Topshelf Records Tour: AGBPOL, DMND YTH, Prawn, Field Mouse

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 21, 2014


A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, Diamond Youth, Prawn, and Field Mouse are going on the Topshelf Records tour in September. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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PropertyOfZack Midway Albums Of The Year List

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 7, 2014

More and more albums seem to be coming out every year that we love here at PropertyOfZack, which is why we thought it would be a great idea to post a Midway Albums Of The Year List today on the site. The list includes our top ten albums and EPs through this point in the year voted on by POZ team members. So without further adieu, the PropertyOfZack Midway Albums Of The Year List can be seen below!

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Diamond Youth Release ‘UK OK’ EP To Raise Money For UK Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 3, 2014

Diamond Youth are touring the UK in July with Citizen. The band has released a new acoustic EP called UK OK to raise money to go overseas. Download it and support the band below after the jump.

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POZ Interview: Diamond Youth

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 4, 2014


PropertyOfZack Editor in Chief Erik van Rheenen sat down with Sam Trapkin from Diamond Youth a few weeks ago at SXSW. We chatted with Sam about SXSW, the reaction to Shake, talk about doing a full-length, future plans, and more. Check out the full interview below!

by Erik van Rheenen

Can you introduce yourself and your position in the band?
My name is Sam Trapkin, and I play guitar.
So, what’s the SXSW experience been like for Diamond Youth?
Well, you’re sitting here with me now, we just saw a posse of three crust punks disband on account of some sort of disagreement unbeknownst to us, but it’s been good. It’s kind of fucking crazy, it took me an hour to park today and it took me about two hours to drive a mile to get here today. The best part of the day is playing. That’s all I can really say.
How is it having multiple shows in a day for you guys?
We’ve never played two shows in a day before. Actually, it’s kind of weird that you mention that. Like, I forgot already. It’s going to be weird. I think we’ll be fine.
Is it weird playing a showcase for a label you know really well, and then having to play an official one?
It’s honestly kind of the same vibe as a party, just in a real venue, so I’d say not really.
So, the last time you did an interview with PropertyOfZack, it was before Shake came out. Now that it’s out, how’s the reception been?
Good, man. I mean, I think Shake for us, we just wanted more of a thing we just put out and it was more for like, the people who’ve been with us for a while. We weren’t trying to fucking go for it and like, branch out and appeal to some other people. I guess it was meant to be more directly for the people that we’ve known over the years and reception has been good as far as I can tell. I don’t really read stuff or Internet stuff that much.
You’re not missing much.
(Laughs) I guess not.
When you say that you kind of wrote it for the people who have been there, was that something you consciously thought about while writing the EP?
I think it just comes down to how sometimes when bands do big, full-length records, they just kind of go for it, like buying ads in magazines and touring the world and just trying to really go for it. This for us, we wanted it to be more of a quick thing that was just totally our own thing, so we just kind of put it out as soon as possible.

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POZ SXSW Preview: Our Must-See Acts And Showcases

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 10, 2014

SXSW seems to grow larger each year. What began as a small get-together of industry insiders and aspiring bands angling for a break has turned into an unwieldy, bloated clusterfuck of corporate sponsorship, headlined by arena-packing artists hoping to glom a little secondhand cool. But beneath all that surface bullshit, the heart of the little-festival-that-was is still beating. 

Like last year, PropertyOfZack will be focussing on the smaller acts that hit closer to our hearts this March in Austin, while maybe throwing in a taste or two of rockstars as well. Erik van Rheenen, Jesse Richman, Ali Killian, and Caitlin DeWeese from POZ will all be on the ground at SXSW, and each team member put together a list of Our Must-See Acts And Showcases for this year’s festival. Reblog and let us know who we need to see while we’re in Austin this week as well!

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Tuesday, March 11th

Riot Act Media Showcase
Riot Act’s showcase features a diverse lineup, but the real must-see here is headliner Split Single. Split Single frontman Jason Narducy has made his rep as a sideman, playing with everyone from Telekinesis to indie icons Bob Mould and Bob Pollard, but before he was holding it down for scene luminaries, he was creating devastatingly great music of his own with his late-90s pop-rock outfit Verbow. Narducy’s a dynamic performer with a keen ear for melody, and I’m stoked to finally see him front and center once again. - Jesse Richman

Wednesday, March 12th

BrookynVegan Showcase
Yes, you probably know BrooklynVegan from their hipster-than-thou approach to music blogging and their 4chan-rivalling cesspool of a Comments section, but somehow they’ve managed to book one of the best damn lineups at all of SXSW. Headline acts Against Me!, Touche Amore and The Front Bottoms all have one thing in common — great as their albums are, they’re all even better live. And the undercard features acts like the persistently underrated Cheap Girls and recent Topshelf Records signees Frameworks. This one one of those bills where we’re going to look back at the lineup a decade from now and feel amazed that it happened. - Jesse Richman

Topshelf Records
Apparently, some things are just so good that they’re impossible to be bottled in just one day. Topshelf Records, a big name in the Emo Revival and for just plain old good music, period, is hosting two days of unofficial SXSW parties, spanning from Wednesday evening into Thursday afternoon. While the whole Emo Revival thing might just be a myth cooked up by overzealous music journalists (for more on that subject, read Jesse Richman’s brilliant March Sadness write-up), the label’s showcase lineup will either make you very happy, or very sad — in a good way. Empire! Empire!, You Blew It!, Diamond Youth, Frameworks, Prawn, and a veritable multitude of other bands are slated to play for what should make for two incredibly emotional days. - Erik van Rheenen

The Brixton Locals Party
If you watch any SPIKE TV, you may have caught an episode of Bar Rescue, which has featured: The Brixton! This bar has always been a fabulous, local staple, and when Bar Rescue tried to “fix it up”, the bar promptly got rid of everything after the show left. Thats the kind of attitude I can deal with. Headliners for this show are Austin’s The Applicators- an all girl punk band who is probably one of my favorite acts to see in town. Can’t wait to kick back, drink some brews, scream some feels, and enjoy the start of SXSW Music. - Caitlin DeWeese

Thursday, March 13th

Pure Noise, Equal Vision Records
Does the cliche “two heads are better than one” apply to record labels, too? Pure Noise Records and Equal Vision records, both mainstays in the scene and boasting strong lineups, especially as of late, joined forces like some kind of music industry Megazord for a Thursday afternoon showcase. Upstart Pure Noise pop-punkers The Story So Far get top billing (and share the bill with label mates The American Scene and My Iron Lung,) but Equal Vision doesn’t get upstaged, either, with Gameface and A Lot Like Birds scheduled to play. Double-label powers, unite. - Erik van Rheenen

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POZ Review: Diamond Youth - Shake

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 4, 2014


by Becky Kovach, edited by Erik van Rheenen

If you check the listing for Diamond Youth’s Shake on Topshelf Records’ webstore, the info paragraph explains: “This past spring the guys in Diamond Youth told us that they wanted to ‘record a couple songs that are totally random and might not make sense entirely’ or something to that effect, so we let them.” This might seem like a risky move but when you’re talking about an act as undeniably talented as Diamond Youth, the risk involved is actually pretty non-existent.
Diamond Youth was created as a side project for members of varying hardcore bands (Trapped Under Ice, Terror, and Down To Nothing), though it reflects very little on the members’ respective origins. Instead, Diamond Youth takes its inspiration from acts like Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, and even the Beach Boys, all of which can be seen sewn throughout Shake – the EP is a fun and imaginative alt-rock trip fans both new and old will be quick to put on repeat.
Opener “Red Water” features a muddy bass melody that’s dark while maintaining a surprisingly surfer-ish quality, aided by the wave-like rise and fall of drums in the background. And its sweeping guitars correspond nicely to the wailing vocals, breaking down in the bridge to a slow and haunting crawl.

Lead singer Justin Gilman oozes quiet confidence in “Can’t Shake The Feeling” and “Don’t Feel Real.” The former juxtaposes his effortless croon with booming drums and screechy guitars; the latter is sparse and deliberate, a guitar-and-vocal-heavy track with a melancholy tone similar to Elliott Smith’s “Needle In The Hay.”

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Diamond Youth Stream ‘Shake’ EP

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 3, 2014


Diamond Youth are releasing Shake via Topshelf Records. Stream the full EP here via AV Club or below after the jump.

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POZ Interview: Diamond Youth

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 3, 2014


Diamond Youth are releasing a new EP Shake, and it rules. PropertyOfZack had the pleasure to speak with Sam Trapkin a few weeks ago for a new interview. We spoke with Sam about the EP process, why Diamond Youth aren’t releasing a full-length yet, touring, and more. Check it all out below!

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I Am The Avalanche, The Swellers, Turnover, DMND YTH Tour 

Diamond Youth released the Orange EP a year ago. This new Shake EP comes out just about a year later. You guys spent a lot of the year on the road last year in different sort of runs. It looks like Orange got a good chance to be heard by a lot of people. Are you happy with how that EP went? In terms of the year worth of exposure?
Yeah. I mean we’ve never really felt like we belonged to one community more than another. It’s always kind of been – we’ve just kind of done what we felt was right and made the music that we wanted. In terms of who we end up in front of and who likes it or who doesn’t, we don’t have any control over that and all we can definitely know is that we like making music together and we like playing for people. In terms of this year, I think it went great. It’s cool to actually build from having this idea a couple of years ago that was an abstract, distant reality to actually doing it. So I can’t complain. 

That’s a good point. We did an interview right when that first EP came out. You guys were doing a few shows with Four Year Strong too, maybe, I can’t remember. It was a while ago though. It was when the band was starting. It was a side project of sorts, and there was no real plan. But now it seems like Diamond Youth is sort of the musical number one for all of you guys. Would you say that’s the case?
I mean, I’ve always had trouble with calling it a side project. The reason people say that is because when we started Diamond, a couple of us were in other bands. I mean, for me, I’ve always been in bands. That wasn’t my first band and this isn’t my last band. That’s just what I do, I’m a musician – I fuckin’ make bands and play in them. For me, the way that people prioritize that in their own heads is kind of up to them. It’s always just been bands that I do, and I’ve been doing that since I was sixteen. For me it’s always been the number one priority. People like to say that, but I mean since we started it’s been absolutely my number one priority. And I can say that for everybody, so –

I think that’s kind of a hard thing for general music fans to understand sometimes, regardless of whether you’re in a band that people like or you start a new band just as a side project. But you come from a mentality where it’s like, “I’m always in bands, I’ll always be in bands, I’m sure there will be many more bands after this one.” And whatever you’re currently working on – that’s your band, it’s not a side thing. You want to make it the best that you can. 
Yeah I understand that you sort of enter people’s consciousness and their life as a member of a certain band, I mean I totally get it. But I think if you know – like people that know me knew me before I was in a band and they know that they knew me outside of the band or identify me as part of the band. That’s what it kind of ends up being is they associate you with that.  Like, “What are you doing? You have a band. What is this?” Which is bullshit, you know?

Shake is the new EP. It didn’t seem like anyone knew you guys recorded, I’m not sure if you even announced it. When did you guys write and record those songs? 
To be honest, we recorded it in September. The thing is, we’re not big like self-promoters. Which is kind of to our deficit. We’re not the kind of people that are – like I feel weird being like, “Check us out in the studio! Check out our new song! Check out our new record! Buy our new record! Buy tickets!” It’s kind of gross, you know? So in that sense, since we’re a very independent band and we’re on a very independent label, I think some of those things maybe get lost in the mix. Which is fine with us. But yeah, we recorded in September. Our initial goal was to have this come out last summer. We pretty much had it done for summer. Like we had written all of the songs. We basically were writing as soon as Orange came out and pretty much had everything done in about six months. But just the way that everything unfolded, it was the same way with Orange, where people don’t really want to get too involved at the end of the year because people go away on vacation and holiday stuff. So here we are in fuckin’ January going to February now. 

So a few songs have been released – another one came out today [January 21st]. This is what? This is the third EP I guess? Or fourth?
Yeah I guess you could say third. We had a demo that we did before Don’t Lose Your Cool. Which was also on a 7” so however you would like to classify that. 

So yeah, to most fans, this is your third release and it’s coming out on Topshelf Records again. You guys do have a tour coming up with I Am The Avalanche as well as some other stuff. You guys just don’t seem like a typical band to a lot of people, I guess. 1: It seems like Diamond Youth is a full time thing, for people who might have thought it was a side project, but 2: You guys just haven’t released a record. Is there a reason why you guys haven’t decided to do a record and have decided to do EPs at this point in the band’s career? 
I’ve always been like a weirdo on the fence with that. Because – I think the really weird thing is that if you look at it objectively, like if you were an alien and you came to earth and you talked to somebody about what music was and why they released it and when they released it, it wouldn’t make sense. The full-length wouldn’t even make sense. Because people, first of all, don’t listen to the whole thing. Second of all, they take so long to make and to put out. Not to mention, when a full-length comes out and even if it’s the best thing in the world, people listen to it and then two weeks later they’re done with it and will never talk about it again. Even if you make a big deal about it, people move right along.

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Citizen Announce UK Tour With Diamond Youth

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 22, 2014

Citizen are heading to the UK for the first time with Diamond Youth in July. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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I Am The Avalanche, The Swellers, Turnover, Diamond Youth Announce Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 15, 2014


I Am The AvalancheThe Swellers, Turnover, and Diamond Youth are heading out on tour together. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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POZ Discussion: Most Anticipated Albums For The First Half Of 2014

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 8, 2014


Are you ready? Because 2014 is going to be an incredible year of music, and it’s just beginning. To kick things off at PropertyOfZack this year, our great team has put today a new Discussion on our Most Anticipated Albums For The First Half Of 2014. Feel free to reblog this with your most anticipated releases for the first half of 2014 and check out our list below! 

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Diamond Youth “Can’t Shake The Feeling” Music Video

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 11, 2013


Diamond Youth have released a new music video for “Can’t Shake The Feeling.” Pre-order Shake here and watch the video below after the jump. 

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Turnover, Diamond Youth Winter Tour With Turnstile

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 10, 2013

Turnover and Diamond Youth are heading out on a winter tour with Turnstile, Angel Dust, and Blind Justice. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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