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POZ Show: TeamPagano New Years Eve House Show (Candy Hearts, Bright And Early)

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 27, 2012

PropertyOfZack is incredibly stoked to be teaming up with TeamPagano once again following our Be Part Of Something to announce a special New Years Eve house show aptly titled Let’s Do It For Dick in conjunction with Still Alive Clothing and Shipwrecked Custom Drums. Candy Hearts, Bright And Early, I Was A Hero, Modern Baseball, and several others will be playing the great house show in Albany, NY in addition to a very special guest. RSVP to the show on Facebook here and check out the rest of the lineup and details below by clicking “Read More.”

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POZ Playlist: I Was A Hero, Doses

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 10, 2012

Our friends in I Was A Hero and Doses are finishing up their DIY summer tour, and we’re happy to be helping them out with a new PropertyOfZack Playlist. Check out the Playlists and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts!

With The Punches - Bad Pennies

Their best song yet. Really feeling the lyrics and guitar parts to this song,
Mixtapes - Basement Manners
Maura’s voice.
Heartwell - Adults
If you dig melodic punk/emo this is a great band to check out. Really dug the full length.
Into It. Over It. - Summerville, SC
The way Evan ends this song yelling “someone should burn this house to the ground” gives me chills. Fuck small town values.
Forever Came Calling - If Bukowski Could See Me Now
Best pop-punk song of 2011. Joe told me to read Bukowski’s poem “Roll The Dice” the day we leave for tour, and by the last day it should make sense. We’ll see.
Brand New - Sudden Death In Carolina
My favorite BN song.
Real Friends - I’ve Never Been Home *Song is not on Spotify
Just got the pleasure of hanging out with these guys. Watching them play is something else. They’re super talented.
The Ghost Inside - Dark Horse
At the end of the…….. ROPE.
The American Scene -  Just Say It
I slept on this band up until recently. Had them stay at my place once and I felt compelled to check out this new single. I’m now a big fan and can’t wait for their full length coming out soon.
The Mountain Goats - Cry For Judas
They just put this song out a day or two ago and it’s awesome. The horn parts are fucking awesome. - Brandon Pagano 

Polar Bear Club - Pawner
“Hocked it all for circumstance. Came up short, no backup plan.”
Light Years - Scavengers *Song is not on Spotify
“I was told it gets better in time. So far, luck hasn’t been on my side. I don’t want to let this go, I’m too scared to let this go.”
Young English - Neighbors *Song is not on Spotify
“How can you grow, when you can’t move on? You can’t move forward alone.”
Hostage Calm - Rebel Fatigues
“If today’s the day we make their grade will the armies with draw or will they stay tomorrow?”
Jimmy Eat World - Pain
“Anyone can my every flaw, it isn’t hard. Anyone can say they’re above this all.”

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POZ Road Blog: Doses (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 5, 2012

Doses are out on a DIY tour with I Was A Hero, and the band has sent in their first unique Road Blog to PropertyOfZack. Check out the blog and the remaining dates on the tour below by clicking “Read More!”

July 28th, 2012
Hey Diary,
well today we woke up and loaded up our vans and took photos, hugged Mom and Dad Pagano and made our way to Oxford, MA for our first show at our friend, Dylan’s, house. As we pulled to the house it started down pouring, of course, as we needed to load in. Dylan played some acoustic songs from his band, It’s An Attack, and Christian from The Hotel Year played a few songs, as well, including an awesome Avril Lavine Cover. Then we played and it was a ton of fun, I burped really loud, during our set and it hurt my chest. After the show we went to a diner and got hot tea and donuts and talked about mustaches to strangers. We got back to Dylan’s house around 10:30 and Joey, Brandon, Jon, and Ian went for a walk and got lost for literally two hours. 

Talk to you soon!

July 29th, 2012
Hola el Diary,
this morning we woke up and were treated to the most delicious french toast ever. I hung out mostly with Buddy, the big old yellow lab who lives there. He’s a sweetheart. We walked down to the lake that’s right behind the house but someone forgot to tell me that the trail to the lake was covered in poison ivy and I had to run back to the house and wash the shit off my legs and shoes REAL quick (I’m really allergic to poison ivy.) Luckily I washed it off in time and didn’t get it! We thanked Dylan and his family, I hugged Buddy, and we made our way to Staten Island for our next show. We showed up at the venue, which was an awesome spot, played an awesome set, with some awesome bands and it was an awesome night. After the show we made our way to Jersey Shore to stay with some friends of mine. When we showed up they were playing this game called titty pong…so obviously I played and was teamed up with another girl and we played our guitarist, Joey and fill-in drummer, Jon. We won…OF COURSE, and they hanged their heads in SHAME! After their defeat we headed to Seaside to go on the boardwalk and try to find JWOW. Unsuccessful in our quest I bought an $8 cheesesteak to drown my sorrows. We hung out til 2 am then headed to bed. Staying on the Jersey Shore was a nice experience and I got to hangout with a German Shepard/St. Bernard mix named Sheeno who was…you guessed it…AWESOME. 

Sweet dreams,

July 30th, 2012
My dearest Diary,
Today we played a backyard show with 16 bands! I was sure it was going to get shut down and was stoked when it wasn’t. We got to see a lot of friends from the last time we played Jersey and made a lot of new friends! That’s what this thing is all about. Today’s show was the first time anyone danced for our band, so that was definitely a great experience. We stayed at the Yablon’s house and cooked burgers and dogs and stayed up til the wee hours talking. It was most definitely a great time and we can’t wait to go back!

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I Was A Hero, Doses Announce Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 23, 2012

I Was A Hero and Doses will be touring this July and August. Check out the dates below by clicking “Read More!”

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PropertyOfZack Show : : Mixtapes, With The Punches

by Zack Zarrillo - May 8, 2012

PropertyOfZack is stoked to be sponsoring a house show with Team Pagano, Stay Strong Kid, and Stay Alive Clothing in Glenville, NY on June 25th. Our friends in Mixtapes, With The Punches, Pentimento, Young English, I Was A Hero, and Doses will all be playing. You can check out additional details for the event on the poster above and make sure to RSVP for the show on Facebook here!