PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : The Story So Far (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 1, 2011


The Story So Far are on the verge of making a major dent into the pop-punk scene this year with their new album, Under Soil And Dirt, and it’s because of that that we couldn’t be more glad to welcome the band as the newest member of our Road Blog feature. The Story So Far currently out on tour with I Call Fives and We Are The Union, but Will Levy has caught us up from the week or so predating the tour. Read up, enjoy, and check back for more!

From Will Levy:

Yo, so I lost my notebook about 2 days into tour, typical, so this is all off of memory, cool. We drove up from Martinez, California to Eugene, Oregon in about 12 hours, Morgan drove straight through the night while everyone else slept. Got to Eugene at 6am, tight. We skated for a few hours, got Voodoo Donuts, skated some more, and slept in the van. We got to the venue and loaded in and waited to for Second To Last to show up, typical. Played our set, which was cut short, but the headlining band found a house to play at, giving it was their last show. We went and watched Actions kill it! We partied with the band afterwards and slept on the floor, fun first night.

More Voodoo Donuts for breakfast and then all 11 of us headed north for Camas, Washington. We stopped to get Blind Onion pizza, courtesy of our homegirl Olivia. We found some more skate parks and found a circle of rocks. Logan climbed a tree and got up to about 10 or 12 feet and fell down and broke his foot. What a big idiot. The dudes got him to hospital and we met them at the venue. Great show, huge venue and stage so we all had plenty of room to dance on stage.

We stayed in the smallest room possible and Tyson got busy. We all woke up early and went to Portland for the Saturday Market. We all ventured off for a few hours and got a free box of Voodoo Donuts, can’t get enough of them. We all grabbed some lunch and headed to Centralia for the Dilla Factory.

The Dilla Factory was one of the best shows we’ve ever played in Washington. They had a mini arcade so we all got down on shooting some aliens. Area-51 what up. We stayed in Lacy, WA with our boy Lawton and he had the best house of tour, tons of floor space, a couch, munchies, and a very very clean shower. Us boys were happy.

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