PropertyOfZack Behind The Booth : : Transit

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 15, 2011


Today PropertyOfZack is extremely excited to be bringing you the fifth episode in Transit’s Listen & Forgive studio sessions. In the video you’ll see the band in the studio, playing a show, and having some fun while preparing for the release of their new album, which hits stores on October 4th via Rise Records. Check out the video below by clicking “Read More”!

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PropertyOfZack Behind The Booth : : Transit

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 21, 2011


Transit have always been fantastic friends to us here at PropertyOfZack, and to kickoff having the band as Artist Of The Week to celebrate their new release, Something Left Behind, Joe B was kind enough to write-up a little something for us. Joe detailed the differences in his life and the writing process while writing Something Left Behind compared to Keep This To Yourself as well as the pressure the band felt heading into the process of recording the new mini-LP. Read up, enjoy it, and don’t forget to buy Something Left Behind tomorrow!

Hey to all those reading this at PropertyOfZack,
With the release of our new EP Something Left Behind less then a week a way, we are all beyond excited for all you to hear this collection of material, both old and new, mostly because the experience of writing and recording these songs was leaps and bounds different then anything else we’ve done before. Coming up on what will be our sixth release (insane I know), I’ve found every recording experience different, but this was really something that allowed us to step outside of the box and do something we’ve always dreamed of doing with these songs.

I was asked by Zack initially to write a little bit of a back-story for all the songs that would be coming out on this EP, but I had to politely decline. This isn’t because I am a lazy ass or because I am in any way offended by the idea, but it is because I really try my best to stick with the idea that whatever people feel a song is about is what they should keep in their heart, not what they are told a song is about. Occasionally I’ll give a brief sentence every now and then live about a song, but I try to leave it at that.

Writing these songs was a completely different experience for me though. This is because so much has changed since the release of Keep This To Yourself—not only in my life but as a band on the whole. I went from being a kid that called a vacation a weekend in New Hampshire with some friends swimming and eating hamburgers and hot dogs to seeing the entire country top to bottom a few times and going to Europe. It has all happened so fast it’s amazing, and every minute of my life I appreciate all of it, knowing there are thousands upon thousands of people who’d love to do the same thing. I truly have been fortunate.

While writing Keep This To Yourself something really clicked in me: I had been writing music at that point for I believe… about three years… and when I listened to everything I always felt that I had been honest but never really let people in. I think as a band we felt a lot of pressure going into that LP, coming off a lot of press which had praised us and given us all sorts of different flattering labels, that at points honestly scared me, and I only hoped that I could live up to half of it.

When writing the lyrics for KTTY my mindset was always: give myself, be honest, and if people turn their backs on it, at least I would know it wasn’t because I hadn’t given it my all. It’s strange, but my mindset was that the more personal I made this, the less personally I would take the criticisms.

Something Left Behind was different though. Writing with new scenery, leaving our old label, and especially after writing something I was as proud of as KTTY, I really had to stop myself and think of where I was, where I was going, and what I had lost and gained over the last year of my life.

Most of the people who are reading this (thank you to all that actually made it through my banter and babble by the way) have not heard the album yet. I only hope you will be able to enjoy listening to this material as much as we enjoyed writing it and recording it.

To all our new listeners and friends we’ve made through this last crazy year, thank you for joining us and welcome. To the old friends who’ve been with us since we were five awkward kids terrified, playing half our sets looking at the ground, and especially to those who are reading this right now: No matter where we go, straight up or straight down.
We wont ever let you be, something left behind.

Joe B.