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by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 6, 2012


Cheap Girls have been busy touring in support of Giant Orange with The Sidekicks and The Menzingers. The band will be checking in to PropertyOfZack every week with a new Road Blog to keep fans updated. Check out the first update below and come back for more each week!

From Ian Graham: 

We, Cheap Girls, have been out doing shows around the U.S. for around a month now. We began this trip in Cleveland on March 1st where we met up with the Sidekicks. We were fortunate enough to start this trip off playing a handful of our favorite and most comfortable cities: Cleveland, Buffalo, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia etc. This is a reasonably long tour and the first one we’re doing for our new record “Giant Orange.” Whenever going out for such a lengthy period, it’s always a benefit to start in comfortable areas, surrounded by friends, keep the drinking on a semi-light level, and so on. It’s also good to have friends around, so for the fifth time we had our friend, Trevor, from Wales (now London), come along for a couple weeks to keep the conversation healthy. 

So anyway, we did the East Coast, some of the south, headed down to Austin for SXSW, and then back up to the Midwestern parts. We met up with the Menzingers in Chicago for a show at the Beat Kitchen. We were fortunate enough to spend the first three-and-a-half weeks with some of our friends in the Sidekicks but to add another group of people we’ve been close with for years adds another level. So, we were rolling 14-deep post-Chicago and headed onwards to the Triple Rock in Minneapolis, a city that we’ve grown incredibly fond of over the last couple years. The Triple Rock, specifically, has a pretty large place in our hearts because we’re able to spend the evening eating one of the better meals of a tour, drinking everything in the place and doing it all with some of our favorite people. Again, another thing that’s heightened by being on a tour with such good buddies. This night ended with a lot of us (joined by Patrick Costello) singing karaoke in the front of the bar. I believe we did a fairly ambitious version of “The Weight” by the Band/Staple Singers with each person imitating their favorite accents of the Last Waltz. This was all followed by the roughest morning in recent memory. Fortunately we had the following day off and headed onward to Omaha to watch the Menzingers play at a cool space (we had played Omaha and Lincoln days prior to our triumphant meet-up). 

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