Former VersaEmerge Member Calls Out Fueled By Ramen, Paramore, Band

by Zack Zarrillo - May 1, 2014

Devin Ingelido, a former member of VersaEmerge (now Versa), has released a lengthy blog that calls out Fueled By Ramen Records, Paramore, and Versa for their time spent on the label and all the issues that were included in their time. Read the blog below after the jump.

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POZ Decade: Less Than Jake - 21 Years Old And Ready To Drink

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 3, 2013

This year on POZ, we’ve sounded the ceremonial trumpets for plenty of accomplished bands and records that have hit the holy-shit age of ten years old. But while all those bands were still playing their Fisher-Price xylophones in the early 90s, Less Than Jake were already formed, writing music, and touring the hell out of the United States without the use of a smartphone by their side. LTJ has been showrunning the ska/punk scene with impeccable consistency ever since their start in 1992, and today, PropertyOfZack is here to help the band celebrate its 21st year of existence. That’s right, Less Than Jake is finally of drinking age – and we’re quite certain that they’ve been obedient, law-abiding citizens when it comes to the consumption of spirits.

We’ve got commentary from the guys in LTJ themselves on their career, past and present, as well as some thoughts and anecdotes from friends and fans of the band alike. So raise your glass and enjoy the read – and be sure to pick up LTJ’s newest record, See the Light, out now on Fat Wreck Chords!

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From the band:

If there’s one thing you wanted people to know about your band that they may not already know, what would you tell them? 
LTJ is more than a band now; it’s family. It’s the chemistry among 5 guys and the extended family of fans we see year in and year out. When I see people that literally grew up seeing the band, it truly drives the point home that there’s more than words and music that bind us, and it feels like family at this point. – Vinnie Fiorello

If you’ve glossed over our band because we have horns and have ska elements in our music, you’re missing out. We have many layers to our song writing and have much more depth in music and lyrics than someone may catch on to on a first listen. Dig in.  – Roger Manganelli

Some bands have business meetings in their back lounge on tour, some have prayer sessions, while others party down till dawn with babes and dudes alike, but we like to have very rigorous twerking contests with each other in the back of the bus each night after the show. It’s kept our buns in the Adonis-like shape they’re in to this day. – Buddy Schaub

I force everyone to watch sports. Constantly. – JR Wasilewski

That we are one of the hardest working bands of the last two decades. In all of our 21 years as a band, we have never missed a show due to illness, band fighting, subspenance abuse, etc. etc. We will always show up and do what we do. If you paid to see us, we do our part to bring you a great show. No excuses. Period. – Chris Demakes

If you could change something about your career, what would it be? 
I honestly don’t think I’d change a thing. The things that you look back on in your career as mistakes are the things that make you what you are today. You have to live and learn from your own experiences. Without all the downs, there can be no ups. That’s what makes the ride so fun. – Buddy Schaub

Less Port O’ Potties. More NOFX tours. – JR Wasilewski

Demanded more from our managers and labels in the early days. We were content with our success and were basking in the joy of a career making music. We could have been bigger dicks and made those around us contribute more to our vision. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and early on, we weren’t making enough noise.  – Roger Manganelli

I wouldn’t change one thing. The ups and down make the foundation of bands strong, it creates character and commitment. Sure, there are regrets but that’s life at its best and worst. – Vinnie Fiorello

Not much. If anything, I wouldn’t have sweated the small stuff as much as I did when I was younger. Took the fun out of things sometimes.  – Chris Demakes

What’s your band’s biggest accomplishment from the last 21 years? 
Surviving. Being true to ourselves, writing honest music from the heart that we are happy to play night after night.  There are bands out there that play songs their fans want to hear while they’re no longer feeling it themselves. Luckily, we don’t have that problem.  And we really give it our ALL when we play live. We never phone in a performance and try to make each show special and fun for all involved.  – Roger Manganelli 

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A Day To Remember, Victory Memorandum; ADTR Paid John Janick/FBR $450K Over 4 Years As Alleged Manager

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 7, 2013


A Day To Remember and Victory Records have primarily been meeting in court to rule over whether or not the band had fulfilled their recording contract with the label. While that decision is still ongoing, interesting information has come to light today, and PropertyOfZack has received new documents on the court case from Victory’s Tony Brummel himself. 

The new piece of information surrounds John Janick, founder of Fueled By Ramen, currently  president of Interscope Records, who, in A Day To Remember’s mind, was operating as a hidden manager from the the years 2009-2012 under Fueled By Ramen. This information was not made aware to Victory and the courts until this past summer. Today the courts decided that Janick was not acting as a manager, and will now go under a deposition in early-December. It has also come to light that A Day To Remember paid Janick and Fueled By Ramen Records the sum of $450,000, which has raised major questions. You can read a breakdown of the memorandum opinion and the motion itself below after the jump.

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Young The Giant Sign To Fueled By Ramen Records; Announce New Album

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 28, 2013


Young The Giant have signed to Fueled By Ramen Records. The band will be releasing Mind Over Matter on January 21st via the label. Watch a music video for a new song called “It’s About Time” below after the jump.

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VersaEmerge Confirm FBR Drop; Music On The Way, But Not For A While

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 3, 2013

VersaEmerge have confirmed that they are no longer on Fueled By Ramen Records. The band will still be releasing music, but no until after legal matters are decided upon. Check out a message from the band below after the jump. 

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VersaEmerge Dropped By Fueled By Ramen Records

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 3, 2013


It would appear that VersaEmerge have been dropped by Fueled By Ramen Records after over a year of back and forth in trying to put out Another Atmosphere. This should sound very similar to struggles other bands have faced on Fueled By in recent times. Check out FBR’s Alumni page below after the jump.

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Fueled By Ramen Records Sign Ghost Town

by Zack Zarrillo - May 7, 2013

Fueled By Ramen Records have signed Ghost Town. Check out the bands upcoming tour dates with Marianas Trench and Air Dubai below after the jump.

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Paramore Release “Now” Music Video

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 11, 2013

Paramore have released their music video for “Now.” Stream it below by clicking “Read More.”

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fun. Post Most Nights Tour Commercial

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 8, 2013


fun. have announced their summer tour with Tegan And Sara and have now posted a video commercial for the tour. Check out the video and tour dates below by clicking “Read More.”

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POZ Exclusive: Fall Out Boy Reunion Confirmed

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 25, 2013


PropertyOfZack has confirmed with several trusted sources that Fall Out Boy are reuniting after a three year-plus hiatus. Fans should expect an official announcement in the near future. 

You can stop refreshing for a journal update. Welcome, it’s here.

Fall Out Boy Launch ‘Save Rock And Roll’ Pre-Orders
Fall Out Boy Announce New Album, Release Song, Post North American Tour Dates
Fall Out Boy Confirm Reunion And Announce Tour 

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fun. Inaugural Ball Performance

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 23, 2013


fun. recently performed at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball. Check out the band singing “We Are Young” below by clicking “Read More.”

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Paramore Release First Single “Now”

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 21, 2013


Paramore have released the first single off of their new album. Check out the track listing for the band’s new album here and stream “Now” below by clicking “Read More.”

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POZ Review: twenty | one | pilots - Vessel

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 21, 2013


Fueled By Ramen seems to be leading the game with turning bands from the underground scene into huge mainstream successes. And in 2013, they might have done it again — this time with Columbus, Ohio natives Twenty One Pilots.

The duo, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, have been taking over the music scene very slowly with an odd style of music they named “Schizoid Pop,” a mix of indie, pop, electronic and rap. It may sound odd, but it works.

Vessel, their first FBR album, starts off with “Ode To Sleep,” which shows every side of the band. The track begins with an electronic feel and kicks right into Joseph’s rapping. The best part about the band is how easy it is for them to transition from rapping into quirky and incredibly catchy singing. The chorus is contagious as he sings, “ But I’ll tell them, why won’t you let me go? Do I threaten all your plans, I’m insignificant, Please tell them you have no plans for me, I will set my soul on fire, what have I become?”

The album’s first single, “Holding On To You,” seems like a good introduction to the band. The track seems almost reminiscent of Flobots megahit “Handlebars:” The rapping and electric feel is present here again, but the harmony present in the chorus is what makes it such a feel good song. It’s hard not to nod your head along every time it comes on.

“House of Gold” is one of the best tracks on the album. It’s an acoustic song that keeps hitting home, even though it’s the same lyrics over and over. “She asked me, ‘Son when I grow old, Will you buy me a house of gold? And when your father turns to stone, will you take care of me?”

But honestly, “Car Radio” is Vessel’s standout. The electronics on this song are insane and the buildup near the end would prove to be killer in a live show. The song starts off with some slow keys that build into Dun’s drumming. Joseph’s passion shows in his vocals as he screams “And now I just sit in silence” over and over at the end of the track. This song would work perfectly as the next single and should be the song to turn everyone’s head.

“Semi-Automatic” and “The Run and Go” keep up the good vibe and catchiness of the album while “Screen” slows things down a little bit, proving to be a good song to be right in the middle of the album.

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A Rocket To The Moon “Baby Blue Eyes” Acoustic Performance

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 11, 2013


A Rocket To The Moon sat down for an acoustic performance of their song “Baby Blue Eyes” while on tour in Santiago, Chile. Check out the video and a message from the band describing the performance below by clicking “Read More.”

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POZ Interview: A Rocket To The Moon

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 9, 2013


PropertyOfZack had the chance to speak with Eric Halvorsen from A Rocket To The Moon a few weeks ago for an interview. Andrew and I discussed the band’s new single, the continual delay for their new album, hopes for a release time, and more. Check it all out below!

“Ever Enough” has been released as a new single and it’s the first taste of new music since the EP. How has the response been?
The response seems to be really good. I think it’s what most fans were hoping for with a more ballad-like song. Everybody seems to be receiving it well, and it feels good.

That Old Feeling was released in October as a teaser EP. Has it been a nice buildup since the album was delayed from its original release?
Unfortunately things keep getting pushed back and whatnot. We were impatient, and I’m sure fans are too. Instead of just waiting and waiting for the full-length to come out, we just decided to release a few songs to give people a taste of what to come. 

The band toured in the spring with AAR, but had been off the road all summer into the fall. Was it nice to do that two week headliner?
Absolutely. Like you said, we had the whole summer off. I traveled a lot and hung out with a lot of friends, but after a while, you just get cabin fever. Being home that long and not really doing much productive is hard. Getting to tour after a long time off is great.

Has the album been finished since April?
We finished the last few songs at the end of March or early-April. We finished those two songs and started that Rejects tour. The album has been done for six or eight months now. 

I think everyone expected a fall release. What’s the reason for the delay?
It keeps getting pushed back for numerous releases. Plans for radio and creating a big picture, I guess, in everyone’s head. Sometimes labels don’t see a certain release date as possible to get done all the things they want to. It’s not like we want to do it, but it’s just for what’s the best. That’s how it works.

Is there a set date yet?
It’s going to be sometime next year in the spring. We’re still not exactly sure.

Have you been able to book tours, but is that up in the air for now too?
We’re currently looking for spring tours.

Will the winter be tour-less then?
We have something in February. We’re going out on the Rock Boat, which is a five day cruise with some awesome bands. We have that and some other plans for early-March that I can’t say yet. We have something planned. 

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