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The Weekender: Breakups, Reunions, Separations, And Sadness

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 6, 2014

Welcome to PropertyOfZack: Weekender edition. Every weekend, we bring you some of biggest and most interesting pieces of the past week from our own content to stories or breaking news. If you’ve had a busy week and want to catch up with some light reading, we hope this is for you.

March Sadness 2014: No One Wins, Everyone Loses

Sometimes, a few sad assholes ruin all the fun for everyone else. 

There is no winner of March Sadness 2014.

So long, emos. Until next year. 

The Dangerous Summer Break Up

It’s hard for most people to show compassion for The Dangerous Summer, and that’s understandable. At what point in the last two plus years has the band made it easier for you to love them instead of hate them? There are few bands whose actions, individually or as a unit, dissuade you from desiring to listen to their music, but The Dangerous Summer seemed to fall into that category over the past few years.

Regardless, it’s hard not to feel frustration over the band’s breakup considering how much personal stock listeners and fans took from the band after Reach For The Sun and War Paint

Copeland Reunite; Announce New Album ‘Ixora’

We, along with everyone else in the world, would recommend Copeland to not make another major announcement on April Fool’s Day every again, but the announcement was worth panic and shock anyway you cut it.

Copeland are back, and the band will be releasing Ixora in October of 2014. The album will be the band’s first independent record, and the announcement came at a time when no one was expecting a reunion, but will be happy to get one anyway.

One question, is States done?

American Football Launch Countdown Clock

March Sadness is over, but the revival is still ticking. The general consensus among very excited fans is that American Football must be reuniting for some shows, but only time will tell. The reissue of the band’s only album will be out in mid-May to go along with whatever potentially exciting announcement is coming from the band. 

Gerard Way Statement On Separation From My Chemical Romance

The seperation between myself and information MCR related is not a separation of myself from the very thing which I helped create with everyone. It would be untrue to myself and what I feel, to disregard something I am so proud of and like to look back upon. And all of the related art, memories, and sentiments having to do with that special thing are, as always, more than welcome. 

But a seperation between myself, and the gorey details of the goings-on needs to happen. 

It has been a very enlightening and fun year, as I mentioned in a previous twitlonger. In a year that should have been 100% brutal, I feel like we found moments where we could laugh as well as mourn. That’s a really special thing. But it has been painfully obvious in recent months, that not only do I not posess all of the information required to keep this up, I do not posess the fortitude. It has never been my thing to explain, though this year I feel like I’ve done that quite a bit. And that is surely being untruthful to myself.  - Gerard Way

Copeland Release New Song “Ordinary”

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 2, 2014

Copeland will be releasing a reunion album titled Ixora in October of 2014. The band posted a song called “Ordinary” with the announcement, but it can now be streamed and downloaded. Check it out below after the jump.

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Copeland Reunite; Announce New Album ‘Ixora’

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 1, 2014


Copeland are back. The band will be releasing a new album called Ixora that will mark the band’s first ever independent release on October 31st, 2014. Yes, it is April Fool’s Day, but the band has released a new song and have launched pre-orders for the release, which would be a very foolish thing to do if fake. Check out a message from the band, a new video for a song called “Ordinary,” and more details below after the jump!

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States Announce New Album ‘Paradigm’

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 13, 2013

States will be releasing Paradigm on December 3rd. Check out the artwork and track listing below after the jump.

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POZ BandsOnBands: A Skylit Drive On Copeland

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 23, 2013

Monday means BandsOnBands, and we’re excited to be posting the new PropertyOfZack features today with Michael Jagmin of A Skylit Drive. The band is our Artist Of The Week and will be releasing Rise tomorrow via Tragic Hero Records, so make sure to pre-order it

In this week’s feature, Michael talks about his love for Copeland. Listen to songs by Copeland here and check out what Michael had to say about one of his biggest influences below!

From Michael Jagmin:

One band comes to mind when I think back to who influenced me the most at the most crucial time. I used to look up to many artists when I was younger, but the one that always stood above them all was Copeland. 

It was back in my senior year of high school that I first heard Copeland’s “Beneath Medicine Tree”. As I always did every Tuesday, I’d go into the local record store in my small town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and head straight for the listening station. For a small town they surprisingly kept up with new music pretty well. Little did I know that day I’d find the band that would carry me through a lot of hard times. From my teen years all the way up until even now.

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Aaron Marsh Footage From First Show In 3+ Years

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 15, 2013


Aaron Marsh of Copeland opened for Anberlin this past weekend, and it was his first show in 3+ years. Check out footage from his set below after the jump.

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Aaron Marsh (Copeland) To Play First Show In 3+ Years

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 28, 2013

Aaron Marsh of Copeland will be playing his first show in over three years next month with Anberlin. Check out a tweet from Marsh below after the jump.

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Copeland Will Not Tour Again; Band Could Make Another Record

by Zack Zarrillo - May 26, 2013


Aaron Marsh recently discussed Copeland's future, which includes no touring plans, but the possibility of another album under the right circumstances. Check out what he had to say about the band below after the jump.

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States Launch Kickstarter For Second Album; Ask For $18K

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 9, 2013


States are independent again and are looking to have $18,000 funded via Kickstarter to make their sophomore record. Check out a video and message from the band below by clicking “Read More.”

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POZ Presents: The Weekly Content Round-Up

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 25, 2013


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POZ Decade: Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 19, 2013


We are incredibly excited to be launching our third Decade feature in celebration of Copeland's Beneath Medicine Tree, which is celebrating its ten year anniversary next week. Though the band has now come and gone, Beneath Medicine Tree is a record that has stood the test of time for listeners, viewers, and POZ. We have commentary on the album via team members Josh Hammond, Marc Gary Gray, and Brittany Oblak. Enjoy and reblog to let us know your thoughts on Beneath Medicine Tree ten years later!

Best song on Beneath Medicine Tree

To understand the significance of “Brightest,” the opening track of Copeland’s debut full length, Beneath Medicine Tree, you first have to grasp the depth and intensities of the concept of the album. Inspired heavily from the hospitalization of his girlfriend and the death of his grandmother, Aaron Marsh approached the album’s lyrics and songwriting from a confessional and extremely venerable position. Nothing is held back from the listener and every drop of emotion felt from Marsh ends up bleeding into the mix. 

“Brightest,” a song that comes in at just over two minutes, stands out as the most understated and softly spoken song on an album weighed down in heavy plots and heart wrenching scripts. It is this simplicity however that makes the song shine. Based over soft, flowing piano and calm, careful guitar the song’s lyrics express hindsight. Marsh looks back fondly at prior situation, explaining that he has let it go. He says softly and almost insecurely, “All I know is she warms my heart and knows what all my imperfections are” before revealing the great couplet on the album “and she said that I was the brightest little firefly in her jar.” 

I remember being 22 years old and hearing Marsh sing those words for the first time. In that moment everything changed. I can recall seeing my views and concepts of what love shift dramatically. I desperately wanted to be the brightest firefly in someone’s jar. That statement defined me. It changed me. More importantly it stuck with me for a decade. 

Unintentionally and from his own grief, Marsh managed to pen the most important two minutes of my life. I can only imagine the effect that it managed to have on his.Joshua Hammond (@endless_rambles) 

Legacy of Beneath Medicine Tree

I’m not suffering from writer’s block, I swear. However, I can’t seem to “sum up” the legacy of this album. I would posit that the legacy Beneath Medicine Tree ten years after its release (but you knew that already, right? Decade? Amiright?) is a slightly complex one. First of all, Copeland is a “Christian” band, and however you choose to view that, the label (limiting or unnecessary as it may be) can certainly have an effect on the way a band is viewed: see Exhibit A – mewithoutYou. 

Being one who is frustrated with such labels, I will choose to completely ignore this fact when attempting to place this album in its proper historical place and context. Here are two things that I know for sure: 1) when given the list of albums that would be highlighted in this Decade project, I did not bat an eyelash at this album. In other words, of COURSE this album needs to be highlighted. No brainer. 2) Nothing on this album sticks it permanently into its period in history. Let me expound. There are no badly placed screaming parts (no screaming parts at all, for that matter). The production is simple and understated. There are no rap interludes, no dance move music videos, nothing to pin the album to 2003. I hate to throw around the word timeless, but in this context, the album is timeless. And that’s definitely a good thing. 

At the end of the day, this album fills a nice gap between the late 90s emo bands (think Jets to Brazil, Hey Mercedes, etc.) and bands like Brand New and Fall Out Boy who thrived in the middle to later portions of the 2000s. Ultimately, Aaron Marsh solidified himself a place next to the great indie/emo songwriters of the last ten years, and if that’s the most I can say for someone, that’s still quite something. - Marc Gary Gray (@marcgarygray)  

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States Sign With Tooth & Nail; Reissuing Debut LP

by Zack Zarrillo - May 25, 2012

States have signed with Tooth & Nail Records and will be reissuing Room To Run via the label on June 19th. The release will feature four bonus tracks. Check out the new track listing below by clicking “Read More.”

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PropertyOfZack Review : : States

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 18, 2012


For those who take to Mindy White’s voice like a hipster to Brooklyn or flock to the musicality of Copeland’s discography, States’s new full-length, Room to Run, will almost certainly satisfy. The pristine dirtiness of White’s vocal performance adds some grunge to the typical Copeland instrumentation. What’s intriguing about Room to Run, as opposed to States’s previous release, is the dynamics. There’s an ebb and flow. Hookiness and artistry work together simultaneously. For the most part.

The album erupts with “Timebomb” which introduces grunginess-turned-beautiful. The fullness of White’s harmonies hits when an unexpected chord progression captivates the listener mid-song. The track is powerful, with bassy drums that keep it dirty. What will intrigue the listener is the catchy flow of melody and lyric. “I’m like a timebomb rushin’ around, rushin’ around” may not make a whole ton of sense, but the combination of words and lilting vocals makes it work. 

Where States really soars musically is in “Captivating Me,” contrasted with the following track where White’s vocals are clearly the showcase. It’s up to personal preference, but the less high-pitched soaring melodies in the chorus, the better. States works best when they blend White’s intimate vocal ability with a power-poppy musical vibe.  

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PropertyOfZack Contributor Blog : : Nate Dorough

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 23, 2011


Nate Dorough is a promoter from Michigan that runs Fusion Shows, puts on Bled Fest, and does work with Phantom Creative Group as well. In his fifth blog for our ongoing Contributor series, Nate discusses a Foo Fighters concert he attended recently and just how incredible it was. Nate relates this kind of performance to how younger and new bands should “leave it all on stage” with their fans to give them the most worthwhile show they can. It’s a great read and is certainly relevant, so check it out and enjoy!

Last night, I saw the Foo Fighters in concert, at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Being a concert promoter, I don’t often purchase concert tickets anymore. I see so much live music (3 to 4 shows a week), I get used to the comforts of having backstage access, an office to relax in, not to mention I can generally guest list myself to almost any show in the state.

However, this summer, Live Nation announced that the Foos would be touring, and I grabbed 4 tickets the day they went on sale. The past few months, I’ve been targeting that date, as the Foo Fighters have long been one of my favorite bands. I was excited. I was the flip side of the coin, part of the marketing demographic I spend all of my time identifying.

We got there in time to see one song from Mariachi El Bronx. I get why the Foos brought them on the tour. They’re cool and all, but kind of a novelty, and it was blatantly obvious in front of a bunch of radio rock fans. They got a warm response though. Rise Against took the stage next, and played a predictably awesome set. I’m a “fan”, I suppose, but not enough to where I know the names of the songs or what albums they come from. It felt like a pretty good mix of radio songs and deep cuts, but I’m sure a “true” Rise Against fan would disagree. 

After a 30 minute changeover, the Foos took the stage at 9pm, opening with “Bridges Burning” and “Rope” from the new record, “Wasting Light”. In my eyes, this might be their best record. A lot of people have treated Foo Fighters in the same manner that they treat Weezer (blah blah Pinkerton blah blah) or Jimmy Eat World (Clarity is like totally the best!). I’ve never been on that team, as I think everything Dave Grohl and company have done has been top notch. Yeah, I love songs off “The Colour and the Shape” as much as anyone, but I honestly think that “Wasting Light” is their best effort, and the largest crowd to ever see the Foos in Detroit (on a Monday, no less) packed their asses into the Palace to agree with me.

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States Release New Song

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 19, 2011

A new States song called “Can’t Explain” can be streamed here. The band will be releasing their debut record, Room To Run, on October 18th. States will be touring with Circa Survive this fall to support the record.

Ernie Ball