POZ Road Blog: Luther (Update IV)

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 3, 2012


From Andy of Luther:

Hey-oh! Andy here, attempting to recap the last few weeks of this tour. As everybody went home for the break, we played some awesome shows in some places we normally wouldn’t get to go through and met some really great people! Great hangs.
First show back was in Mesa, Arizona at the Nile theater. It was great to see everyone back and ready to take on this desert summer heat. Speaking of heat, this place was unreasonably hot. The show, however, was a success and we ended the night getting kicked out of a pool and crashing on the Menzingers hotel room floor. I’d say the night was a total success.
After the first show back, we had two days off to get to the west coast. We took some time with the Menzongers and saw the Grand Canyon. Holy shit, we were all like little kids on Christmas morning. Who knew a giant hole in the ground could be life changing, Hu?
After the hike to California, we met up with the Broadway Calls guys and crew and prepared for San Diego at the House of Blues. San Diego was amazing. Perfect weather, great downtown, nice people, and we all had a blast.
The next night we were in Los Angeles at the craziest show of the tour- The Mayan theater. This place was huge. Like really big. It was modeled after Legends of the Hidden Temple. It even had Olmec telling us where to go and when to play (I wish). But seriously, really cool show. We opened the show and were followed by Broadway Calls. They killed it, as normal. The Mezingers played next and were surprised by a 40ft disco ball lowering from the ceiling right over Joe’s head for the last song. It really put a heart-warming feeling in the air. Or maybe we were all just so nervous the giant ball was gonna fall and kill everyone. Or just Joe…

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POZ Road Blog: Luther (Update III)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 7, 2012


From Phil of Luther:

Phil from Luther here with yet another tour update.  Today’s episode is about Texas.

Last you’ve heard, this quintet of handsome devils was leaving its hoof-print in the sands of Floridian shores, Souls and Menzingers at our side.  

Now we have traveled just a few hours west, to the beautifully oblate state of Texas.  First stop is Austin, to play the outdoor stage at the Mohawk.

Minutes after arrival and only hundreds of degrees later, we witnessed the amazing debut set of up and coming fake band “the Tinderbox Twins”, and also a confirmed Danny Trejo sighting!  So rad.  Needless to say it set the tone for the rest of the night, which lead to the celebration of our drummer Andy’s 24th year of being alive.

Although I’m sure around 3 a.m. he wished he wasn’t. The festivities carried on through the night into Dallas.  We played “Trees”, the infamous club that housed a riot after Kurt Cobain was punched in the jaw on stage by a retaliating bouncer and all hell broke loose.  Thankfully, our night went a little smoother.  The kids sure came out and they had fun.  

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POZ Road Blog: Luther (Update II)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 24, 2012


Luther are out on tour with The Bouncing Souls and The Menzingers, and the band will be doing a Road Blog for PropertyOfZack to keep fans updated on the tour. Check out the second update below!

From Greg of Luther:

Ok ok ok, this is Greg (bass) taking over for this section of the blog. I am going to recap our last 5 shows, which all happened to be in Florida. It was basically like a mini vacation within a tour. We started off in St. Petersburg at The State Theatre, which in my opinion was one of the best shows of tour so far. Nick’s dad lives in that area, so he came to the show and took some killer pictures.

We played to a packed crowd and people were totally receptive to us. Some dude even yelled out “I LOVE YOUR BASS PLAYER” so obviously my ego got a tad bit inflated. We saw a few familiar faces too, like my good bud Ryan (Boneshakers/ex-Spanish Gamble) and managed to party pretty hard with them. Once the show ended, we went to a killer after-party with the Souls and Menzingers, but there was an even more interesting occurrence between the two events. I was sitting outside the venue, and a homeless man AKA “bobo” walked up to me. He started muttering to me about signing something for him. I assumed he wanted some type of autograph, so I agreed. He proceeded to pull out a picture he drew (quite well, in fact) of President Obama giving the middle finger. Not knowing what to do, I signed it as “President Barack Obama”. The bobo did not seem to appreciate that very much. ANYWHO…onto Ft. Lauderdale.

Its going to be quite hard to remember all the details of this night, but I will try my hardest. We played at The Revolution which was a pretty rad club. The show was rad, but the Jersey Shore style nightclub which was attached to the venue was even better. We definitely made fools of ourselves (due to the $3 margaritas) but it was way worth it. That night, all three bands stayed at the same hotel RIGHT on the beach. The night included tequila, hotel bars, the ocean, the hotel pool, naked strangers and a brief bedbug scare. Next up, Orlando! Orlando was killer because it was the smallest venue on the tour (only about 400 people, but sold out) which was a cool change from some of the 1,100 capacity rooms of the tour. Definitely a killer show. Saw a lot of friends, like Chris from Go Rydell, Sam from Dead To Me (HELLOL SALM!!) and more. We stayed with our good friend Jeff from Direct Effect and got free clothes and haircuts. Next was Jacksonville. I don’t really want to talk about Jacksonville. Ask Greg from the Souls about “the trainwreck”. Enough said.

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PropertyOfZack Road Blog : : Luther (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 17, 2012


Luther are out on tour with The Bouncing Souls and The Menzingers, and Nick from the band will be doing a Road Blog for PropertyOfZack to keep fans updated on the tour. Check out the first update below!

From Luther:

So we’re on this ridiculous tour that we probably don’t deserve to be on, but we’re trying not to ask a ton of questions and just go along with it.  I’m just going to say that the tour started on Monday when we picked merch dude / life organizer extraordinaire Dan Case (Chicago’s finest) from the Philadelphia airport. We should have been taking it easy, carefully doing merch counts, maybe making a sweet playlist featuring Fugazi and Embrace for our drive to D.C. the next day, resting up for our 50+ day tour that we are fairly unprepared for.  We ended up having a going away party for the Menzingers and ourselves, were introduced to a new friend Rodino (half robot / half Godino) and gave our old friend the “Philadelphia Hangover” one last chance to visit. After packing the van in the rain, hopefully not some kind of omen for the rest of the tour, we found ourselves on our way to the capital of these United States. First show of tour was at the Black Cat, let me tell you, if you ever play at the Black Cat I seriously suggest the BBQ Seitan sandwich and a side of black bean dip. D.C. was a ton of fun, got to see The Menzingers kill it (not a surprise) and the Bouncing Souls play songs off of their new record Comet (it came out last week, grab it if you haven’t) and to top it all off, got some quality time with our friend / g.g.t.k. Mark Beemer, the generous man behind Shirts for a Cure and SSE. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I love Richmond, Virginia. Any time in RVA is a good time. We drove a couple hours south after the show and stayed with the disputed “Prince of Richmond” Brett Adams. Not only is Brett a great musician (see: The Riot Before) and a fantastic cook with impeccible taste in Podcasts, he’s pretty damn handsome. We slept. While we slept this dude gets up incredibly early and cooks us breakfast ‘burritos with potatoes and home made tortillas and onions and some kind of pork thing for the meat eaters and a vegan option and a home made loaf of sour dough’ also, he let us take showers and showed us a band from Germany that sounded like the Postal Service, get this, BEFORE the Postal Service was a band.

We hugged, teared up a little, and made our way to North Carolina. Everyone at the Cat’s Cradle was so nice. Rad venue and really glad we got to see our friends Rickey, Scotty and Heather. After being taught by Pete Steinkopf that Corona’s crisp and light taste is the equivalent of summer in a bottle the night becomes a bit blurry, though I remember it all being positive. That damn Corona. The harsh light of morning greeted us with aching heads and a few hundred miles between North Carolina and Atlanta. We drove, and drove. Stopped and looked for any sign / memorabilia of The Rockford Peaches, my favorite fictional all female baseball team, found nothing. We arrived at the Masquerade and found that the nick name “Hotlanta” finally made sense. I was sweating like a Yankees fan in Boston but, since 90% of the time we play in basements, we found ourselves in our element. Everyone was very sweet at the venue, and we got to play a new game with the Menzos and the Souls, “Throw the Knife,” it was not exactly a game of skill. Then something slightly unexpected happened. I walked in to the magical room with tons of beers and waters and potato chips in it, and who is standing there? CM PUNK.

If you’re not familiar, CM PUNK is the current world champion of professional wrestling. Not only is this guy a huge Souls fan, and a huge wrestling star, the dude is just fucking huge. I’d say comfortably 9 and a half feet tall. I awkwardly asked him to have a picture taken with him, he was more than happy to, however things got a little strange when I asked him to choke slam me through the catering table.  Every night we finish playing, we load out, we chill, adjust, pack the van, sell some merch, then we usually all freak out and realize that we’re on tour with two of our favorite bands, and usually end up watching them and try to not embarrassingly sing along way too loud and stage dive and get kicked out the show we just played. Maybe it was the heat but Atlanta was certainly a night that reminded us to be very grateful and excited that we are on this tour and that everyone involved has treated us like family from day one. Up until now being on tour with The Bouncing Souls and The Menzingers has most likely been what you would expect - fucking cool. Last night we played at the State Theater in St. Pete. That’s where we’ll pick up next time.