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Pure Love Going On Indefinite Hiatus

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 7, 2014


Pure Love, after just over a year, are going on an indefinite hiatus due to continual struggles in getting their band off the ground. Check out a series of tweets from the band below after the jump.

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Gallows Working On New Music

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 21, 2014

Gallows have begun working on new music. Check out a photo from Wade MacNeil below after the jump.

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Gallows Announce Reading And Leeds Warmup Shows

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 2, 2013


Gallows have announced two shows in August before Reading And Leeds. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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Gallows Announce European Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 29, 2013

Gallows will be going out on a European tour this June. Check out the dates below by clicking “Read More.”

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Gallows Lose Guitarist Steph Carter

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 20, 2013

Steph Carter has left Gallows and the band will be continuing on as a four piece. This comes over a year after Frank Carter, the band’s original frontman, also left Gallows. Check out a message from the band below by clicking “Read More.”

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Gallows Release New Music Video

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 13, 2012


Gallows have released a new music video for “Cross Of Lorraine.” Watch it below by clicking “Read More.”

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POZ Playlist: Gallows, We Were Skeletons, Silver Snakes

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 11, 2012

We had a few extra Playlists sitting around and thought it would be a great idea to put GallowsWe Were Skeletons, and Silver Snakes together for a new PropertyOfZack Playlist feature. Check out the Playlists below while listening to the songs on Spotify and reading everyone’s thoughts!

Super speedy songs for the road - Wade MacNeil

We just decided to choose a few songs each that we’re especially into right now and attempted to organize them into playlist that has a mild semblance of a flow and order to it. It was definitely interesting to see where everyone’s at in terms of music taste right now and a fun challenge to put it into one playlist. Enjoy! - Rafael Diaz
Lync – Two Feet In Front
My friend Rob from By Surprise posted this song on his facebook a few months ago, touting it as “the best emo song ever written”. I hit play and, Jesus, I can’t disagree. It’s been one of my favorite songs since. - Rafael
Three Mile Pilot – Way Of The Ocean
I’ve heard this band’s name for years but never actually checked them out until a few weeks ago. I was blown away by this song’s awesome groove and great overlaying vocals. They sound like forerunners to Pygmy Lush, one of my all-time favorite bands. - Rafael
Karp – Bacon Industry
I found out about KARP from a documentary about the band that was screened after a show of ours. I’m a big fan of Torche and they really sound like KARP. I really like the overall fun vibe of the song and the drumming is also top notch and very unique. - Matt
mewithoutYou – Fox’s Dream Of The Log Fume
It was tough choosing just one song from mewithoutYou, as I seem to listen to them all the time. I decided to go with one off the new album because it is one of my favorite releases of 2012. But you could put any mewithoutYou song on and I’d be satisfied. Go ahead and throw “Nice & Blue” on there, too. - Justin
Ampere - At Its Heart & At Its Head *Song is not on Spotify
This song is just straight traditional screamo, but it is very, very well executed. It’s mainly driving and chaotic but there’s a break at the end where the guitar slows down to a delicate riff that gets me every time. - Matt
Cursed – Nineteen Seventy Four
Cursed is nothing new and has been broken up for a couple years now but I got into them after a good friend recommended them to me this past january. The production of the instruments and vocals really make the song go totally over the top with a pissed off feel and leaves me feeling powerful. - Matt
Lungfish - Descender
Lungfish has recently become one of my favorite bands and I had trouble choosing just one of their songs for this list. I like this one because, like the other tracks off of Talking Songs for Walking, it has more of an 80’s Dischord sound and is a bit out of place among the rest of their recorded output. Beyond that, it’s just a great song that’s wildly catchy and poignant song. - Rafael
Red House Painters – New Jersey
Red House Painters is the perfect autumn band and this song a perfect example of their tendency to temper their abject mopiness with a dry and sardonic self-awareness. It’s a different version of a song that first appeared on their first record and I love how this recording has an extra groove and (somehow) upbeat vibe to it. - Rafael
The Caution Children - Our Movement In Squares *Song is not on Spotify
TCC are very close friends of ours and their music rules and is very unique. This song is my favorite by them and it holds a special place in my heart. It always reminds me of touring with them. It’s so beautiful and moving to me. - Matt
Modest Mouse - Dramamine
I love listening to this song while driving at night. If I had to choose songs based on only one thing, I would most definitely base my decisions on whether or not the song is perfect to drive to at night. The guitar work on this song is gorgeous and the line “we kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves” is one of my favorites. - Justin
Pedro the Lion - Options
This song is great to listen to when it is raining, and when it isn’t raining, it makes me feel like it is – and hey, that’s okay with me. Great lyrics, sad, and catchy. - Justin
Scout Niblett - Kiss
This song is really, really beautiful. I love how well her voice fits with Will Oldham’s. Great song to listen to while driving around late at night, windows down and autumn air blowing through. - Justin

Deep cuts from our journey across the country - Silver Snakes 

Pure Love Album Artwork, Track Listing, Release Date

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 22, 2012

Pure Love will be releasing Anthems on February 4th. Check out the artwork and track listing below by clicking “Read More.”

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Pure Love Cancel Final Headlining Dates

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 19, 2012

Pure Love have cancelled the last three dates of their headlining tour. Check out a tweet from the band below by clicking “Read More.”

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Gallows Self-Titled Album Stream

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 7, 2012

Gallows are streaming their new self-titled album a few weeks early. Stream it in full below by clicking “Read More.”

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Gallows Release Documentary Trailer

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 31, 2012

Gallows have released a trailer for their new documentary. Watch it below by clicking “Read More.” 

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Gallows Push Back Release Of New Album

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 29, 2012

Gallows' self-titled album has been pushed back a week to September 18th via Bridge 9 Records. Check out the band's fall tour dates below by clicking “Read More.”

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Pure Love (ex-Gallows) Announce UK Tour

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 29, 2012

Pure Love will be touring the UK this October and November. Check out the dates below by clicking “Read More.”

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Gallows Perform New Song

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 27, 2012

Gallows recently performed a new song titled “Everybody Loves You (When You’re Dead).” Check out a video of the performance below by clicking “Read More.”

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Gallows Making Of For “Outsider Art” Music Video

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 24, 2012

Gallows have released behind the scenes footage from the making of their music video for “Outsider Art.” Watch it below by clicking “Read More.” 

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