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The Republic Of Wolves Interpret Sum 41’s “In Too Deep”

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 2, 2014

The Republic Of Wolves have a way of making joke songs that few other bands do. Listen to their interpretation of Sum 41’s “In Too Deep” below after the jump.

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The Weekender: Blind Justice, blink Demoing City Lights Breakup, Sum 41 Don’t Know When To Stop

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 15, 2014


Welcome to PropertyOfZack: Weekender edition. Every weekend, we bring you some of biggest and most interesting pieces of the past week from our own content to stories or breaking news. If you’ve had a busy week and want to catch up with some light reading, we hope this is for you. 


Blind Justice Accused Of Illegally Taking Nude Photos From Girl

The genres of punk and hardcore are were built by outcasts who decided it would better to stick together and create rather than take advantage and destroy. Decide what side you’re on, and don’t attempt to fool anyone by saying anything otherwise.


blink-182 Demoing New Music

Momentum seems to have slowed down for blink-182. In November and December it seemed clear that the band had plans to begin recording their follow-up album to Neighborhoods in February, but that seems very unlikely. 

The band has plans for a summer in Europe, but music needs to predate that plane and boat ride blink. Will we see a June or July release? That’s what’s necessary if blink want to take over the world, again.


City Lights Call It Quits

From the band:

We have decided to call it quits because we’ve all come to a time in our lives when we’re ready to take on new opportunities. For some of us, that involves continuing to play music, and for others it involves working behind the scenes in the industry. We firmly believe that we can contribute to not only our own musical growth, but to the growth of our music scene in general by taking on these new opportunities, and continuing without City Lights.


Sum 41 Making A New Album; Band Auditioning Drummers

The real question Sum 41 needs to ask is, “Does anyone want to hear new music from us?” It’s a little hard to believe that the answer is “Yes.”

Sum 41 put out three incredible records in a row, and they have all stood the test of time. Underclass Hero, while not a fan favorite, was a huge success in the mainstream world. Screaming Bloody Murder was a major failure in every regard.

Since then, the band lost another lifetime member. Since then, Deryck Whibley’s personal and physical life have fallen apart and he has become a laughing stock among fans.

It might be time to just stick to the hits, if the hits can even draw people out.


For Today: It Was Frustrating Because I Really Do Love Gay People

There’s a point where it’s better to say no comment then to say something no one believes. 

Sum 41 Making A New Album; Band Auditioning Drummers

by Zack Zarrillo - Feb 11, 2014


Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 recently did an interview with a Detroit radio station to discuss new music and a new drummer. Check out a rundown of what he said below after the jump.

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POZ Discussion: Albums That Deserve 10 Year Tours In 2014

by Zack Zarrillo - Jan 22, 2014


Our music scene is going through an interesting cycle in the present day. There have been a large influx of young bands that have provided great excitement and passion for us all in the last few years, but we’re also entering a time where the influences of those bands are celebrating major anniversaries for their most loved albums. Bands like Say Anything, Jimmy Eat World, and Midtown, among many others, have seen ten year anniversaries come and go. We all expect there to be more than a few great ten year tours in 2014, but PropertyOfZack team members put together a list of a few more albums that we want more than anything to see toured in full in 2014. Check out the full Discussion and feel free to reblog with any albums you think need to be championed as underrated masterpieces too!


Say Anything - Is A Real Boy
I hate being “that guy” that holds allegiance to a band or artist’s very first record and finds little-to-nothing in subsequent records to grab onto, but if we’re being honest, there are TONS of “those guys” out there, enough to make commemoration tours of seminal records a rousing success and continuing trend. When I realized a few years ago that anniversary tours were going to start becoming relevant to my (very old) self, one of the first ones I mentally put on my future years calendar was the potential tour for “Is a Real Boy” here in 2014. While I’m not sure if anything will ever feel as triumphant or cathartic as seeing SA tour on that record in tiny rooms right after it came out (“what say you and all your friends step up to my friends in the alley tonight?” might as well be a call to war), the record is one of the most musical and theatrical that our scene ever adopted, and listening to it in its entirety feels like a crazy anecdotal journey through the amusement park of someone’s brain. And even though I personally feel that SA hasn’t been able to capture lightening in a bottle like that since, the band has been around for a long time, fine tuning their craft, touring with frequency, and seems to have a lot of respect for what they used to write and where they came from - the most recent example being the rarities and B-sides tour they did last summer. If they pull off a 10-year tour for Is a Real Boy, I will be more than thrilled to see how Bemis and his gang herald and revere the record that put them on the map, and is one of the most brave, artistically interesting releases to have come out in independent music in the last ten years.  - Adrienne Fisher


Jimmy Eat World - Futures
Jimmy Eat World is lucky enough to have two to three generations of fans; that’s just part of what happens when you release an incredible record followed by an incredible record followed by another incredible record. Many fans were lucky enough to witness a ten year tour for Clarity in 2009, but the band decided to not do another for Bleed American several years ago. Why would they for Futures? That album feels different to many, I think. You could look at it is the “younger generation” Jimmy Eat World fan’s Clarity. And it looks like the band recognizes it too.

Jimmy Eat World has apparently also been practicing some extra songs off of Futures lately, because they played one for the first time ever at a holiday show in New Jersey in December. There have been hints of a reissuing for the album on vinyl too, to mark its ten year anniversary. All the stars are close to aligning. Hook it up, Jimmy Eat World. - Zack Zarrillo


Midtown - Forget What You Know
Of the dozens and dozens of bands from last decade that have recently appeared on the reunion circuit, the one from my own personal roster of favorites that’s been most glaringly missing is Midtown. For those with a self-proclaimed bleeding Drive-Thru heart like my own, the disappearance of Midtown from active duty in 2005 was 
a pretty unexpected blow, especially considering the then-recent release of their major label debut, Forget What You Know. It was a record that, at the time, felt like a weird outgrowing of pop-punk despite how the album prior had been even popper and prettier than the first one.

And the lyrical content of FWYK strayed even further from the expectations, presenting philosophical takes on existentialism and disillusionment that perhaps a bubblegum crowd of wide-eyed teenagers wasn’t quite ready to “get.” Given the timeline, Midtown had only less than a year of touring under their belt for the record before they dissolved, and now it’s been 10 years since the moody, almost modern-rock record fell into the laps of fans. Which means that we’ve had plenty of time to absorb and understand the mature undertones that made Forget What You Know so excellent, but mostly it means that we’ve been crying for almost a decade now for Gabe Saporta to step down from the disco dance floor of Cobra Starship and pick up his bass again, preferably in a New Jersey firehouse somewhere, with the rest of the band. Although I have little-to-no hope that a Midtown reunion anything will ever happen (especially not on the heels of something so obvious as a ten-year milestone), it never hurts to put the reminder out, every once in a while, that we the fans are still out here. - Adrienne Fisher 

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Jerry Finn Passed Away Five Years Ago Today

by Zack Zarrillo - Aug 21, 2013

Producer Jerry Finn, best known for being the mastermind behind blink-182’s three platinum records and a slew of other great punk releases, passed away five years ago today from a cerebral hemorrhage followed by a massive heart attack. You can spin works by Finn in remembrance below after the jump.

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Friday Discussion: The Most Iconic Music Videos

by Zack Zarrillo - Jun 21, 2013


Music videos tend to matter less and less over time, but we all still have our go-to favorites. Whether it was on MTV, VH1, a band’s terrible 2003 website, or YouTube, music videos used to (and sometimes still do) entertain us to no end. We thought it’d be a great idea to do a new PropertyOfZack Friday Discussion on The Most Iconic Music Videos from our general scene over the past few decades. Check out our Discussion below and feel free to reblog with your favorite music videos!

blink-182 - What’s My Age Again, by Zack Zarrillo
It doesn’t matter if you discovered the music video for “What’s My Age Again” at age 14 in 1999, 2003, 2008, or 2013. When you found it, you 1) were laughing 2) were singing along while laughing, and 3) were watching semi-naked dudes on your computer or TV screen while hoping your mom didn’t walk in. 

4) You most likely fell musically and immaturely in love with blink-182. 

The video is classic blink and set the band up for so much that happened in the rest of their immediate and future career, by nature of putting together all the pieces of the puzzle to create a video that (by today’s definition) would be the most viral music video on the internet.

Saves The Day - At Your Funeral, by Brittany Oblak
This music video was released in 2001 and came out for the album Stay What You Are, when the band took on a much poppier direction. This music video got airtime on both MTV and MTV2, and it was also how I discovered the band. The video is shot in motion-control behind a young Chris Conley, showing what appears to be the life cycle of a family. The video’s directors were really into “Requiem for a Dream” at the time, hence them shooting it in this style, and it even features director Maureen Egan’s mom at the end. This video opened not only a lot of doors for the band, but helped increase their fan base as well. This song being the band’s biggest single and an iconic anthem for Saves the Day fans alike, this video is (appropriately so) just as memorable and admired as the song itself. 

Sum 41 - Still Waiting, by Marc Gary Gray
The hilarious introduction (thanks to a cameo by Will Sasso) to this video paints a perfect picture of the musical landscape in 2002. After enjoying a huge decade starting with Green Day’s Dookie in 1994 and culminating with blink-182’s Enema of the State in 1999, the momentum of the pop-punk movement had faded. In its place, garage rock bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes were sending popular rock music in a different direction. Enter Sum 41 and this song/video. They weren’t done with pop punk, and they were ready to prove it (and ready to poke fun at the nouveau chic). This is Sum 41 at their best: bratty, catchy, and fun as hell. 

The Replacements - Bastards Of Young, by Jesse Richman
The Replacements carved out a place in history as punk’s lovable losers, accidental geniuses who managed to cut themselves off at the knees each time success crept close, and nowhere is it more evident than here. After years of under-heralded brilliance, the ‘Mats signed a major label deal, gave the boot to talented-but-unreliable guitarist Bob Stinson, and churned out Tim, and album featuring nine of the most perfect songs ever complied on one disc (and two terrible ones, because that’s how the ‘Mats roll).

And yet, when it came time to make a music video for “Bastards Of Young”, a song that seemed sure to make the band stars, they handed the label…this. The greatest anti-video ever created. Three and a half minutes of a camera pointed at a stereo playing their song, while someone just out of view sits on the couch and has a smoke. That’s it. Wait through it all, and be rewarded with three seconds of catharsis at the end. It was a giant middle finger toward music video culture: there was no way MTV could have played it, and they basically didn’t. So much for success!

Of course, The Replacements are having the last laugh; they’ll be reuniting in a few months to headline all three of this year’s Riot Fests, atop lineups packed full of bands they inspired, including Against Me!, who have been known to whip out a killer live cover of “Bastards” from time to time.

Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly, by Donald Wagenblast
The song itself doesn’t matter. The story thrown together for the video doesn’t matter. All anyone will ever remember about the “Stick Stickly” video, and frankly all that needs to be remembered about the video/song/band, is that it was the world’s introduction and horrible first impression of crabcore.

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POZ Playlist: Team Recommendations

by Zack Zarrillo - May 5, 2013


It’s the end of the weekend again, so PropertyOfZack is back with a brand new Team Recommendations Playlist! Each weekend, different members of our team recommend both old and new songs for our viewers to listen to and enjoy. Check out our Team Playlist and listen to the songs on Spotify while reading everyone’s thoughts! 


Set Your Goals - Only Right Now
After a lackluster third full-length, this band released a pair of digital singles last year to nearly unanimous applause. Since then, I feel like people have forgotten about all those two songs, and in some cases, this band altogether. “Only Right Now” is a fun, upbeat pop-punk jam that should find its way on to any summer mixtape. Consider this a reminder to revisit it. - Brandon Allin (@allinbr)
All Teeth – California Sons
Real on that North Bay stuff. - Ali Carcache (@alicarcache)
Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue
Nothing says “summer” like Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue,” so it only makes sense that as the weather gets nicer this album goes into permanent rotation on my iPod. - Becky Kovach (@beckystrz)
Fireworks - You Weren’t Born With A Bag Of Sand In Your Hands
One of my first shows was Fireworks and The Wonder Years in 2009. This band is one of the main reasons I’m in love with our scene. This song’s fantastic and I can’t wait to see how their upcoming album turns out! - Mike Sheffey (@SheffeyzTweetz)
Northstar - The Pornographer’s Daughter
When you need toshow everyone in traffic just how emo you are by singing along to some early 2000s anthem penned by dudes from Alabama. You know, for those times. - Marc Gray (@marcgarygray)
Sum 41 - In Too Deep
I was listening to Sum 41 the other day, while deeply saddened about the band all but falling apart, and it was magnificent. Whether it’s “In Too Deep,” “Over My Head,” or “Pieces,” Sum 41 had the ability to write great and catchy songs. “In Too Deep” was the first pop-punk song I ever heard, so lets jam that today. – Zack Zarrillo (@zzarrillo) 

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Morning Recap: The Story So Far/STYG Split, Deryck Whibley Comment On Stevo Departure

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 26, 2013

The Story So Far, Stick To Your Guns Announce Split 7”

The Story So Far and Stick To Your Guns will be releasing the split just in time for Warped Tour this summer. The Story So Far’s side of the split will feature a Pinback cover and an acoustic song. 

Sum 41 Frontman Opens Up About Stevo’s Departure

Deryck Whibley has finally opened up about Stevo Jocz departure from Sum 41. While Whibley doesn’t go into extreme details, it does not seem like he sees the departure as a hindrance to the band’s future.

Stay Ahead Of The Weather Working On New Music

Evan Weiss just can’t get enough. Stay Ahead Of The Weather, who have more or less been quiet for a few years, are finally working on new music. This comes following Evan recording new music for Into It. Over It., Their/They’re/There, and Pet Symmetry. 

Forever The Sickest Kids Announce New Album

The band will be releasing J.A.C.K. on June 25th. Yes, the name of the band’s album are the initials of each member’s first name. 

Dance Gavin Dance Finish Recording New Record

We’ll be getting Dance Gavin Dance’s first album with newly appointed frontman Tilian Pearson sometime this summer, most likely August. 

Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley Opens Up About Stevo’s Departure, Back Problems

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 25, 2013


Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 recently did a new interview to discuss the departure of Stevo Jocz and his continued back problems. Check out the full interview here and a snippet of it below.

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Morning Recap: Fall Out Boy NSFW Video, Sum 41 Bassist Comments On Drummer Departure

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 19, 2013


Fall Out Boy Release NSFW “Young Volcanoes” Music Video

The story continues. FOB have released their third music video, and this one is a little not safe for work.

Sum 41’s Cone McCaslin Comments On Stevo’s Departure

The band has yet to make an official statement, but bassist Cone McCasline posted comments on Stevo Jocz departure. We’d still like to hear official word on why Jocz left.

Fall Out Boy Cover David Bowie’s “Life On Mars”

Patrick Stump recorded a stripped down cover of David Bowie’s “Life On Mars.” That’s one talented man.

Twitter Launches #Music App

After a month filled with rumors, the #Music.app by Twitter has finally launched. What are your thoughts on it?

Fall Out Boy’s “Rat A Tat” Without Courtney Love

Some fan really does not like Courtney Love.

Sum 41’s Cone McCaslin Comments On Stevo’s Departure

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 18, 2013

Stevo Jocz announced his departure from Sum 41 last night aveter 17 years. Check out what Cone McCaslin had to say about the departure below by clicking “Read More.”

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Morning Recap: Stevo Leaves Sum 41 After 17 Years

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 18, 2013

Stevo Leaves Sum 41 After 17 Years  

Drummer Stevo Jocz has left Sum 41 after 17 years. The band has yet to release a statement of their own, but early rumors suggest the move was most likely made due to the band dropping off of their recent arena tour with Billy Talent.

AFI To Return With New Album In September

AFI are always cryptic, but the band has let fans know that something is coming in September. An album, maybe?

Rise Records Signs Emily’s Army

Emily’s Army have signed to Rise Records and will be playing a stint on Warped Tour. Many are taking interest in the band because the drummer is Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day’s son.

Fall Out Boy, Kid Cudi To Battle For Top Billboard Spot

FOB and Kid Cudi are both on track to sell 145,000 records. Who do you think will take the top spot?

Paramore Take Top Billboard Spot With 105K Sales

Paramore took their first number one spot on the Billboard charts with 105,000 copies sold. What’s interesting is that the release of brand new eyes debuted in the second spot four years ago with 175,000 albums moved.

Spitalfield ‘Remember Right Now’ 10YR Reunion Tour

Spitalfield are back for a ten date ten year tour for Remember Right Now. Shane from Valencia and Jon Walker (ex-Panic!) are opening.

The Dangerous Summer Releasing Album In August?

Fans were hoping for a release this June, but it looks like we won’t be getting The Dangerous Summer’s third album until August. 

Stevo Leaves Sum 41 After 17 Years

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 17, 2013

Stevo has left Sum 41 after 17 years of being in the band. This comes just a week after the band dropped off of an arena tour. Read a message from Stevo below by clicking “Read More.”

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Morning Recap: Four Year Strong Are Not Breaking Up

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 12, 2013


Four Year Strong Are Not Breaking Up, Despite Rumors

Rumors started to spread that Four Year Strong were breaking up, but PropertyOfZack spoke with Alan Day yesterday and confirmed that the rumors were not true. You can check out what he had to say about the band by clicking the link above.

The World Is A Beautiful Place Announce Debut LP

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die will be releasing their debut album via Topshelf Records this summer. Been a long time coming.

The Wonder Years Announce GK Pop-Up Shop

The Wonder Years are teaming up with Glamour Kills for a Philadelphia pop-up shop surrounding the release of their new record. This is pretty cool.

Paramore Aiming For Top Spot With ~110,000 Copies

brand new eyes debuted at 2 on the Billboard charts, and it looks like Paramore’s new self-titled record will take things a step further for the band.

Sum 41 Drop Off Tour Due To Reoccurring Medical Issues

Sum 41 have had to drop off of their arena tour with Billy Talent due to back problems, once again. Many fans are both disappointed and concerned about frontman Deryck Whibley.

Owen Announces New Album; Streams New Song

Owen will be releasing his next record on July 2nd. It’s a good one.

Spring Fever Tour Set Lists

The Spring Fever Tour with All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Mayday Parade, and You Me At Six kicked off yesterday. Set lists above,

Sum 41 Drop Off Arena Tour Due To Reoccurring Medical Issues

by Zack Zarrillo - Apr 11, 2013

Sum 41 have been forced to drop off their tour with Billy Talent due to reoccurring back problems from Deryck Whibley. Check out a message from Billy Talent below by clicking “Read More.”

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