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PropertyOfZack Special : : The Allied Force

by Zack Zarrillo - May 16, 2012


PropertyOfZack is beyond excited to finally be launching The Allied Force with Chris Martin of Hostage Calm. The special Contributor Blog will be an ongoing series with Cmar where he will discuss his thoughts on the current political and social environment, conduct interviews with bands on these issues, discuss music, and much more. In his first post, Cmar explains the creation of The Allied Force, showcases his point of view on the current social and political climate, dives into same-sex marriage, and so much more that we are honored to host on the site. Read the first entry into The Allied Force below and make sure to keep coming back for more!

An Introduction to The Allied Force:
I named this blog the Allied Force for a reason. We live in a time where each political and social issue that dominates our government’s attention seems to affect only some of us: a region, a constituency, a race, a creed, a class. The issues are sliced up nicely as to target however small a group of people that will not form a political obstacle, and to convince the others that this small group forms a threat to the national interest, to normalcy.

This blog came was born about ten minutes after a conversation I had with the Galluccio family at a Hostage Calm New Jersey Marriage Equality Rally. Michael and I were having a casual conversation backstage in celebration of the show and the cause and discussing our plans. Something struck me about the sincerity of a very simple statement, one that you might glance over at first. “We need the allies, man. The allies make the difference. [Gay families] are here fighting for our own rights, but we need people who understand this to join us. They need to see it’s not just about US, ya know. We need support from across the spectrum.”

This was this moment when a lot of separate issues converged on this one concept: the Allies. I started to realize that I am an Ally. 

I’m straightedge, and I oppose the War on Drugs.
I’m an American citizen, and I oppose the War on Immigrants.
I’m a graduate, and I oppose the War on Students.

The list goes on. In fact, if there’s one thing that’s a defining feature of my political orientation, it’s that I am an Ally. And as an Ally, I can see that there’s a singular problem that’s plaguing America.

Our politics are driven by one crucial flaw: as a nation of people(s), we’re absolutely addicted to regulating the social lives of those around us. North Carolina’s new marriage amendment is not the disease. It’s merely a symptom of the more central illness in America of everyone needing to interfere with everyone else on everything. We need to recognize that anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-immigrant: it’s all interwoven. And as Allies, we need to recognize our role as standing against the great, nationwide assault on individual choice. On EVERY issue. This is where the Liberals, the Conservatives, the Libertarians, the Socialists, people from across the spectrum of punk/underground music meet and can find agreement. This is where we become the Allied Force.

So with this blog, let us meet. Together we can form the civic union across the spectrum that challenges the legal institutions which target the few, affect the many, and require the Allies to make real change. 

A New Narrative on Same-Sex Marriage: The War on Love

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Hostage Calm, POZ Team Up For The Allied Force

by Zack Zarrillo - May 10, 2012


PropertyOfZack is incredibly excited to announce that we are teaming up with Chris Martin of Hostage Calm to start a special new Contributor Blog called The Allied Force. In the ongoing series, Chris (or Cmar) will discuss his thoughts on the current political and social environment, conduct interviews with bands on these issues, discuss music, and much more. We’ll be kicking off the feature next week, but check out a message from Chris for now below!

From Cmar: 

We’re at a point now in underground music where we have the numbers. Literally millions of kids across the world are fully tuned into punk, to a degree I haven’t seen in my lifetime. But the question of what these millions will stand for and the issues we’ll raise in the society we’re inheriting needs to be answered. I have a feeling that a lot of us are on the same page, but it’s time that we put it all on the table.

Topics will include: The War on Drugs, Prostitution, Austerity, and other difficult areas of social policy. We’ll start this whole thing with.. you guessed it, a discussion on Marriage Equality. See you all next week!