POZ Special: The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 29, 2012


Jesse Cannon, the man behind Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios (Man Overboard, The Menzingers, Transit, Lifetime) and Musformation, is back after a short summer break with a great new Industry feature in our ongoing series. In this week’s feature, Jesse tackles David Geffen stating that he’d rather “kill himself” that enter the industry today, PledgeMusic, Billie Joe joining The Voice, Facebook, Google+, and much more. Check it all out below!

David Geffen whose record company signed everyone from Guns N Roses to Nirvana, claimed he would “kill himself” if he had to work in the industry now. I assume he is not referencing the fact that today, if he made Axl Rose blow him for a record deal (as rumoured) it would end up on TMZ. Instead, I see this as a good thing, what this says is that industry fat cats like Geffen (who is actually a great and respectable man, who gave Barack Obama his start and started some of the first and best STD health centers)could not get rich in today’s business, since more and more musicians have the power and the profits instead of CEOs. I never thought a great person killing themselves could be such a happy ending!

Ingrooves/Fontana have teamed up with the Kickstarter-like, PledgeMusic to form a way for your favorite has-been bands to fundraise from fans to fund their album and then distribute it and then give fans incentives they were promised. This means bands like your favorite has been prog rockers Coheed and Cambria, can fund their album by asking you for money before you had heard their latest stupid comic book masturbation guitar solos and get you to pay for the album and ways to hangout with them before you have heard how bad it is. Wait, we are supposed to be excited about this? Isn’t this what we all hated about CDs, was we couldn’t hear if our favorite band’s new record was good unless we bought it? Why are we excited about this again?

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is now a judge on The Voice. I can’t link this article since I am a grown man and I now cannot see since my tears have drenched my guyliner. Oh wait, that will be him when he has to listen to Christina Aguilera talk.

How bad did Facebook hurt musicians went it ditched it old page style for Timeline. Well, lets just say this, all those stockholders who are hurting… It’s worse for musicians. Wait, nevermind musicians didn’t have enough money in the first place to get ripped off that bad. ANYWAY, Root Music’s BandPage App now works on your website and as widgets since Facebook screwed everyone with this dumb timeline thing, Their awesome service makes it so you can listen and enjoy the bands you love and now you can do it in even more places.

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POZ Contributor Blog: Josh Terry

by Zack Zarrillo - Jul 5, 2012


PropertyOfZack is very happy to be debuting our first Contributor Blog with Josh Terry. Josh is an artist manager for A-Squared Management in Nashville, TN and works with POZ favorites Mayday Parade, A Rocket To The Moon, William Beckett, and Mat Kearney as well. In the past Josh has also worked with The Fray, This Providence, and Sing It Loud. We thought Josh would be a great addition to the Contributor team due to his background in management, which is what his first blog is all about. In the first blog, Josh tackles what an artist manager does and what his personal goals should be. It’s truly a worthwhile read, so check it out and enjoy!

“Can I ask you a question? What are your career goals for the future?”

This was a question posed to me by one of my interns the other week after a heated phone call. 

Over the years, I’ve learned that part of my job has been to become the guy who has a logical explanation for every situation and who’s able to answer questions such as:

“Should we go on this tour, or hold out for something better?”

“Should we sign with this record company? Or this publishing company? And are these good or bad deals?”

“Do you think this merch item will sell on tour & in our online store?”

“Does my butt look big in these skinny jeans?”

An artist manager’s job is to basically act as the ceo of an artist’s overall business. So the answer to each of those questions can be far more complex than what is on the surface, so my response is usually, “let’s look at all the facts & make the best decision possible with the information we have in front of us.” 

To put things in perspective you probably need to know my story. I started working in music when i was 18 years old. While in college i ran my college concert board, i had 14 unpaid internships in every aspect of the business (from management companies, to booking agencies, to talent buyers, to working festivals, to handling promotions for concert venues, to shipping out cds for small indy record labels), and i started managing and booking local bands out of my dorm room (some of whom went on to sign major record contracts). When i graduated college i became a tour manager and traveled the world for 2.5 years, and eventually was brought in to work at a management firm & asked to continue to sign bands that i believed in. Over the years i worked with some very talented people who along with my family & friends helped shape me into who i am today and who gave me great advice on how to make the right decisions not only with my career but with my life.

My immediate goals have always been the same. Find bands you love, help present great opportunities to them & guide their careers to a place where they can be financially secure and have the freedom to create their art on their own terms. And most importantly, build a comfortable working relationship where trust and respect are the foundation, and hope that in the back of my client’s head they think, “that guy works really hard, is a good person, and has our back.”

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PropertyOfZack Special : : The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 17, 2012


We kicked off our bi-weekly column called The Industry With Jesse Cannon a few weeks ago, and we’re stoked to bring it back. Jesse Cannon has been a great friend to PropertyOfZack for years now and has produced bands like Man Overboard, Transit, and Lifetime out of his Cannon Found Soundation in addition to having a great website called Musformation, which fueled the fire to reboot his Contributor Blog feature into this new special feature. In this week’s feature, Jesse tackles Google Play, AT&T, a possible iTunes streaming service, Rdio, and much more. Check out the second feature below and be sure to come back every two weeks for more!

Google Music is now known as Google Play. You are probably wondering what I am talking about since, like Google+, no one really is using this service. With that said, there are some cool things about it. It, for one, is an easy way to give away music for free and DIY bands get on it really easily. As for fans, well it’s just another service that doesn’t have much all the other music services don’t. Hopefully this is one of Google’s “slow-grow” successes.

While many of the dinosaur bands like Metallica and Coldplay shun streaming music services like Spotify and Rdio - the smart and innovative lads in The Temper Trap have released their new record exclusively on Spotify. This is a smart move since it will make their new release even more social. This band got their following doing many smart social moves and not using conventional advertising and this move is surely a smart one many other groups will be mimicking.  

Radiohead have bucked convention again (and I am not talking about Thom Yorke’s awful “Dad Ponytail”) and started to work with the service TicketTrust. This service ensures when a fan really can’t attend a show they can sell it for a reasonable price to another fan. This takes away the horrible scalping and second hand ticket pains and allows fans to be able to listen to depressed songs with annoying atonal keyboards, errr I mean see their favorite bands without having only the fans who can afford crazy prices be able to attend.

AT&T has found another way to make their users hate them. They are now imposing even larger data limits on their customers which will subsequently also make them shy away from bandwidth hogs. This throws a big wrench in the idea behind streaming music services since it will have many users shying away from them and going back to illegal downloading.

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PropertyOfZack Special : : The Industry With Jesse Cannon

by Zack Zarrillo - Mar 3, 2012


Jesse Cannon has been a great friend to PropertyOfZack for years now and has produced bands like Man Overboard, Transit, and Lifetime out of his Cannon Found Soundation. Jesse also has a great website called Musformation, which fueled the fire to reboot his Contributor Blog feature into a special series of blogs called The Industry With Jesse Cannon. In the bi-weekly column, Jesse will talk about select stories that have been floating around the music industry for the past few weeks. We cover music news every day on the site, but it’s important to us to highlight some of the happenings in the industry as well, and we’re stoked to have Jesse put his own spin on it. Check out the first feature below and be sure to come back every two weeks for more!

Kickstarter now funds more projects than the National Endowment of the Arts. A huge turning point for people and an immense statement on the growing power of crowdfunding. This is also a relief for those of us who worried our tax dollars only go to supporting Opera instead of bribing bands into reunion shows, maybe the NEA will take the hint and start funding all those experimental iPhone cases all over Kickstarter. 

Adele is the first artist to go double platinum on iTunes. Considering this is the only record that has shown major record sales in years, it isn’t a shock. What is shocking is I thought the only place people bought her music was online at Starbucks?

iTunes has announced a new section entitled Mastered for iTunes. As you probably guessed, this is another major label scam to try to get people to buy their favorite albums again and pretend they can hear a difference in them as they listen out of laptop speakers. 

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites in the history of the Internet. If you have not come across it yet, it is basically a place where you can make “pinboards” of everything you are interested in. This could be YouTubes of your favorite songs or a bunch of pictures of band T-Shirts you like. Bands can also use it to bond with their fans.

Shockingly, major labels are still trying to screw artists out of as much money as possible. EMI records has been pushing a new work for hire law that will lock its artists into an even more gruesome royalty and payment plan. A great move by fat cats who still don’t get that they need to rehabilitate their image if they want people to pay for music ever again. 

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