SideOneDummy Launches The Basement

by Zack Zarrillo - Oct 14, 2014

The Basement is a new 24/7 radio channel with DASH Radio, powered by our friends at SideOneDummy. Check out details below!

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Your Favorite Band’s Favorite Band: Violent Soho

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 30, 2014


Violent Soho, have you heard of them yet? Cause all your favorite bands have, and we’re loving them too. The band just released a new album called Hungry Ghost through SideOneDummy and this is your chance to get on board.

We have a new feature surrounding the band today with members of The Menzingers, Superheaven, You Blew It!, Man Overboard, Modern Baseball, Restorations, Dresses, and Pup each sharing love for at least one song off of Hungry Ghost. Pick up the record here and check out what all of your favorite bands had to say about the record below!

1. Dope Calypso - TOM MAY / THE MENZINGERS
This song has everything I’ve ever fucking wanted from a song. The intro kicks you in the face, the groove is hypnotic, the guitar tones are perfect, the vocals sit right in your chest and of course culminate in a harmony laced, piss shivering medley to round the whole thing off. Man, what a tune. 

This is one of the first songs I heard from Violent Soho. I think it’s a great representation of the band: Fat, fuzzy guitars with Luke’s crazy, unique vocals over top. The vocal melodies are one of my favorite things about the band.

3. Covered In Chrome - TIMOTHY HELLER / DRESSES
This is genuinely the best song I’ve heard in a long time. It sounds like an old 90s classic to me which is amazing. We quite literally listened to it on repeat our entire last tour. I physically cannot resist head banging to it. 

Violent Soho is just a cool band. Before I tell you why, did you know their “new” record Hungry Ghost, is certified GOLD in Australia?!? That’s wiley and Wikipedia is a crazy place. Anyway, Violent Soho is just a cool band. Hungry Ghost is literally hit after mega hit. Saramona Said is one of my favorites, a classic “everything and everyone is fucked anyway, so why should I care” kind of tune. True dat. I mean the first few lines in the song are so so good and just really set a tone for the whole thing. 

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Restorations “Separate Songs” Music Video From ‘LP3’

by Zack Zarrillo - Sep 2, 2014

Restorations are releasing LP3 on October 28th via SideOneDummy Records. Watch a new music video for “Separate Songs” here via NPR or below after the jump.

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SideOneDummy Sign Jaws During Shark Week

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 15, 2014


SideOneDummy Records have signed Jaws. The band will release their debut album, Be Slowly, on September 16th. Stream “Swim” below after the jump.

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Superheaven Sign To SideOneDummy Records

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 5, 2014

Superheaven have officially signed to SideOneDummy Records. A reissue of Jar is coming via RFC in the US and SideOne in Europe. Read a quote from the band on the signing below after the jump.

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SideOneDummy Sign Violent Soho; Band Announces ‘Hungry Ghost’

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 24, 2014


Violent Soho have signed to SideOneDummy Records and will be releasing Hungry Ghost on September 29th. Watch a video for “Covered In Chrome” and check out the art below after the jump.

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SideOneDummy Storytellers: Kevin Lyman

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 16, 2014


A new episode of Storytellers from SideOneDummy has been posted with Kevin Lyman. Watch the episode below after the jump.

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POZ 10Of’13: SideOneDummy Records Family

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 10, 2013


PropertyOfZack is back with a new 10Of’13 End Of The Year Lists with our friends in the SideOneDummy Records family. Check out lists from Anti-Flag, Restorations, Dresses, Pup, and Erik Griffin below! 

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SideOneDummy Records Sign PUP

by Zack Zarrillo - Dec 9, 2013

SideOneDummy Records have signed PUP. The band will be releasing a new album via the label in the Spring of 2014. Check out a press release from SideOne below after the jump. 

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SideOneDummy Records Announce #TestPressThursdays

by Zack Zarrillo - Nov 5, 2013

Starting Thursday November 7, SideOneDummy Records will be launching an ongoing charity auction series called #TestPressThursdays. The label label will be auctioning off roughly 60-80 rare and limited vinyl test presses from the their own catalogue with proceeds from the auction going towards  MusiCares and Harmony Project.

The first batch of test presses will go live on SideOneDummy’s eBay account this Thursday, November 7th and feature rare items from MxPx, Title Fight, The Horrible Crowes and more. Check out details on MusiCares and Harmony Project below after the jump.

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SideOneDummy Records Looking For Fall Interns

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 27, 2013


SideOneDummy Records are currently looking for interns to help out their great staff. Check out details below after the jump.

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POZ Contest: Warped Tour Virginia Beach, VA - Tickets + Comp

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 21, 2013


PropertyOfZack is stoked to be teaming up with our friends at SideOneDummy Records again to give away another pair of tickets to Warped Tour’s Virginia Beach, VA stop in addition to a free copy of the Warped Tour comp. The contest will end on Friday, June 28th, so check out the Warped Comp info here and contest details below!

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To win a pair of Warped VBVA tickets and a comp you must do each of the following things:

POZ Road Blog: Restorations (Update I)

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 3, 2013


Restorations are out on a stacked tour with The Menzingers, Fake Problems, and Captain, We’re Sinking, which is why we’re so happy to have the band do a PropertyOfZack Road Blog for the site over the next few weeks. Check out their first Road Blog entry below and come back for more!

From Dave Klyman: 

5/24 - Day 1. There aren’t many feelings comparable to waiting for a tour to start. The anticipation mixes with impatience as your mind anxiously prepares itself for the abrupt change in lifestyle. To most people, the idea of cramming your entire life into a backpack and cramping your legs in a packed van full of heavy gear sounds more like a job, as if you’ve started a mobile construction company and have to build a new house in a new town every night. Make no mistakes, it is a job in a lot of ways: heavy  lifting, often in a rushed manner, having to stay in the same building or vehicle for hours and hours, with no option to call out or simply go home. But unlike, say, construction, what you build along a tour is not necessarily a tangible thing. True enough that it is made up of physical people and places, but the combined efforts of all involved in creating a successful and sustainable road in the music world simply can’t be quantified in mere numbers and locations


That being said, setting foot onstage at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia on the first night, the kickoff of a three week tour with Captain We’re Sinking, Fake Problems, and, of course, The Menzingers, it’s impossible not to be excited by the knowledge of the actual factual number of attendees of the sold out show. Hometown pride isn’s always a given, but this show was as pure an affirmation as it could’ve been as well  as a great testament to the hard work that the Menzingers have put in over the years.  A truly great night for Philadelphia music

5/25 - When a tour has such an auspicious start, it becomes a gauntlet of sorts. How do you top a sold out hometown show? You play the next couple dates with a determined viciousness. You pretend you don’t notice the incongruities within the set and performance, the little mistakes that seem monumental. In reality, no one knows the difference so long as you flail around and generally make a spectacle of yourself on stage. And that’s what I think we all did for day 2 at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA.  A hair from selling out, the audience was no less receptive than Philly,  just a bit more physically reserved.

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POZ Decade: Anti-Flag - A 20 Year Celebration

by Zack Zarrillo - May 14, 2013


Our PropertyOfZack the Decade feature has been incredibly fun for us to launch over the past few months to celebrate ten year anniversaries of some of our favorite albums. Today’s feature is going to be a little different though. Anti-Flag are not celebrating a ten year album anniversary this year, but they are celebrating a 20 year anniversary as a band. We’re helping them do that today.

We have commentary from Anti-Flag themselves, Man Overboard, Code Orange Kids, Pentimento, Skinny Lister, The Braces, The Architects, Blacklist Royals, and Modern Baseball on multiple aspects of AF’s career over the past 20 years, and we think it’s pretty special.

SideOneDummy Records is also being incredibly rad and offering POZ viewers 20% off on their entire webstore until Thursday, May 16th with the code “POZ.” So check out the webstore here, AF’s 20 year anniversary tour dates here, and the whole Decade feature below!

Skinny Lister on Anti-Flag’s influence
Anti-Flag has a way of inspiring not just their fans, but their friends as well. I fell in love with Anti-Flag in high school and for years they were the anthem of my youth. Later while playing in The A.K.A.s, I got to meet them and tour with them and was happy to learn that the quality of people in the band ran just as deep as the quality of their music. Anti-Flag will always be a band for the people, and I am honored to call them friends. - Michael Camino (@skinnylister)
Code Orange Kids on A New Kind of Army
The first punk CD I ever owned was Anti-Flag’s A New Kind of Army. One of the first shows I went to was getting to see Anti-Flag in Pittsburgh. Both of these experiences shaped my musical palette as a lil’ guy. I read up on social issues and got in the push pit. It was tight. – Jami Morgan (@codeorangekids)

If there is one thing you wanted people to know about AF that they do not already know, what would it be?
Chris #2: We have fun. A lot of fun! We believe that being in a band should be fun. Not everything is about the politics of the band. That’s why we chose music. Because we are humans, we enjoy life, we want others to as well. In conjunction with that we believe that having a social conscience is important and making a statement is necessary to create change in the world. The truth is that people can have great lives and reach success without fucking over each other and the planet. 
Modern Baseball on Chris #2’s bass riffs
My first exposure to Anti-Flag was when I was about 12 or 13 and I first discovered Fat Wreck’s Rock Against Bush comps with the band’s “School For Assassins” on it. After hearing that track, they quickly became one of my favorite bands because they were playing cool punk rock and singing about stuff they were super passionate about, which is a trait that was somewhat lacking in punk bands at the time. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been listening to Die For Your Government and The Terror State for about eight years now and even crazier to think they had been a band for twelve years before that. Not too many bands have it in them to put out records with such energy for so long. When I first started playing bass, Chris #2 was one of my favorite bassists and hell - he still is. Dude rips awesome bass lines left and right in a way that no one else can, which totally sets Anti-Flag from other punk bands like them. I mean, just listen to “Turncoat.” That last chorus is like insane bass riffage. I wish I was that good. Anyway, my point is I love that band and I’m super stoked that they’ve been around this long and I’m even more stoked to see them again at Bled Fest this year. – Ian Farmer (@modernbaseball)

If you could change one thing about your career what would you alter?
Chris #2: That’s interesting. I don’t like to really entertain scenarios like this because no matter what you’ve done, unless its harm someone physically, most of what happens in a music career is based on creative instinct and what is right for you at the time. So, it’s easy to have hindsight, but the butterfly effect of that change could alter everything else. One thing that nags us is that we should have trimmed the fat on some early songs. Some are way too long! 

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment over the last 20 years?

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SideOneDummy Records Looking For Interns

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 25, 2013

SideOneDummy Records are currently looking for interns to help out their great staff. Check out details below after the jump.

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