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by Zack Zarrillo - May 27, 2012


From Brandon Gepfer:

I think the hardest thing about keeping a journal of a tour is actually doing it.  The first night, we wrote a lot of funny shit that I probably shouldn’t repeat because my mother will read this.  The second night we finally met up with Young English in West Virginia and the show was fun, we got drunk and saw friends, and a rottweiler there was very sexually aggressive towards me.  A few nights later in Amityville, NY we would play our last show with Young English due to Chris getting sick.  But, don’t worry… We were getting down with the sickness too.  We pushed on for a few more days, playing some shows in CT, PA and NY.  I think the hardest thing about what I’m going to reflect upon next is that it’s real and not bullshit.  When I talk about touring, I want my friends and family to think I am having a ball and that everything is so good, I think a few of those shows were some of the worst I’ve ever played.  

Compiled with the ‘punk time’ ethic, a collective sickness of 4/5 people in our van and general van problems that seem to never leave us alone.  I feel really bad because I don’t know if it was even enjoyable to anyone and that sucks.  I never wanted to be in a band like that.  We got word of a couple of cancellations and changes post Pouzza Fest in Montreal (the reason we were on the tour) and quite frankly, it terrified all of us to have to make these drives without knowing if our show would actually happen.  So, we had a decision to make but we wanted to make it to Montreal first, because it would be our first show outside of the US.  On May 20, we played in Montreal after a seven hour drive from Buffalo.  It was incredible to see so many friends at that show, and so many people from Canada that were generally excited about Placeholder.  Despite vomiting  an hour before the show, playing there was one of my favorite (and I think collectively) experiences so far as a band. It was awesome, thank you to anyone and everyone that was involved with Pouzza ‘12.  

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