all abruptly woken up by the sounds of Joe’s two screaming pet birds at around 10am (why anyone would want mean birds that yell as a pet is beyond me, but to each his own). We gathered our stuff, shook off some nyquil comas, and were on our way to Hangar 84 in Vineland NJ for our 3pm load in. With The Punches weren’t on this date, but filling in for them was an amazing hardcore/punk band from upstate NY called Such Gold (who we’re also friends with) so we were stoked. Once all the bands arrived and loaded in we all retreated to different forms of entertainment. For Chris C (bass), that meant sitting online in the green room and for the rest of the tour (minus sergio who’s still sick and spent a few hours sleeping) that meant hangin in the Just Surrender van and drinking ungodly amounts of alcohol. A bunch of the tours mutual friends from the Philly area came to hang too, so the day really had a party vibe. In addition to these friends, our beloved old tour manager “NJ Kyle” also decided to hop on the tour for a few days….and he only adds to the craziness. Everyone had great sets that night (Such Gold KILLED it) and before we knew it, we were all headed back to party at a friends in Philly. The usual craziness ensued while Sergio and NJ Kyle took a cab over to a nearby friends so they could chill and get some peace and quiet. Everyone else ended up partying til about 7am…….you know how that goes…..Binghamton NY tomorrow homies…hangovers for everyone.

PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Thieves And Villains (Days Three+Four)

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 21, 2010

From Thieves And Villains: 

Day Three - October 17 - Albany NY @ Bogies
After last nights craziness everyone was pretty out of it as we all slowly woke up around 10am. This was only made worse when Chris C (bass) burst into the apartment to let us know that our van and trailer had gone missing. We had been told to park in a nearby YMCA lot and apparently that wasn’t a good idea as we got towed sometime that morning (as we’d later find out). After an initial freakout of thinking the van was stolen and about an hour of playing phone tag with the Portland Police Dept we were back on the road, albeit $210 shorter. We had a 5 hour drive to Albany NY for the nights show and everyone was looking forward to continuing on with the JS/WTP guys. Upon arriving at the venue, we loaded in and everyone went their seperate ways before doors. A few of us and the Just Surrender/WTP guys grabbed pizza and went to a nearby bar to watch some football while Sergio hung back to do a little writing (3 new song ideas in 30 min…not bad!) and Chris C napped. The show was awesome as usual…tons of kids singing along and having a blast. When all was said and done we loaded out, said our goodbyes, and headed back downstate for our show in Purchase NY the next day. 

Day Four - October 18 - Purchase NY @ SUNY Purchase
Ahhh good ol Monday! We spent the morning running around taking care of some various business tasks, had a productive conference call about heading overseas this Spring, and of course passed Marlboro NY’s finest, Snooki, on the way downstate. The show was being held at this cool graffiti covered/vintage arcade game filled room on SUNY Purchase’s campus known as The Stood. We arrived around 5pm and after loading in we set off looking for some food. We eventually made our way to something known as “The Hub.” Apparently its where college kids eat…I dunno. Anyways, Just Surrender couldn’t make this date so it was on us to headline and after great sets by With The Punches and State Champs, it was our time to try and make some heads explode. The crowd was really into it and were especially feeling Sergio’s stories of drunkenly partying on their campus and squatting in a nearby apt/dopehouse back in 2007. By the end of the first song his guitar was on its way to being completely covered in blood due to a cut finger. It fit the vibe of this show though…really scrappy and energetic. Hilariously enough, a few of us actually got accepted to SUNY Purchase when we were applying to colleges some years back, so we had plenty to talk about with the crowd. After our set we hung with some of the students, admired the lovely ladies on campus, and headed back upstate for a couple off days. Tour continues on Thursday in Patchogue NY and our goal is try and not catch colds by then…fingers crossed.

POZ Gallery

Oct 17, 2010

PropertyOfZack Road Blog (Photos) : : Thieves And Villains (Days One+Two)
Check out the visual journey of Thieves And Villains on their current tour with the pictures above as a joining part of the PropertyOfZack Road Blog feature. PropertyOfZack Road Blog (Photos) : : Thieves And Villains (Days One+Two)
Check out the visual journey of Thieves And Villains on their current tour with the pictures above as a joining part of the PropertyOfZack Road Blog feature. PropertyOfZack Road Blog (Photos) : : Thieves And Villains (Days One+Two)
Check out the visual journey of Thieves And Villains on their current tour with the pictures above as a joining part of the PropertyOfZack Road Blog feature. PropertyOfZack Road Blog (Photos) : : Thieves And Villains (Days One+Two)
Check out the visual journey of Thieves And Villains on their current tour with the pictures above as a joining part of the PropertyOfZack Road Blog feature.

PropertyOfZack Road Blog (Photos) : : Thieves And Villains (Days One+Two)

Check out the visual journey of Thieves And Villains on their current tour with the pictures above as a joining part of the PropertyOfZack Road Blog feature.

PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Thieves And Villains (Days One+Two)

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 17, 2010


Welcome Thieves And Villains to PropertyOfZack Road Blogs! The guys kindly accepted the offer and have begun updating us all from the road with talks about their shows, road stories, and even photos. Check out the first update below!

From Thieves And Villains: 

Day One - Oct 15 - Providence RI @ Club Ruins
So we headed out to Providence RI from our beloved homes in NY at around 12pm to start the first day of this tour with Just Surrender and With The Punches. Everyone’s been stoked on this run since we’re all from the Hudson Valley region of NY, but no one was expecting it to feel like Antarctica once we arrived at the venue. After a freezing cold afternoon load in/soundcheck everyone went off to take care of some “first day of tour” duties like merch inventory, gear repairs, etc until doors. A couple really cool locals opened the show then With The Punches went on to perform an acoustic set (they had a drummer leave right before this tour) that went over great. We were up next and tried out a bit of a different set than normal. Everyone was really into it and it was great to see our draw increase since the first time we played RI in June. After that, Just Surrender went on to kill it and the crowd was beyond stoked for em. After selling some more merch, signing cd’s, etc it was time to load out. Due to the cold, I’d say we got all of our stuff out of there in 10 minutes flat and headed over to spend the night at our good friend Jeff’s apt which was only a few blocks from the venue. We all settled in, watched some “Air Force One,” and called it a night.

Day Two - October 16 - Portland ME @ Deering Grange
We woke up at 12am today, quickly got our stuff together, and scooted off to Portland ME after a very long serious of hugs and tearful goodbyes with Jeff. The drive was 4 hours but it literally went by in what seemed like a second…thankfully. Today we had an off day on our tour with Just Surrender so we were able to hop on a show here in Maine with our good friends and labelmates The Scenic. We just got off the road with them a week or so ago so it was great to hang. The show went awesome and the cold weather streak continued. We thought Fall would take it easy on us but its already feeling like winter out here! After the show we went back to our good friend Jodi’s apartment for a little party/get together and proceeded to take over the beer pong table. Several drunken hours later everyone passed out and all was well. Little did we know the surprise we’d wake up to…