PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : We Still Dream (Update II)

by Zack Zarrillo - May 6, 2012


From Dustin Monk:

April 16th Day 4— I awakened from my humble abode on the floor (sleeping bag on a rug), did my usual brushing of the teeth/deodorant and we departed from Greenville South Carolina. Due to Mike Davis using the wonders of Google Maps we found a beach on a lake and we were able to feel like we were back in Florida for a little while (which was nice other than me swimming entirely too far out and feeling like death by the time I finally made it back to shore). We ended up getting about 30-45 minutes in and everything was going good until a Morgan Freeman doppleganger ruined it and made us leave. From there we took the party to a sweet little place called Cookout. Most had never eaten there before but we found out quick what all the talk was about. We finished our plates, climbed back into Van Hellfire and started the drive towards “Cody’s House” in Hamptonville North Carolina. Ended up getting there a little early so we killed time by playing trips or as Monahan calls it, “Tracy.” Speaking of Monahan he cleaned up shop and became about ten dollars richer. After a while of hanging out with everyone we all loaded in and played the show down in the basement. Had a good time, and even got my pillow back I had left there on a tour we did earlier this year. We ended up hitting Cookout yet again after the show, and then searched for the nearest Wal-Mart parking lot to rest our heads. Some of the guys from our band and City Lights stayed up late to play some game called Buggyball (which basically follows the same rules as Cornhole but with shopping carts and a football). I ended up calling it a night early due to vocal death. 

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PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : We Still Dream (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 22, 2012


From Mike Davis:

For the next 2 weeks we are going to be on tour with a band from Ohio called City Lights. This tour almost feels like a new beginning. We are unsigned, playing new songs that we just left the studio recording, and we even have a new bass player to really change things up.  The last few days we have been having a blast meeting City Lights and hanging out. As we travel up and down the east coast I (Mike D) and Dustin will be keeping a tour diary and posting it every few days on here. Hope you enjoy.

Before tour craziness.
I woke up on the 12th of April in a hotel room in Orlando Florida. A friend and I had followed 2 days of the Glamour Kills tour and stayed there after driving most of the night from South Florida. The 2 GK shows were awesome but I was excited to get on the road and play some shows of our own. 

After returning to Jacksonville and picking up Dustin and Mike W. we drove to St. Augustine to practice and teach our fill in bass player (Stephan) the songs. We spent pretty much the rest of the day practicing, grilling out, and getting some rest before the start of the tour. 

Day 1
First thing in the morning Mike M. and I drove to Jacksonville to pick up some new tank tops and a reprint of an old design. After picking the merch up we headed back to St Aug., loaded the van, filled it with gas, and started the 6 hour drive to South Florida. 

We showed up at the Talent Farm a little bit late but just in time to load in and start watching the opening acts. The people that run the talent farm are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They ended up buying us 8 pizzas and for the next few hours we ate, played, and introduced ourselves to City Lights. At the end of the show Sean from City Lights and I discovered a common interest… shooting dice. 

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